Patna property tax: How to pay it online and offline?

[] Here is our detailed guide about property tax payment in Patna, the capital of Bihar. 

Those whose properties fall under the ambit of the Patna Municipal Corporation have to pay Patna property tax to the authority on a yearly basis.

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How is property tax calculated in Patna?

The area-based assessment approach, which was pioneered by the Patna Municipal Corporation, is a method of assessing property taxes in India. This method is legally and administratively sound, and practical.  The Patna model proposes a streamlined evaluation approach based on a three-type classification, including location, construction, and use. 

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How to pay Patna property tax?

Property owners in Patna must pay property taxes to the municipal corporation, which is administered by the Bihar Urban Development and Housing Department. Since property taxes are assessed on a yearly basis, a fiscal year’s tax is payable on April 1.

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In Patna, property tax can be paid in two ways: online and offline. It can be paid either online (through Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.) or offline (by Cash, DD, or Cheque) at Punjab National Bank and State Bank of India.

The following formula is used to determine the annual rental value (ARV):

ARV = Carpet area X rental value X occupancy factor X multiplying factor

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How to pay Patna property tax online

Follow the steps below to pay property tax Patna online:

  1. Use this link to pay property tax using the internet portal in Patna for the relevant district.
  2. Under the Tax and Revenue option, select the Self Assessment and Payment of Property Tax button.
  3. Choose your municipality from the drop-down box and fill in the other relevant data on the citizen login screen. Finally, press the Submit button. (New users can register using the Register Me option.)
  4. The resulting screen contains information about the terms and conditions. 
  5. Please tick the applicable boxes and then select the ‘Click Here To Submit A Self-Assessment Application’ button. (If necessary, you can use the next page to change the property’s data and contact information.)
  6. Fill in all of the essential data for the property when the page encourages you to do so, and then select the appropriate option to proceed with payment.
  7. Payment information will be shown on the specified page. The amount that the user is willing to pay might be specified.
  8. Choose a payment method (online, offline, or pay at the ULB counter).
  9. Upon selecting the online procedure option, navigate to the payment page using the appropriate tab.
  10. Make a payment through the payment gateway using the relevant option (debit, credit, or net banking). Enter the relevant information, follow the screen prompts for your requirements, and press the appropriate button to pay your tax.
  11. After completing the online payment, a receipt will be issued for future reference. The same will be sent to your registered email-id or cell phone number.

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How to pay property tax Patna offline

You can pay the Patna property tax offline by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the municipal/ward office in your region and submit the requisite papers, property number, and other property information to the appropriate authorities to acquire the property tax amount. It is also possible to do so when paying at the office. Knowing this information ahead of time will aid in determining the amount.
  2. Contact information for municipal offices may be found here: Municipal office contact link
  3. Submit your ULB by selecting it from the drop-down option under the Online citizen service centre. Users will be led to the website of their local government.
  4. Authorities will double-check the information before announcing the payout. To finish the procedure, pay the required money.
  5. Cash, DD, PO and cheque are all acceptable forms of payment.
  6. Users will be given a receipt for their payment, which they should preserve for future reference.
  7. Users must use the challan to pay at a bank determined by corporation/council/panchayat.

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What are the documents required to pay property tax in Patna?

To pay Patna property tax, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Property challan / property ID (Unique number for the said property)
  • Old property ID (previous number through which tax was paid )
  • Owner Name
  • Address of the property
  • Aadhaar card

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What are the eligibility criteria for paying property tax?

  • You must be an Indian citizen and 18 years old.
  • Owning land or property in your name is a must.

Factors affecting Patna property tax

  • The amount of property tax is determined by the residential area. As a result, it differs from one property type to the next.
  • A building’s property tax is computed using the following :
    • Area in the basement
    • The current rate on the street where the property is situated.
    • The building’s usage (residential or non-residential access)
    • Occupation type (owner or tenant)
    • The duration of the structure’s existence.

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