South facing house Vastu: Tips for south facing house Vastu plan

[] We look at how south-facing properties, which are often wrongly perceived as having bad effects, can be made perfect by incorporating Vastu Shastra principles for south facing house.

South facing house Vastu rules are those that are applicable on homes facing the south direction. A commonly held notion among home buyers, is that south facing house Vastu  advises against purchase of such homes, because they are not directionally aligned to create a positive flow of energies. However,  There is no such thing as bad orientation of a home, under the rules of Vastu Shastra and you could build such homes following a south facing house Vastu plan . All properties and directions that they face are auspicious, if certain precautions are taken at the time of construction. South facing house Vastu  states that such homes could be made perfect, by incorporating rules of Vastu Shastra.

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According to south facing house Vastu , the main door should be the largest door in the house and the main entrance must be built on the fourth pada slightly on the south-east side from the centre.

South facing house Vastu: Tips for main entrance

Vastu experts opine that the entrance plays the single-most important role in ensuring positive flow of energies in a south-facing property. The owner must, thus, pay utmost caution towards the placement and design of the main entrance.

For this, you must first familiarise yourself with the concept of pada in Vastu. The length and width of a property, under the rules of Vastu, have to be divided into nine equal parts, while constructing a home.

Vastu for home entrance states that the entrance in your south-facing property must be placed right at the fourth pada, so that positive energies are aligned throughout the house. The starting point would be the south-east corner. Thus, the main entrance has to be built slightly on the south-east side from the centre. In case the gate seems too small, you could move towards pada 3, 2 or 1, to enlarge it. However, Vastu strictly prohibits moving towards the south-west, i.e., the fifth to ninth padas, for the entrance.

Also, this entrance gate, which must be the largest in the whole house, should open inwards in a clockwise manner in a south facing apartment Vastu plan.

Vastu experts also prescribe building a threshold at the entrance. Since this may increase the chances of people tripping, ensure that this area is well-lit at all times.

In the overall scheme of things, keeping the walls on the southern side higher, than those in the northern side, is also considered positive. Similarly, having an elevated southern side is also a good sign.

Vastu tips for south-facing homes

South facing house Vastu plan for plots

According to south facing house Vastu plan, a plot that has any cut on any side, is considered bad. So find out if there is any extension towards the south. Under the south-facing house Vastu plan, one must also be mindful that the plot should not slope from the north to the south. It is fine if the plot slopes from the south to the north.

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South facing house Vastu tips for living room/ pooja room

According to south facing house Vastu plan, the north-east part in your home is best suited for building the living room. As per Vastu principles for south facing house, this is also the ideal choice for building the pooja room. If there are space constraints and building a separate pooja room may not be possible, you could dedicate a part of your living room for a small temple.

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South facing house Vastu for the master bedroom

Under south facing house Vastu plan, the ideal location for the master bedroom, is considered to be in the south-west direction. In case there are multiple floors in the property, Vastu rules state that the master bedroom should be constructed on the top floor.

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South facing house Vastu plan for kitchen 

The ideal location in a home to build a kitchen, according to Vastu experts, is the south-east direction under south facing house Vastu plan. While doing the cooking, you must face east. This would also ensure the space gets the sunlight all day long. The second best location for a kitchen is the north-west direction. If your kitchen is located like this, make an arrangement such that you face west while cooking.

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South facing house Vastu plan for kids’ room

Your children’s bedroom or nursery should be constructed in the north-west part of the south entrance flat. In case this is not possible, you could also pick between the southern or western parts, to build this room.

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South facing house Vastu tips for guest bedroom

Just like the children’s room, the guest bedroom should be built in the north-western part of the property, in a south-facing home.

South facing house Vastu for staircase

In a south entry flat, the staircase must be built in the southern corner.

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South facing house Vastu colours

Brown, red and orange are the prescribed colours for south-facing homes. You have to incorporate these in the overall design without overusing these colours. As these colours will darken the area, opt for light shades as your paint choice.

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Vastu defects to avoid in south-facing homes

Here are some things that you should avoid in a south faced house, as per Vastu Shastra:

  • Water appliances or machinery, like the water cooler, in the south-west area.
  • Parking space in the south.
  • Kitchens in the south-west region.
  • More open space in the south than in the north.

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“Never build a car park, garden, water pump or septic tank in the south-west direction, as this direction is considered negative,” says Heena Jain, head design consultant, WoodenStreet.

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Open area in south facing house Vastu plan

Keep the open area towards the east and north side of your house, as the sun’s rays enter from these sides. Having more such spaces in the west or south is not ideal, adds Jain.

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Pros and cons of south-facing homes

  • More sunlight
  • More warmth
  • Less energy bill
  • More expensive
  • Hot in summers

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South facing house Vastu FAQs

Is south facing house good or bad?

Vastu experts say that all directions are equal and come with certain limitations that one should be aware of, so that positive energies can flow in the house, without any hindrance.

Is south-facing main door good?

The main doors of the south-facing homes should be slightly towards the south-east corner.

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