Vastu for car garage and parking

[] Adhering to Vastu principles may help us protect our cars and ensure they run smoothly on the road for a long time.

We try hard to build a house that adheres to Vastu principles. Not following the correct Vastu principles may harm and evil inside our home. We have to elevate the positive energy in our house while getting rid of any negative energy in the process.

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We have to follow the same car garage and parking principles in our homes. For many of us, cars are a once-in-a-lifetime investment; hence adhering to Vastu principles may help us protect our cars and ensure it runs smoothly on the road for a long time. On that note, let’s look at a few Vastu tips for a car that runs for a lifetime.

Car garage Vastu tips to ward off potential danger for your vehicles

  • Car garage on the southwest

Vastu principles state that stationary objects such as cars, bikes, and many other inanimate objects must not be placed in the North or the East, as these directions aren’t compatible with these objects. Therefore, make sure to park your car in the South or Southwest directions to ensure an uninterrupted flow of positive energy to your vehicles.

  • Separate your garage from the building

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According to Vastu principles, there must be a gap between your main building and the garage. According to Vastu, if there is no gap, there is an energy flow obstruction. Have adequate space between these spaces to ensure the continual flow of positive energy in your house.

  • Choosing the right colour

Painting your car garage walls in the right colour is very important. Vastu says that blue, yellow, and white colours are great for your garage. Dark colours like red and black should be avoided at all costs. Bright colours reflect positive energy and help give us a clear vision when driving. .

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  • Is your car garage the right size?

Your car garage must have at least 2-3 ft of walking space towards the car to let light and positive energy flow inside your car garage. It is easier to fend off negative energy and germs in a more oversized and more spacious car garage than in a small one.

  • The opening direction of the car garage door

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Vastu says the best direction to open your car garage door is North or East. The garage can be placed in the more favorable southwest order, but the door must always open north or the east. 

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  • Avoid south-facing parking of your vehicle.

Be careful not to park your car or two-wheeler facing the south as it may increase the chances of a fire hazard in your car garage. Be careful and ensure the walls of your garage do not intersect with your compound wall. 

  • Don’t skip on pooja

It is crucial to perform Pooja on your car to ward off any existing bad energy and danger in your car. It is more advantageous to perform Pooja on Thursdays. 

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