HK Gaming GK61 Keyboard Review – What Makes it Popular?


The 60% mechanical keyboard market is already quite crowded. Are you unsure which mechanical keyboard will offer you confidence? The HK GAMING GK61 Keyboard might be a good option to consider. It is great for gamers looking to increase their gaming experience without breaking the budget. Let’s take a closer look at them in MedCPU’s comprehensive assessment.

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Considerations before purchasing a 60% keyboard

The size of the keyboard is referred to as a 60% keyboard. It is 60% the size of a standard full-sized keyboard and lacks keys such as the jumped, navigation cluster, and, in certain cases, the FN layer and arrow keys. This is perfect if you want to conserve space or bring your keyboard about with you, but if you require as many buttons as possible, a 60 percent keyboard like the GK61 may not be for you.

When it comes to selecting a keyboard, there are various factors to consider in order to get the maximum degree of comfort and quality for your tastes. Among these traits are (among many others):

  • The switch type (blue, brown, red, etc.)
  • RGB or no RGB
  • The keycaps
  • The Stabilizers
  • The build material
  • Design and build quality
  • Additional Features

GK61 Keyboard Unboxing

When you purchase the GK61 mechanical keyboard, you will receive many tools to assist you in using this tiny mechanical keyboard. The following are some of the accessories included with the GK61 purchasing package:

  • Switch puller: The switch puller is constructed of aluminum and is quite excellent. It allows you to easily pull out the switches that are already on the keyboard and replace them with new ones.
  • Keycap puller: A keycap puller is also included, but it is made of plastic. A keycap puller allows you to change the keycaps with minimal effort. To reduce the possibility of scratching your keycaps, we recommend using a wire keycap puller like this one.
  • Braided USB Type C: You also receive a very decent USB Type C cord; the GK61 cable is detachable, making this mechanical keyboard ideal for mobility.
    Manual user guide: This is an important book that you must read in order to effectively use the GK61.


Design and build quality

GK61 is a class apart when it comes to 60 percent keyboard designs. It has narrow bezels, rounded corners, and an angled surface to improve ergonomics. The keyboard features a standard ANSI layout, making it extremely simple to replace broken or malfunctioning keycaps.

The keyboard’s keycaps have a glossy texture on the sides, which enhances the appearance of the RGB lights. The keys are positioned on metallic plates with a white coating, creating a beautiful contrast and a luxurious appearance. The stabilizers of the GK61 are cherry-style and placed on a plate. These are pre-lubricated and sound far superior to other low-cost keyboards.

The GK61 features four rubber feet that keep it stable on the ground. Users would not have to reposition the keyboard repeatedly during deep gaming sessions. It, like other 60 percent keyboards, has auxiliary navigation keys marked with arrows.

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Furthermore, the keyboard is water and dust resistant to IP64 standards, which not only keeps it clean but also increases its longevity. Overall, the design has a luxury feel to it, covers all areas, and sticks out in this price range.

The Stabilizers

The GK61 has plate-mounted, Cherry-style stabilizers that are already prefabricated, allowing you to experience smooth, pleasurable button pushes right out of the box. These stabilizers considerably reduce key wobbling, which is especially important in bigger keys like the spacebar or enter key. Because of the GK61’s hot-swappable PCB, you may also lubricate the stabilizers yourself if you like.


The Switches

GK61’s unique selling feature is undoubtedly Gateron Optical Switches. Most keyboards in this price range have Outemu Normal or Outemu Optical switches, which perform significantly worse than Gateron Switches. The Gateron switches are more reliable, quicker, and have a superior overall feel. This is often reserved for luxury keyboards, so it comes as quite a surprise in this price bracket.

Furthermore, based on personal preferences, customers can choose from a variety of Gateron Switches. There are six alternatives to choose from, each with a unique function. Blue Gateron is recommended due to its distinct and pleasing sound.


The Keycaps

The GK61’s keycaps are manufactured from ABS plastic using double shot injection molding. Because the legends on the board are made of a distinct layer of plastic, they will never fade. However, because they are laser-etched, the sub-legends will fade with time.

The keycaps are OEM-profile, as seen on the majority of stock mechanical keyboards. The OEM profile is a consistent profile that attempts to minimize the space between each row. The legends (the symbols and letters on each keycap) are stenographic, which means they distinguish closed letters and symbols. This may be found in letters like O, P, B, and D.

Fortunately, the GK61 features a standard 60% layout with a common bottom row, making it relatively simple to swap out the keycaps for a better PBT-plastic set with more oil-resistant legends.

RGB Light

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The RGB lights on the GK61 are brighter than those on comparable keyboards in this price range and are visible even in direct sunlight. Light magnification is achieved by the use of a small glass-like substance that covers surface-mounted LEDs. The keyboard also includes a built-in microphone that syncs the lights with the sounds. Whether in games, music, or movies, the effects alter in response to sound to provide an immersive experience.

Furthermore, these are unique RGB lights with 16.8 million color choices on each LED. Users may select from a variety of modes and effects, such as ripples, music, waves, rainbows, and windmills. The brightness may also be adjusted between 21 different settings. The lights may be controlled mostly via the keyboard.

Additional Features

The FN key is all the way to the far right, right next to the arrow keys. This allows you to navigate with just one hand by holding the FN key with your pinky finger and moving the other keys around it. In addition, the RGB effects may be accessible via the second layer. FN and backspace are used to cycle through the various effects. Another alternative is to use their program to modify the lighting.

You can write macros and key remapping on the keyboard’s three programmable levels. If you do a lot of productivity work on your keyboard, this is quite useful. If you’re only going to use it for gaming, there’s also a Windows lock that prevents you from leaving your game screen during those key button-mashing moments.

H2: Pros and Cons


  • Fast-responding optical switches
  • RGB backlight
  • Easy access to arrow keys on second layer
  • Detachable USB-C cable
  • NKRO
  • Pre-lubed stabilizer


  • Hot-swappable optical switches can only switch between optical
  • ABS keycaps
  • No kickstand to adjust angle


Regardless of how fantastic a cheap keyboard the GK61 is, it might not be up to speed for you or meet your tastes. If this is the case, don’t worry; we have various options for you!

  • Epomaker SK61
  • DIERYA DK61 Pro
  • Keychron K6


The GK61 is an excellent keyboard for gamers looking to improve their gaming experience. It has all the capabilities that experienced gamers want, and the low price makes it ideal for newcomers. On top of cutting-edge optical switches, you get RGB lighting, a USB-C connector, and hot-swappable keys. Overall, it is a good choice for anyone looking for a premium experience at a reasonable price. MedCPU hope you found our GK61 keyboard Review useful.

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