Vastu for flats in apartments

[] Here are some Vastu tips for flats in apartments that one should consider, to ensure that the home that you are investing in is filled with positive energy

Vastu Shastra is all about the creation of harmony and a dynamic balance between internal and external spaces. A well-balanced environment generates favourable energy flows in a home.

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When buying a flat in an apartment it is important to check if it is Vastu-compliant. Be it a 1BHK or a luxurious 4BHK, ensure that the home that you are investing in is filled with positive energy.

Vastu for flats in apartments

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Vastu tips to consider before buying a flat

A flat in an apartment cannot be 100% Vastu-compliant. However, a few important guidelines should always be followed to attract good fortune and health for the occupants.

Here are some Vastu Shastra tips that one should consider before buying a flat.

  • As per Vastu, directions like north and east have a positive impact, while other directions have a negative impact. Homes facing west or south should be avoided.
  • Vastu tips for buying a new flat suggest that homebuyers should refrain from buying a flat that has large water bodies in the south or west. A river, well, lake or canal should be in the north or east only.
  • An apartment facing a dead-end would bring bad luck for the residents. Avoid apartments adjacent to dilapidated buildings and cemeteries.
  • Avoid buying a flat with balconies in the south and west.
  • The flat/apartment extended in the northeast is good. Avoid all other directions.
  • Avoid choosing flats/apartments with cuts in the southeast and northeast.
  • Irregular, circular and triangular-shaped flats or properties with any of the corners missing should be avoided. The ‘Gaumukhi’ shape, which is narrow at the point of entry and broad at the back is considered good for homes.
  • If buying a resale property, avoid a home where the owner has had a serious accident, severe illness or bankruptcy.

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The direction of the flat and Panchtatva matter in Vastu

Buying a new home is a huge investment. It should be auspicious for the home owner. Vastu insists that Panchtatva – earth, water, fire, air and sky or space should be balanced in proper proportions for harmony. Vastu Shastra is based upon the eight cardinal and ordinal directions. When the five elements and the eight directions are in their proper places, they support a home owner to achieve success in life.

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Vastu for flats in apartments

Source: Pinterest

Vastu for flats in apartments 

 Source: Pinterest


Water is the main element of the north. The zone brings wealth, growth and career opportunities. Fire is the main element of the south. Vastu suggests that fire should be placed in the southeast, making this the ideal spot for the kitchen stove. Vayu is an important component of nature. According to Vastu, air should enter the house from the northeast.

When buying a flat check the location of each room to ensure that each of the elements of the Panchtatva is present in their respective zones.


Yoni numbers and Vastu

Vastu principles are the same for flats as for independent houses. A flat may be oriented in eight directions (four cardinal directions and four ordinal directions). These directions are specified concerning a central point called the Brahmasthan and Vastu considers all these eight house positions as facing the Brahmasthan. These positions are said to be the birthplace of the house and are represented by the Yoni numbers – 1 to 8. Yoni denotes the position of the house in regards to the Brahmasthan. Ideally, a house should be constructed to match the motion of the earth – east-west and north-south. Yoni numbers for these directions are 1 (eastern house), 3 (southern house), 5 (western house) and 7 (northern house).[A1] 

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Which entrance is good for a flat as per Vastu?

Vastu for flats in apartments

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Vastu for flats in apartments


While checking the layout of a flat, first check the entrance. The correct Vastu position of the main door attracts positivity and happiness for the entire family. A flat with an entrance door facing east, north, northeast or west is considered auspicious. Apart from these directions, houses facing the other directions should be avoided. A north-facing home is considered the most auspicious. There should be no lift, wall or tree in front of the main entrance of your house or flat. As per main door Vastu, the main door should be at least seven ft in height and be the tallest amongst all the doors in the flat.

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Best kitchen placement in a flat as per Vastu

Vastu for flats in apartments 


In a flat ensure that the kitchen direction as per Vastu is located in the southeast or northwest and the cooking platform should allow cooking while facing east. Avoid buying a flat with a kitchen in the northeast or southwest as it can cause health issues. The kitchen is one of the most used parts of any flat or house. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to these Vastu tips for the well-being and happiness of your family.

