19,309 property cards distributed in Pune villages

[] Surveyed by drones, around 19,309 homeowners have been allotted property cards of their property.

Maharashtra’s Land records department has started issuance of property cards to villages in Pune district. Surveyed by drones, around 19,309 homeowners of Baramati, Daunch, Haveli, Indapur, Mulshi and Purandar have for the first time got property cards as proof of their property.

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Land Records Department, Maharashtra with this service has received a revenue of Rs 1 crore and 28 lakh.  According to Punekar news, Taluka wise the number of property tracts allotted are 2500 in Baramati, 2227 in Daund, 1727 in Haveli, 2431 in Indapur, 5031 in Mulshi and 5393 in Purandar.

The land survey work in these villages in Pune started because of absence of property records in rural areas. Owing to urbanisation, many development schemes are being implemented and these villages have undergone geographical changes. To ensure land transfers in a legal way, the area of the property is a must which was absent. To address this, the Land Records Department, Maharashtra with Survey of India, did a land survey using drones.

This operation will also help gram panchayats become financially self-sufficient.  Even though property tax is a major income source for Gram Panchayats, there has been no increase in property tax because of increasing urbanisation. This is because tax for properties under the Gram Panchayat could not be calculated. With these property cards, the property tax can be calculated.

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These property cards have great benefits for the owners. With the allotment of property cards, the legal owners will have proof of property. Disputes related to succession and inheritance can be sorted easily. “Loans and mortgages will be possible on these houses. Boundary disputes in villages will end and will help in the planned development of the village. Along with this, it will be easier for Gram Panchayats to collect village taxes. The credit of the citizens will increase due to the ownership scheme of giving property certificates. Citizens have received legal proof of ownership,” said Anand Raite, Additional Jamabandi Commissioner

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