Lakshadweep land records: All you need to know

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Lakshadweep is an archipelago situated in the Arabian Sea with a total of thirty-nine islands. In this landmass, the land record has vital importance along with its Human Resources and thus is being thoroughly determined and calculated for any changes in the same. Land records include Records of Rights or RoRs, disputed case register, mutation register, tenancy, crop inspection registers, and others. They determine a mass with respect to its geology and shape and size of the land or type of soil.

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The Lakshadweep government, just like the governments of other states of India, conducts periodic surveys as well as inspections to its landmass and maintains the records digitally for the access of the common people through the respective website. Lakshadweep land records show and maintain a detailed study of the topography, mutation, vegetation, and the change in the land levels.

Additionally, this also provides the people to differentiate between residential land and others. In a place like Lakshadweep, there remain a lot of areas that are maintained by the authorities, and the common people are kept out for the safety and security of both the land as well as the common people; Lakshadweep Land records help in this regard as the authorities try to keep the public informed about the changes in the land.

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You can go to the land records page maintained by the government of Lakshadweep to access your land records. Since Lakshadweep is a union territory, the governor is appointed by the president of India. The NLRMP (National Land Record Modernization Programme) objective has made it possible for all land records to be accessed easily online.

Services available in the online portal

The Lakshadweep Land records online portal is a comprehensive digitised platform that provides people with the information and records about the land they wish to enquire about. The detailed services provided by the Lakshadweep Land records portal are:

Search land record

Users can easily search for the records for a particular land as well as its topographical changes. This helps to make the people of the place aware as well as resolve property dispute.

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Details of island and villages

Any resident should be completely aware of the surroundings, and the Lakshadweep land records detail all the aspects of the surrounding properties as well as the land upon which they are built.

Survey blocks and data entry status

The land records help to determine the divisions of an area geographically to build structures in compliance with it. Lakshadweep land records give a detailed area-wide survey of the different blocks as well as mapping a complete structure for localities within it.

Island wise land holding 

As Lakshadweep is an archipelago consisting of more than 39 islands, the description and information of that individual island-wise land holding become necessary. Lakshadweep land records maintain a complete record of the same for the records public as well as the government and concerned authorities.

Fair area details of islands

The individuals in a topography must be aware of its position, location as well as size. Lakshadweep land records maintain documentation of the same with different areas segregated on the basis of structure and other uniqueness.

Details of land holdings

The work of the authorities and the purpose of the land records remain to maintain detailed information of each and every landowner in the particular structure. This not only helps in having a transparent viewpoint of the residence but also becomes a means for the residents to be aware of his or her surroundings. Lakshadweep land records provide complete information on the landholders throughout different localities as well as islands.

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Island wise land types

In a vast archipelago like Lakshadweep, not all islands and land types are suited for residence as well as sustaining a lifestyle for the common people. Thus, Lakshadweep land records help in this regard in informing the people about the different types of land throughout the islands. This information consists of the detailed land structure of an island with all the information about its land and soil.

Land registration

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Another use of Lakshadweep land records is to maintain information about land that has not yet been accommodated by individuals and thus give scope for registration of new lands and owners. Each new landowner has to comply with the authority of the place where the land is, and thus land records help the government keep a survey and check on the whole landmass.

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Benefits of Lakshadweep Land Records

Lakshadweep land records provide transparent and adequate information about their landmass. The online portal of the Lakshadweep land records is a site for individuals to find all the information regarding their landmass under one single page. All information about the particular landmass, including a detailed map view as well as topography, is presented transparently in front of the public. This in turn helps resolve any disputes within the authorities concerned and the public as both the parties get transparent and detailed information about the landmass.

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How can I check my land records in Lakshadweep?

The portal of Lakshadweep land records is easily accessible to the public. To search for a land record or report a fair area list, the individual has to sign in to the portal of the Lakshadweep land records. Upon successful verification, the individual can access a list of options starting from the data entry list, land ownership as well as extract of the land register. 

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Search Land Record

One can easily search the land record and the related information by signing in to the portal of Lakshadweep land records. After logging in, one has to select the island, enter the survey number, the subdivision number, and the information for the entered land will be provided.

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Sign in to the Lakshadweep land records portal

To sign in to the portal, one has to Enter the username, enter the password, and the captcha provided on the screen. Click here:

Lakshadweep Land records: All you need to know

Report-Fair area list

For reporting the fair area, one has to select the Island.

  • Select the Survey Block.
  • Select the land type from the options 
  • Enter the Survey Number.
  • Enter the Subdivision Number.
  • Then, click on the area report to get the details.

You can do it here:

Lakshadweep Land records: All you need to know

Report- Owner type wise

To report the owner type wise land on the portal of Lakshadweep land records, one has to select the island and click on the continue option. The report is presented with the tables of owner holding as well as tree holders. 


Lakshadweep Land records: All you need to know

Survey Blocks

To see information on survey blocks, one has to log in to the Lakshadweep land records portal, and survey blocks can be searched by entering a particular island name.

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You can access it here:

Lakshadweep Land records: All you need to know


Islands and villages can be found on the Lakshadweep land records portal by entering the name of the island or the village, and the information is provided, which includes information of the Subdivisions, Island codes, Island Name, Area of the Island, Lagoon Area along with the Remarks. Find it here:

Lakshadweep Land records: All you need to know

Report-Extract of Land Register

To find an extract of the land register, select your Island.

  • Select the Survey Block.
  • Select the land type.
  • Enter the Survey Number.
  • Enter the Subdivision Number.
  • Then, click on the LR extract option to get the details.

Find it here:

Lakshadweep Land records: All you need to know

Data Entry List

The data entry list on Lakshadweep land records consists of subdivisions and divisions along with the island names as well as verified and unverified data entries. Access here:

Lakshadweep Land records: All you need to know

Contact Information

Department of Revenue


Location: All Islands in Lakshadweep, City: Kavaratti

PIN Code: 682555

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How do I find the land records of Lakshadweep?

You can go to the Land records page maintained by the government of Lakshadweep to access your land records. Here you can sign up and enter details about your land and get the records.

What services does the land record website of Lakshadweep provide?

Search Land Record, Survey blocks in the islands, Data entry status, Islands wise land Types, Details of land holdings, Details of islands/ villages, Island-wise landholding, Fair area details of islands, and Land register with a map view. There are services you can avail of at the official land record website.

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