Integrated facility management: A growing need across the real estate spectrum

[] The role of the facility management sector in maintaining properties that provide global standards, has become a growing need across the real estate spectrum.

Over the past few decades, integrated facility management (IFM) has advanced as an innovative, interdisciplinary field, manifesting growth across sectors, industries and businesses. To this end, the IFM sector has also revamped its presence across interconnected and allied fields, making them future-proof and cutting-edge.

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The inherent dynamic operations of facility management services renders long-term sustenance, optimised efficiency and bolstered security and maintenance, for property management. The intermingling of these factors plays a pivotal role, especially in the case of residential properties.

Integrated facility management: How it benefits developers and residents

Breathing life into the visions of lush lifestyles for new home buyers, facility management provides support in creating a strong foundation and infrastructure by builders and the greater real estate spectrum.

Housing societies are not just living spaces anymore. Residents are constantly looking for premium, resort-like ambience, facilities that define metro cities and end-to-end safety and security. Society maintenance, sterile and sanitised spaces, as well as holistic, green and clean environmental surroundings, have been the vital areas of focus that have emerged following the pandemic.

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[] Residential & commercial buildings: Key differences

For IFM organisations, the vision has consistently been towards enabling an all-encompassing experience for clients, zeroing-in on their domestic and commercial real-estate requirements, as well as creating premises that provide convenience, ease and flexibility.

In terms of residential spaces, an agreeable, sound, pleasant and efficient climate is the ideal basis for a housing community to thrive.

Today, leading IFM companies across the globe are striving to enhance customer experience by extending facilities that utilise customised technology, coupled with a highly skilled on-ground workforce.

Ultra-luxury properties have been rapidly developing across the country, with the aim to extend upscale homes and an elevated way of life to high net-worth individuals and expats.

These properties are developed and maintained with the highest global standards, to empower a holistic and enriching experience to all the home owners. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology, smart home solutions, plush gardens and landscapes, fine-dining, wellness centres and spas, housekeeping and recreation centres, to ensure that every aspect of living and leisure is taken care of. The role of the facility management sector in maintaining such amenities is pivotal and has become a growing need across the real estate spectrum. Deploying new-age technology tools and know-how is making the IFM sector even more robust and efficient in its approach and services.

How the IFM sector is adapting to the post-pandemic world

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World At Your Service (WAYS) is an example of a facility management service that extends technical support by expert engineers, specialised housekeeping services by highly groomed professionals and à la carte services for homes, such as marble cleaning, sofa shampooing, pet grooming or car cleaning.  All of these services can be availed of at the ease of a click, enabling utmost convenience and comfort for home owners.

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Using community apps is another provision that connects the entire system of residents, building managers and facility managers on one platform. From sharing important information and advisories, property documents for real time access, to hosting discussions, raising complaints and tracking them, providing information on SPOCs and even displaying information on events at their premises, these apps help in defining and making communal living more immersive and feasible.

IFM companies are enhancing their services to keep up with modern requirements. With the advent of the pandemic and the commitment that the IFM workforce has extended to its customers, the sector surely has a bright future and is going to be an important aspect that ensures business growth across the burgeoning real estate sector.

(The writer is head – residential operations, Embassy Services Private Limited)

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