Vastu Shastra tips for buying plots

[] Here are some Vastu Shastra tips for buying plots and remedies to correct defects

Buying a plot involves a lot of legal documentation, verification and a lot of consultation with different kinds of experts. One such expert are Vastu experts, who suggest that buyers should be mindful of Vastu Shastra guidelines, to ensure that the new purchase brings fortune and luck for the owner. It is a fact that not all plots have perfect Vastu. Nevertheless, some Vastu doshas can be nullified by simple remedies.

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Vastu tips for shape of plot

  • Avoid buying land pieces which have peculiar shapes, such as L-shaped, triangular, circular, semi-circular or oval. Always prefer plots that are rectangular or square-shaped. Such plots are said to invite prosperity and happiness.
  • Pot-shaped plots should be bought only after consultation with Vastu experts, who can study the directions and give you the best opinion.
  • Gaumukhi or cow-faced plots are considered very auspicious for constructing a home. Such plots are narrow in the front and wider in the rear. However, make sure that the roads are on the south and west side of the plots.
  • If you are buying a plot for constructing commercial buildings, buying a Shermukhi plot or lion-faced plot is considered very auspicious. These plots are broad in the front and narrower at the rear. The roads should pass from the northern and eastern side of the plot.

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Vastu tips for plot selection

Vastu guidelines for road placement around plots

Good site Average site Bad site
Road coming from the east to the north-east part of the plot. Road coming from the west and hitting the north-west part of the plot. Road coming from the west and hitting the south-west part of the plot.
Road coming from the north and hitting the north-east part of the plot. Road coming from the south and hitting the south-east part of the plot. Road coming from the east and hitting the south-east part of the plot.
Road coming from the north and hitting the north-west part of the plot.
Road coming from the south and hitting the south-west part of the plot.

Vastu tips for surroundings of plots

  • Plots should not be in close proximity to temples as people (followers and visitors) bring in a lot of negative energies, which could also flow inside your home.
  • There should not be a huge tree around your plot, as removing it would be very unlucky and you would have to ask for the government’s permission to remove it.
  • The power pole should not be in the north-east corner of the plot as this is the place for water.
  • Plots should have the entrance in the north or eastern direction. If the plot has an entrance in the southern direction, consult your local priest.

[] Vastu Shastra for irregular shaped plots

Remedies for Vastu defects

  • If you have bought a plot of irregular shape, you can divide it into two regular plots by separating it through compound walls.
  • Create a shop or garage on the south-west side if the plot has an extended portion in this direction. If the plot has an extension on the north-east side, construct a small temple and plan a garden, if the extension is in the north, the east or the north-east side.
  • You can also use Vastu pyramids to nullify the impact of plot extensions in different directions. For instance, a lead pyramid can be used in the south-west extension or a brass pyramid in the north-west extension. Similarly, copper strips are ideal for the south-east extension.

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Vastu tips for buying plots

  • Avoid buying such plots, if the soil smells of decaying matter. Also, if the plot is laden with rocks, worms, thorns, bones or other inauspicious substances, it is better to avoid such land.
  • If things like cow horns, conch, turtles, copper, gravel, bricks, etc., are obtained while digging, it is considered very auspicious. However, finding items such as cowries, tiles, tattered clothes, coal, iron, lead, gold, gemstones and crude oil, are inauspicious.
  • The plot should not be located next to a graveyard or hospital. Also, there should not be any industrial building around the plot.
  • Avoid plots that are sandwiched between two large buildings.
  • A river to the south of the plot and mountains to the north of the plot are considered inauspicious.
  • Corner plots and plots covered with green vegetation are considered to be auspicious.
  • Plots encapsulated by running roads from all directions are good for commercial purposes.

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What to check before buying a plot?

Apart from legal documents, check the surroundings and placement of roads around plots.

Is a corner plot good as per Vastu?

Yes, corner plots are considered very auspicious, as per Vastu Shastra.

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