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North-facing flat Vastu

Vastu for flats in apartments


North-facing flats are ideal as the north is associated with the lord of wealth, Kuber. This direction gives the residents ample possibilities to gain wealth. When buying a north-facing flat ensure that there are no toilets, bedrooms or kitchens in the northeast.

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South-facing apartments in Vastu

Vastu for flats in apartments

Vastu for flats in apartments

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Some people believe that southeast-facing homes or plots bring negative energies. According to Vastu Shastra, there are no bad directions. Some energies and circumstances do not favour you when your house faces a particular direction. Any flat that’s planned following Vastu principles can attract success and happiness for its occupants due to the flow of good energy. The entrance door of a south-facing flat must be placed in the southeast to allow sunlight to enter the room from the east. It must be located in the fourth pada and face the north and the east. The kitchen should be located towards the northwest or southeast corner of the house. The master bedroom should be located in southwest. Ensure that the living room faces the east. Good vibes and energies flow in from that direction to allow peace and harmony to prevail. Avoid placing the temple in the south.

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Vastu-compliant pooja room in a flat

Vastu for flats in apartments

Vastu for flats in apartments


Correct location as per Vastu for pooja room or temple at home brings peace, harmony and tranquillity. According to the Vastu Shastra, the pooja room plays a pivotal role in harnessing and spreading positivity throughout your home. As per pooja room Vastu, the northeast is the best direction, followed by east and north. Jupiter is the lord of the northeast and this direction is called the abode of God. One should face the east or north while praying. The puja room should never be built in the south. When buying a new flat ensure that the toilets should not be next to the pooja room or the kitchen.

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Ideal bedroom position as per Vastu

Vastu for flats in apartments 


As per Vastu rules for a flat, the master bedroom should be in the southwest. Bedrooms should be avoided in the southeast or northeast which can lead to health problems and arguments between couples. In terms of bed direction as per Vastu, keep the bed in the southwest of the bedroom with the head towards the west. According to Vastu, children’s rooms should be in the northeast or northwest. The window of the children’s room should be on the north wall to bring enough natural light into the room.

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Drawing room position in a flat as per Vastu

Vastu for flats in apartments 


Ideally, the drawing room should be towards the south, northwest or west. As the drawing room is generally at the centre of the flat, you should keep sufficient free space in this room, to allow the free flow of positive energy in the entire flat.


Vastu for bathroom and toilet positions in a flat

Vastu for flats in apartments

Vastu for flats in apartments


Most of the health problems, according to Vastu, are due to the incorrect placement of toilets or bathrooms as they are linked to negative energy. When buying a flat, avoid toilets in the northeast and southwest. According to Vastu Shastra, the northeast is a very important direction that commands worship. Avoid a flat with a bathroom in the south, southeast or southwest as it harms the health of the people in the house.

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How to check the direction of the house with a compass

Vastu for flats in apartments


Place the base of the compass on your flat palm, in front of your chest. The compass needle will float freely and point to the magnetic north. Ensure that you are away from structures or objects that could affect the magnetic needle and the reading of the compass. Once the needle stops you will see the exact position of all the eight directions that are set to degrees.

  • North – 0 degrees (also 360 degrees)
  • East – 90 degrees
  • South – 180 degrees
  • West – 270 degrees
  • Northeast – 45 degrees
  • Southeast – 135 degrees
  • Southwest – 225 degrees
  • Northwest – 315 degrees

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How to check the Vastu of a flat online?

Vastu for flats in apartments


When searching for a flat on various websites, including that has various flats listed online for sale, you can request the builder or seller for the flat blueprint to check the directions. You can also read the Vastu tips in the blogs for guidelines regarding the correct position of the various rooms before buying a flat. If needed, consult a Vastu expert for guidance.

Vastu for flats in apartments

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