Vastu Chakra: What is it and how does it influence energy flow at home?

[] Vastu Chakras are a multifaceted construct, and our insights on these will help your understand them better.

Ancient India’s valuable contributions to the world are chakras and vastu. It is possible to live a life in harmony and serenity with oneself and one’s environment by practicing these ancient philosophies alone or in combination. Like meditation and yoga, balanced chakras link a person to the cosmic energies that surround and influence every living thing on our planet.

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The laws of Vastu Chakra have been considered while employing the sun, moon, and air as sources of energy, the impact on Earth of other planets. By seeing Vastu as science, one can achieve harmony, tranquility, and wealth without a religious connotation. The Vastu Chakras are a multifaceted construct, and the following insights will help one understand them better.

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What is Vastu Chakra?

Vastu chakra, similar to Feng Shui, is the science of harmonising universal energies and optimising their advantages in a home or workplace by improving the Chakras and elements of Vastu Purush. Vastu Purush is the creator of the universe and the creator of all things.

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It is a simple and effective technique for reaping the possible advantage by regulating the energies and effects of the Five Elements, the Planets, the Chakras, the Geometries, the Directions, and various other instruments.

The Panchabhuta (the five elements) are the building blocks of the whole cosmos.These are: 

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  • Ether (Akash)
  • Air (Vayu)
  • Fire (Agni)
  • Water (Jal) 
  • Earth (Prithvi) 

Everything in the universe is made up of these elements. Knowledge, balance, and harmony of these five components are the keys to good health and pleasure.

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The indwellers’ lives are either made more peaceful or more stressful depending on the harmony or discord among these Panch Tatvas. 

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People in the South Zone will feel anxious, uneasy, and without clear direction because of an underground water tank. In the same way, lighting a fire in the North Zone (Ether) can prevent you from taking advantage of new chances and lead to frustration, irritability, and restless nights.

As a result, if your home or office is not vastu chakra compliant, you might want to make one to reap the maximum benefits from universal energies. Vastu chakra contains timeless principles and philosophies that are worth exploring. 

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