Delhi Jal Board: How to pay water bills online?

[] The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) is responsible for water supply in the entire national capital. We explain how to check and pay the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) water bill online

People residing in Delhi have to pay for their water connection and consumption on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. The water bill is usually sent to people at the beginning of the next billing period. However, you can also check the water bill online on the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) portal and pay it instantly through the payment gateway on the DJB website. Here is how to access your Delhi Jal Board Water bill and how to pay it online.

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Delhi Jal Board bill: How to check water bill online?

If you are a resident of Delhi, you are liable to pay the Delhi Jal Board water bills to the Delhi Jal Board. In case, you do not get the hard copy of the water bill, you can check the dues on the Delhi Jal board official portal by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit the DJB portal and click on ‘View/Print Latest Bill’ from the left menu.

Delhi Jal Board bill

Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page, where you will need to mention the KNO number on the Delhi Jal board site.

Step 3: Your latest Delhi Jal board (DJB) bill will be displayed for viewing. However, know that bills that have been cancelled will not be shown in the history.

DJB Bill

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Delhi Jal Board: Overview

The Delhi Jal Board was established in 1986 under the Delhi Legislative Assembly. The agency is now responsible for supplying safe and potable drinking water to the residents of Delhi.

Delhi Jal Board: How to register on website?

The Revenue Management System, Delhi Jal Board official portal brings a host of services to the citizens. That includes making online payment of Delhi Jal board bill and applying for new water connection.

The registration process of this website and the facility is fairly simple. The DJB website is highly navigable and easy to understand. The certain things that are required for the applicant are –

  • The type of requirement needs to be specified in the first section. There are options to register either for water connection, sewage connection or both water and sewage person. 
  • The next section requires the Delhi Jal board water connection type. This is classified into permanent and temporary connections. Here the connection required the specification of the purpose for the temporary connection. 
  • The details of the applicant including a picture of the applicant are required in the nest section. Personal details, like the name of the father or husband, is also required.
  • The fourth section comprises of the valid contact details of the applicant. 
  • The fifth part is specifically for the DJB employees. The details of the DJB employee is required in this section. 
  • The next section required the applicants to articulate the address in great detail. These property details are obviously necessary for the new applicants. 
  • The seventh section specifies the property and the water connection details. The details of the property in question are asked with an emphasis on the details. 
  • The information of the licensed plumber is asked in the eighth section. The licensee details of the plumber are also required in this section. 
  • Bank details of the applicant are to be mentioned by the applicant in the ninth section.
  • The crucial question of rainwater harvesting is asked in the nest section. 
  • The second last section is for the proof of ownership and the property ownership documents. 
  • The last section is for the declaration. 

There are places to upload the required files without much of a hassle. 

Delhi Jal Board

Delhi Jal Board
Delhi Jal Board

How to find your KNO for Delhi Jal Board bill payment online?

Every water connection has a unique KNO number which is alphanumeric and of 13 characters, starting with DJB followed by 10 digits of the water connection number mentioned on the Delhi Jal Board bill, without any brackets or space. Here is how to find your new KNO if you do not have a recent updated DJB bill.

Step 1: Visit the DJB portal and click on ‘Know New KNO’ from the left menu.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page on the Delhi Jal board website where you will be required to mention the zone, MR number, area and water connection number.

Delhi Jal Board bill payment

Step 3: Your new KNO number will be displayed on the Delhi Jal board website screen.

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How to pay your DJB bill online?

Consumers can pay the DJB water bill online through NEFT or digital wallets, such as PayTM, Freecharge or Mobikwik.

Online payments through bank

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You can transfer the payment through NEFT to the following bank account:

Bank name: Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

A/c no: DJB (New KNO)

IFSC: KKBK0000214

Branch: Connaught Place

Online payment through PayTM

Visit the PayTM Water Bill payment page.

Select ‘Delhi Jal Board’ and choose ‘Water Bill Payment’ in Service Type.

Enter your KNO and proceed to the payment gateway.

Online payment through Mobikwik

Visit the Mobikwik Water Bill payment page.

Select operator as ‘Delhi Jal Board’.

Mention the KNO and proceed to the payment gateway.

Online payment through DJB payment portal

Visit the DJB payment gateway portal.

Click on any of the service providers as per your choice.

A new pop-up window will open. Enter the KNO.

Proceed with the payment.

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Delhi Jal Board duplicate bill online

  1. Go to the Delhi Jal Board website.
  2. Go to the DJB duplicate bill download page.
  3. Enter the 10-digit number on your bill.
  4. Enter the captcha.
  5. Click on show bill details.

