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You’ve got a good deal of old books sitting around your home that you are never going to see. But if you would like to generate some money, there are a couple of great ways to get it done. These three approaches are the top ones also possess varying degrees of advantage.

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So, How do I get rid of books for money? Or where can I donate books for money? Could function as often question on your thinking? Reading on to find out more.

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  • 1 Know Your Book’s ISBN Number
  • 2 Where Can I Donate Books For Money?
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    • 2.2 2. (as Third-Party Seller)
    • 2.3 3. Sell Back Your Book
    • 2.4 4.
    • 2.5 5. Half Price Books Shops
    • 2.6 6. Yard Sales & Garage Sales
    • 2.7 7.
    • 2.8 8.
    • 2.9 9.
    • 2.10 10. Textbook Rush
    • 2.11 Honorable Mention For Textbooks: Amazon Trade-In Program
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Know Your Book’s ISBN Number

To market your books at many sites or places I have proposed below, you will have to learn your book’s ISBN.

The ISBN is a 10 to 13 digit number generally shown above or below the bar code on the rear of the book (most of the time).

Sometimes you need to search for it a little more, like inside the front cover or possibly a few pages inside, but generally not.

Typing in these codes is not a lot of hassle, but if you’ve got LOTS of books to market, it might turn out to be. If you have got many books to sell, I suggest using a few of those areas with a program that’s intended to scan the books pub code. This will assist you once you’ve got plenty of books, to save time and sanity, at least once possible.

Donate Books For Money

Where Can I Donate Books For Money?

1. is a website that makes it possible to streamline the procedure for locating the very best cost, on the internet, for the book.

In reality, if you enter the ISBN of the book, it compares prices from over 35 book buying sites making it effortless for you to discover the website that’s paying the maximum to your readers. This cost comparison will help save a great deal of time.

Additionally, they’ve got a program for the iPhone or Android, which lets you utilize a recorder program by using their app and searching up books without needing to enter the complete ISBN.

If you’re short on time and do not wish to compare costs yourself, Bookscouter is a great one to try.

2. (as Third-Party Seller)

There are two methods to sell books on Amazon. The first would be to market your readers to a third-party vendor (The following method is to get textbooks, and can be said lower on the webpage).

The link I have provided will be to Amazon itself and describes in detail the procedure, but essentially you have to set up a seller’s account then listing your books available.

When the book you have recorded is sold, you will have to send it to the client who has bought it; then, Amazon will cover you after amassing a fee to facilitate the trade.

Just like with, you have to offer decent customer support and completely disclose the state of the books so that you can keep a fantastic vendor’s score so that people will purchase from you.

3. Sell Back Your Book

Sell Your Book is a site where you can input the ISBN of those books you would like to market, and it’ll let you know just how much it will cover them.

They do have programs offered for the two, the Android and iPhone, to assist you to scan books faster to ascertain which ones they are eager to purchase and how much they will provide to them.

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They’ll also cover transport, making it a lot easier for you to find out your gain to get any books you market together.

4. is a different place that will cover your books and contains free delivery.

A number of these sites are alike in their method for purchasing books. However, they do not pay the exact cost and aren’t accepting the same sort of books.

You might have to work with more than you to have the ability to sell them for the maximum cost.

5. Half Price Books Shops

Half Price Books is a series of book stores in 16 countries, and I have personally sold books to them. They ask that you bring on your books in person to one of the shops. They will examine your books as you wait, then make you a cash offer for all of these.

They cover the most for the latest books and those in high demand but can purchase all of your books, not creating you haul a number of these that do not meet their requirements. However, those they opt not to sell will not naturally give you a lot of money, and they will donate them or recycle them. However, you don’t need to take care of disposal for anything!

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Yard Sales & Garage Sales

6. Yard Sales & Garage Sales

If you’re experiencing a yard or garage sale and would love to place your books out, then attempt and sell them in bulk or cost them for $.25 to $1 per.

Do not expect to create a massive amount on books since they’re generally more faulty garage sale items.

7. is a business owned by eBay; however, eBay specializes in auctions; lists books to market for a set cost.

They’ll sell both overall books in addition to textbooks.

You’ll have to create a seller’s account to begin list books (from ISBN).

Complete disclosure of the state of the book is essential to maintain your vendor evaluations extensive (which motivates more people to purchase from you).

When you market a book, will require a proportion of the end cover for their fees. The payments you get from sales of your books enter a PayPal account.


Textbooks quickly escape date, so be ready to only sell comparatively fresh ones, typically over the past 3-5 decades. In case your readers are ancient, then it’s doubtful you’ll get a willing buyer on this particular listing because a brand new edition will probably have come out, creating your textbooks outdated.

If you are fortunate enough to have a book or books that these businesses need, they will cover you reasonably well for them. I propose placing the ISBN for your books into many of those sites below to determine which one will provide you the very best cost. Since it merely requires a few keystrokes to acquire estimates, it is well worth the time investment.

8. asserts to pay high dollars for your used textbooks. Enter your ISBN, get a quote and receive a free shipping label to email your books. You may get your payment at a direct deposit, check or store credit.


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If you’re using the wise phone program, it is possible to scan barcodes with your telephone rather than typing each one.

They pay by PayPal (they pay the PayPal fees!)) Or by check and they provide free delivery.

Textbook Rush

10. Textbook Rush

Textbook Rush is just one more site where you can sell college textbooks. Enter in the ISBN of your text, and they will provide you a price they’ll pay you for this. They will even offer you a prepaid label to ship your books back. Money will be delivered to you by check or PayPal.

Honorable Mention For Textbooks: Amazon Trade-In Program

Above I talked about how to market general books on Amazon as a third-party vendor. But, there’s one other way to sell specific books, normally textbooks, through Amazon.

This method gets an honorable mention since you get Amazon gift cards because of this particular technique, not real money.

Even if you would like to use Amazon to eliminate a few of your textbooks, this manner is honestly more straightforward than being a third-party vendor; that’s if Amazon is taking the books you’ve got available.


Can you get money for donating books?

Local libraries often accept book donations too. Libraries usually do one of 2 items together with the given books they get: They place them on library shelves for members to borrow. They put their occasional book sales to make cash which will be utilized to support the library expenses.

Does Barnes and Nobles buy used books?

They will take books in good shape. Meaning no mold stains, missing pages, or tons of text that is unread. Books that we decide to be in unsatisfactory condition will be ruined, and you won’t receive payment for this book.

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Will Amazon buy back books?

Amazon. Experts: The online retail giant will get back nearly every book possible via its Textbooks Trade In program. You, however, trade in different books with the ISBN, and transport is included.

Is cash for books legit?

Cash4Books is an entirely legitimate website with exceptional overall testimonials on the internet. It is spoken of highly in two trustworthy locations.

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