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Is colloidal silver soap good for acne?

Yes! Colloidal silver soap makes a good acne treatment with only the most common household ingredients and very few side effects for you and your skin. Many people use colloidal silver products as a natural antimicrobial agent for household use, but they can also help with acne.

What is Colloidal Silver Soap?

Colloidal silver soap is made of 100% pure plant-derived ingredients containing silver ions or nanoparticles of silver suspended in ionic form, which makes it highly bioavailable. The chemical makeup of this organic soap consists mainly of henna extract, chamomile extract, and Indian frankincense.

The product has no animal ingredients and is free of parabens and artificial fragrances, making it suitable for vegans.

Why is it good for acne:

1) Kills bad bacteria:

The main cause of acne is usually bacterial infections in hair follicles and sebaceous glands. With regular use, colloidal silver soap can kill any bad bacteria causing breakouts without damaging pores as antibiotics do. There’s no need to suffer from red, inflamed acne spots, oily skin, or closed comedones that are filled with keratin on your face.

2) Kills acne-causing fungus:

Another cause of acne is fungal infections on the skin, which regular use of colloidal silver soap can be eliminated. These types of overgrowths make the symptoms worse and cause many other problems on their own – blemished skin being one of them. Treat both at the same time to get rid of acne fast.

3) Miraculously clears up whiteheads and blackheads:

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With continued use, colloidal silver soap makes a great cleanser for getting rid of dead cells and cleaning pores from dirt and oil buildups caused by years of neglecting skin care. It’s the best way to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads that often lead to inflamed breakouts.

4) Fades away scars:

With continued use of colloidal silver soap, you can fade away any acne scars on your face, whether they are caused by severe cystic acne or mild blemishes which occurred over time. This is also due to the antibacterial nature of this homemade cleanser which prevents new scars from forming and reduces redness and swelling from old ones.

5) Prevents re-occurrence:

While using colloidal silver soap, you will quickly notice a decrease in inflamed acne spots and blurry red inflammation lines on your face. If these start to burst again, you must continue using this cleanser because it will kill the bacteria that cause breakouts, preventing further outbreaks.

6) Treats severe acne:

Colloidal silver soap is also great for treating severe cases of acne when other commercial treatments might fail. The antibacterial nature of this product helps to stop bacterial growth on your skin which in turn prevents more blemishes from forming. Not only does this homemade cleanser help with bad breakouts, but it also treats existing spots fast. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

7) Prevents future acne problems:

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To keep up the effects of using colloidal silver soap, you should regularly wash your face with colloidal silver liquid soap every night before going to bed and use a good moisturizer afterward. This will keep your pores cleansed and prevent future outbreaks of acne that might form due to un-cleaned pores and bacterial buildup on the skin.

8) Has few side effects:

Like most natural products, this acne treatment is incredibly safe to use even with sensitive skin because it does not contain any harsh chemicals which can irritate or harm your skin in any way. If you have very dry skin, you should make sure to use a good moisturizer after washing your face with colloidal silver soap, but apart from this, there are no side effects at all.

9) Gives soft, beautiful skin:

Made from ingredients found around the house, such as distilled water, salt, and even lemon juice, this acne treatment not only makes your skin free of acne but also hydrated and glowing after regular use. It will give you a healthy look with continued use.

10) Fights Cystic Acne:

If you have a bad case of cystic acne that’s incredibly painful and leaves your face a red, swollen mess, then this is one product you need to use if you don’t want to keep taking prescription drugs or paying for high-end acne treatments. Colloidal silver soap is particularly effective for cystic acne because it kills the bacteria that causes these painful breakouts.

If you’re looking for a soap that can help with acne, then colloidal silver might be the right choice. People have used colloidal silver to fight bacteria and clean wounds since ancient times. In recent years it’s become popular in skincare products because of its antibacterial properties. The good thing about this type of soap is that it’s gentle enough to use on your face without irritating or drying out sensitive skin types, so if you have really bad acne but don’t want harsh chemicals on your face, this could be a perfect solution.

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