Tips for east facing duplex house plans per Vastu

[] If you reside in an east-facing duplex, you may be contemplating Vastu Shastra for your home’s interior design. Mentioned are tips for east facing duplex house plans as per Vastu

East facing duplex

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The art and science of Vastu Shastra are concerned with optimising the flow of cosmic energy in a living area. Vastu has its origins in the Vedas and the principles of Vastu are beneficial to homeowners in every aspect. When purchasing or building an east facing duplex house, ensure that the plans are as per vastu principles, so that your household is blessed with well-being, happiness and success. In a duplex house, following the Vastu guidelines would allow you to generate more and more positive energy and a pleasant aura as time goes on. 

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Here are the most crucial east facing duplex house plans per Vastu.

East facing duplex house plans per Vastu you must know

East facing duplex house plans per Vastu you must know

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These are some crucial Vastu guidelines that every homeowner who owns a duplex with an east-facing orientation should observe. These simple but efficient east facing duplex house plans per Vastu for the house rules will bring wealth and happiness to you and your family wealth and happiness. 

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  • Entrance


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A duplex house should be north-facing to align with Vastu principles since this would protect you and your family members from any mishaps resulting in a significant increase in wealth for you and your family.

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  • Living room  

living room east facing duplex

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Having a living room toward the southwest corresponds to the element of Prithvi (earth), which is associated with the concept of stability. As a result, a living room that faces the southwest is often more welcoming and pleasant for visitors. It enables them to remain in one place for an extended period and does not allow them to depart quickly, making the house owner uncomfortable.  

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  • Pooja room 

pooja room east facing duplex

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If you have a duplex house, the Pooja room must be on the northeastern side, according to Vastu recommendations for duplex houses. Additionally, you should make sure that the Pooja room is maintained in a friendly, clean and tidy state.

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  • Guest room 

guest room east facing duplex

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A Sanskrit proverb, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava,’ teaches us to respect visitors as Gods. The guest room is best positioned in the northwest direction. The guest room should not be built in the southwest corner of the home since this location is reserved for the family’s head or owner. To ensure the privacy of both the visitor and the host, it is best to have a separate bathroom for the guest room.

  • Windows

windows east facing duplex

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The windows assist in giving an appropriate flow of fresh air and sunshine into your home, but they also assist in bringing good energy. The proper positioning of windows in your duplex will aid in driving away negativity from your home and creating the much-desired pleasant atmosphere in your home.

  • Balcony 

balcony east facing duplex

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The balcony in a east facing duplex house plans per vastu must be located at or above ground level with the orientation of the balcony pointing northeast. This specific orientation will assist you in bringing sufficient sunshine into your home while also preventing any negative energy from entering your home.

  • Stairs

Stairs east facing duplex

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The staircase heavily influences the interior design of a duplex house. According to Vastu’s recommendations for a duplex house, the stairs should be built in the proper orientation. The staircase should ideally be located in the southern portion of the duplex, and there should be no space under the steps at any point in time.

  • First floor 

first floor east facing duplex

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If there is any available space on the balcony of the first level of the duplex, you could consider planting some plants to create a more natural atmosphere. These plants would ultimately infuse a great deal of optimism into your environment.

  • Bedroom

bedroom east facing duplex

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Bedrooms are crucial places and so careful consideration must be paid to the placement of the bedroom following Vastu principles. When building a duplex house, the bedrooms should be located on the first level since this will offer you appropriate solitude and allow you to feel entirely calm.

  • Parents room 

parents room east facing duplex

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To ensure that your parents always have access to a serene and quiet atmosphere out there, the senior members of your family should dwell on the first level of the duplex. There is less noise and disturbance on the first level, making it the best location for the elderly members of the family to live there.

  • Study room 

study room east facing duplex

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The study room at your duplex must be peaceful and quiet for your children for them to be able to focus well while studying. Planning the study area on the first level of a duplex home would suit most situations.

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