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Google Play Books allows users to download and upload books in both PDF and ePub formats. Unlike Amazon’s Kindle or Apple’s iBooks, Google Play Books is an open publishing and sales platform that allows users to move ebooks across devices (phones/e-readers, tablets, and desktops) and apps that support Adobe software.

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Where Are Google Play Books Stored? Penn Book will share the complete information with you in the article below.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Where Are Google Play Books Stored on My Computer (Win/Mac)?
    • 1.1 Where are Google Playbooks stored on Windows?
    • 1.2 Where are Google Playbooks stored on Mac?
  • 2 Where is Google Play Books Stored on Android Devices?
  • 3 Pro Tips on How do you move Google Play Books to SD card to back up?
    • 3.1 Important notice
  • 4 FAQs

Where Are Google Play Books Stored on My Computer (Win/Mac)?

To access the Google Play Books offline storage, you will need to download your Google Play Books to your computer. Are you sure that your Google plays Books are on your computer? Let’s get it downloaded now.

Two situations can occur after Google Playbooks are downloaded. I will spend some time explaining these because it will help you understand Google Play’s location on your computer.

Case 1 Download Google Playbooks directly.

You can download some books by clicking on the Download to EPUB/PDF button. They will open in your browser automatically. Click on the Download button in the upper right corner to download Google playbooks. You can choose where you want to save the Google Play Books. All you need is the location.

Case 2 Download ACSM instead of a real book.

In addition to the above, if you click on Download to EPUB/PDF, you’ll get a.acsm instead of the EPUB and PDF files you expected. This is true for most Google Playbooks. You will need to convert the .acsm file from Google Playbooks to EPUB or PDF first.

Detailed steps of converting .acsm file to epub/pdf:

  1. Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)
  2. Authorize with your Adobe ID
  3. Open the .ACSM file via ADE
  4. ADE would save the .acsm to .epub (or .pdf)

Where are Google Playbooks stored on Windows?

Where are Google Playbooks stored on Windows

As you can see, there is a close relationship between the downloaded Google Playbooks and ADE. This will also allow us to locate your downloaded Google Playbooks. To locate your Google Play books downloads, click on the book cover and then click Show File In Explore to find the ebooks on your Windows PC.

Here’s the default path to locate all Google Play Books folders on your computer:

C:UsersYour User NameDocumentsMy Digital Editions

Where are Google Playbooks stored on Mac?

Where are Google Playbooks stored on Mac

If your original downloaded file was a.acsm, there is a slight difference on Mac computers. If you wish to locate Google PlayBook in ADE on Mac, please right click and select Show File In Finder.

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Google Play Books library default path is:

/Users/user name/Documents/Digital Editions

Where is Google Play Books Stored on Android Devices?

Most ebook enthusiasts prefer to read Google books on Android devices rather than the computer. Do you know where Google Playbooks are stored on Android devices, or do you not? This question also interests me, so I searched, but it was not easy for common users.

Someone claims that the default path to Google Play Books on Android devices (external storage), is:


I often checked my Android phone but never found any folder like, not to speak of the Google playbooks.

Some say that the default path to internal storage, is:

internal storage/data/data/

However, I am unable to find the path on my Android phone.

It turns out that rooting your Android device is necessary to access your Google Play Books content. The downloads are stored in a protected directory. These paths are impossible to verify as I do not have an Android device that is rooted.

If rooting Android devices is the only way to access Google Play Books on your Android device, please consider carefully before you do anything. Rooting your Android device will cause it to display low disk warnings every time.

Many people are curious to find out where Google Play Books are stored on Android phones. My Android tablet doesn’t have any internal storage, so the books are downloaded automatically. However, I do have an external SD card that I want to store in my Google Playbooks.

After looking into this problem for some time, I discovered that setting the SD card external storage as the default path in Google Play Books is much more complicated than I thought. Rooting your Android is a necessity. This is why I refuse to take the risk. So I chose the easiest method to move Google Play Books to SD card without rooting!

Pro Tips on How do you move Google Play Books to SD card to back up?

Google Play Books to SD card

You already know where Google Play Books are stored on your computer from the last part. Can we copy these Google Play Books to our SD card? Definitely no. Adobe DRM protects all Google Play Books. Before you can transfer it to an SD card, you will need to remove DRM from Google Play Books with Epubor Ultimate.

These are the steps you need to take to transfer Google Play Books to your SD card.

  1. Download Epubor Ultimate and install it on your Windows/Mac.
  2. Run Epubor Ultimate. Click on the Adobe tab in the left column. You will see all your Google Playbooks that have been downloaded under this tab. Drag these books to the right column, and all Google Playbooks are decrypted, as shown in the image.
  3. Click on the output folder button at the bottom of your screen to access all DRM free Google Play Books. Next, transfer the DRM free Google Play eBook via USB to your SD Card.

You have successfully moved your Google Play Books to your SD card.

Important notice

  1. This method is only compatible with windows and mac platforms. Please download your google playbooks.
  2. It will make it much easier to backup your google playbooks by removing DRM.

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You should now be able to find your Google Play Books on any device, Android, or computer. For more information on Google Play Books, please refer to Google Play Books 101: 16 golden tips & tricks you must know.


Can I move Google Play Books to an SD card?

You can save new downloads to an SD Card. An SD card can be used to store Play Books downloads.

Can I download Google Playbooks to my computer?

You can download books to your computer for offline reading. Go to your library on your computer. Download EPUB and Download PDF. Download additional software to view your ASCM file. Adobe Digital Editions are free to download and install.

Is Google books a form of cloud storage?

Your files can be uploaded to Google Play Books as PDFs or ebooks. They are accessible from both the internet and mobile devices. The files are saved on Google’s servers. You can view the books from any browser, Android apps, and on your iPhone or iPad.

Do Google Play Books expire?

Online access to books via Google Play has no expiration. The book will be available as long as the buyer requests a refund (usually a seven-day option).

Is Google Books the same as Google Play Books?

Google Books allows you to search the entire text of magazines and books that Google has scanned. It then converts it into text using optical character recognition and stores it in its databases. Google Play is an Android digital app distribution platform that was developed and maintained jointly by Google.

What format are Google Play Books?

Google Play Books uses the EPUB ebook format. All e-Readers, including Apple Books, can use EPUBs.

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