Once you click on the last option, the bill details will be displayed with a pdf button beside it. You can choose the Delhi Jal Board Bill download pdf option to get a pdf copy.

Delhi Jal Board: How to pay water bills online?

After you download the Delhi Jal Board water bill, the DJB duplicate bill copy would look similar to the sample below:

Delhi Jal Board: How to pay water bills online?

Delhi Jal Board Water Bill: Helpline

If you have any doubts, queries or grievances related to your water bill in Delhi or accessing Delhi Jal Board Bill desk, you can contact the following helpline:

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DJB Customer Care Number: 1916

Direct Line (Billing Grievances): 011-66587300

How can I submit complaint to Delhi Jal Board for excess water bill?

Consumers can contact 1916 or 1800117118. They can also write email to The complaints can also be registered through DJB WhatsApp Number: 9650291021.

How is Delhi Jal Board Bill calculated?

Delhi Jal Board

The DJB website also has provides the option of Delhi Jal Board water bill calculator and mentions the norms for calculation of water demand.

What are the water charges for malls and cineplex in Delhi?

For both malls and cineplexes, the water charges are Rs 10,000 per month.

What are the water charges for hospitals in Delhi?

For a hospital of up to 25 beds, the water charges per month are 1500. For a hospital of 26-50 beds, the charges are 2,000 per month. For a hospital of 51-100 beds, the charges are Rs 10,000 per month and for hospitals having more than 100 beds, the charges are Rs 2500 per additional 50 beds plus Rs 10,000.

What are the water charges for hotels in Delhi?

For a hotels of up to 50 rooms, the water charges per month are 2000. For a hotel of 51-100 rooms, the charges are 10000 per month. For a hotels of more than 100 rooms, the charges are Rs 2500 per additional 50 rooms plus Rs 10,000.

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Delhi Jal Board new water connection

Citizens in Delhi can access the Delhi Jal Board website to apply for new water or sewer connection.

Visit the DJB website and click on ‘Apply for New Connection’. On the next page, go through the checklist displayed on the screen.

Delhi Jal Board: How to pay water bills online?

The application form for Delhi Jal Board new connection is available online. You can also get the form from the Zonal Revenue Officer (ZRO) of the DJB. The new water connection application charges include a nominal amount for Rs 10 for the form and processing fee.

Fill the application form by providing relevant details. A property owner in Delhi, applying for the Delhi Jal Board new connection, must provide a valid proof of property ownership and identity proof. The applicant must be a resident of an area where the DJB provides water connection. The new water connection price is Rs 250. The total new water connection charges for a domestic property includes trade advance of Rs 5,000, security for the occupier of Rs 500 and other charges.

Delhi Jal Board: How to pay water bills online?

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Delhi Jal Board latest updates

Update on March 2, 2022

DJB to set up help centres in the city

For the convenience of the citizens, the Delhi Jal Board will set up help centres and Sahayta Kendras, in place of the zonal revenue offices in the city. As per an official, there will be provision for help desk, proper waiting area for the customers and infrastructure for automated machines for token number, computers for scanners, cubicles for counters, among other things in the revamped public dealing centres. The department also plans to push for online mode of complaint redressal and doorstep delivery. It is also working on a mobile application to address customers’ grievances.

Update on December 10, 2021

Delhi Jal Board sets up new billing system

According to the new water consumption rules introduced by the Delhi Jal Board, consumers cannot be charged more than 1.5 times the amount of the bill in the previous month. As per officials, an automatic system has been implemented to self-regulate the meter reader’s tablet when the consumption variance becomes 50 per cent higher or lower than the previous month’s bill.  Aimed to curb erroneous reading bills, the new system is expected to boost the revenue management system of the board. Further, to keep a check on the water billing system, revenue officers will be carrying out random meter reading image audits. The meter inspector officials will personally visit the site to recheck the images of the meter readings for ensuring the readings are incorrect. In case of discreopancies, they will take strict action against the concerned meter readers. Under the new system, meter readers will be changed every billing cycle. The new rotation system for meter reading in the city is expected to make the billing system stronger and transparent.


How can I see my bill in DJB?

Follow the steps mentioned in this article to access your water bill.

How can I pay my water bill online in Delhi?

You can pay your water bill through NEFT, PayTM, Mobikwik or DJB bill payment portal using credit card, debit card or internet banking.

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