Property registration in Delhi: How to register property in Delhi online?

[] Here is a step-by-step process for registering property online in Delhi

Purchasing property in the national capital territory of Delhi attracts stamp duty and registration charges that has to be paid to the Delhi Property and Land Registration Department. A part of this property registration in Delhi procedure has been made online, to save time and ensure transparency in the system. Currently, a user has to browse through multiple portals, for calculating stamp duty, registration charges, etc., for registration of property in Delhi but soon, the urban development department will launch a single portal that will simplify the process of property registration in Delhi. The new web portal will allow users to view and download land records, including certified, digitally signed maps in possession of the land record agencies of Delhi, and all other property-related historical and current information required for its registration.

You are reading: Property registration in Delhi: How to register property in Delhi online?

The DORIS Delhi Online Registration Information System website enables property owners to register their property online in a few simple steps.

Property registration procedure

Here is a step-by-step procedure for property registration in Delhi through the DORIS Delhi Online Registration Information System website.

Prepare a deed for online registration of property in Delhi

Visit DORIS Delhi Online Registration Information System website and choose ‘Deed Writer’ from the top menu. You will be redirected to a new site where you can get your deed prepared according to the suitable criteria.

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property registration
Surbhi Gupta | Housing News

Calculate the stamp duty

The DORIS Delhi Online Registration Information System website also allows users to calculate the stamp duty applicable for registration of property.

Visit for calculating the stamp duty and Property registration charges applicable on your property transaction. Enter the nearest sub-registrar zone in which your transacted property falls, the locality, type of deed and sub-deed name. The amount will be calculated on the basis of location category, consideration amount of present transfer, land use, the total area of the plot, total plinth area and year of construction.

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Buy the e-stamp paper

Buy the e-stamp paper of the exact value calculated above from the nearest Stock Holding Corporation of India which can be authorized here

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Pay the registration fee

Go back to the home page and select the option ‘e-registration’ to pay the fee and save the receipt for future use.

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[] Importance of AP stamps and registration deed details

Request an appointment

Visit to request an appointment with the sub-registrar for registration of property in Delhi. Here you need to enter e-stamp number for verification. Mention your district, sub-registrar and select your area.

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Visit the SRO office

Visit the SRO’s office on the designated date and time along with the appointment SMS that you have received for registration of property in Delhi. At the facilitation counter, present the requisite documents. Collect the receipt on completion of the registration process.

List of documents required for registration of property in Delhi

Original Documents with one set of Xerox copies

Two passport size photographs on both copies of documents (seller and purchaser)

‘E-Stamp paper with correct value of stamp duty

E-Registration fee receipt of registration fee with undertaking

If the transaction is for more than Rs 50,000, self-attested copy of Pan Card or Form 60

Original ID proof of the concerned parties (seller, purchaser and witness)

How to search registered deed online in Delhi?

Home buyers can also search for the registered deed of the property online, for proper due diligence. Here is the step-by-step method to find the deed online on the Delhi government portal:

Step 1: Visit the DORIS Delhi Online Registration Information System portal and click on ‘Search Registered Deed’.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page, where you will have to enter the area name, SRO office, registration number, registration year and book number.

Step 3: Click ‘Search’ and the results will be displayed on the screen.

How to do due diligence of property documents in Delhi?

If you are buying a property in Delhi, check the following documents diligently, before proceeding for property registration:

  1. Mother deed: It is an important legal document, to trace the ownership of the property and for availing of property loans, etc. You can also obtain certified copies of the parent document from the registering authorities.
  2. Building plan approval: Check the approved plan against the actual built-up property, to ensure there are no deviations.
  3. Encumbrance certificate: This document is an evidence of mortgages, title transfer or any legally registered transaction that is related to property. Obtain the certificate of up to 15 years, to check for any liabilities attached to the particular property.
  4. Property tax receipts: Ensure that the owner’s name on the property tax receipts matches the seller’s. All the dues should have been paid until the date of sale.

[] All about Property registration online process and charges in India

Stamp duty in Delhi


Stamp duty rates




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Joint owner (Male and Female)


How to search encumbrance for property in Delhi

Property buyers in Delhi can search for an encumbrance on the property online, through the DORIS Delhi Online Registration Information System Portal. Here is a step-by-step guide to do so:

*Visit the DORIS Portal and select the authority you want to search with.

* The Following authorities are listed on DORIS:

Delhi Jal Board
Company of Registrars

*Once you select the civic body, you will be redirected to a dedicated page, where you can enter the serial number/bill number/registration number, to check pending dues.

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How to check the list of disputed properties in Delhi?

It is very important for property buyers, to check for property-related disputes before signing the sale deed. Here is how to check the list of prohibited properties in Delhi:

Step 1: Visit the DORIS-Prohibited Property portal.

Step 2: Search for the district and SRO where the property is located. You will be able to see the number of properties, which are prohibited in the district.

Step 3: Click on the list and search the list, by property address or locality. 

Circle rates in Delhi for plots

Category of area

Cost of land (per sq metre)


Rs 7.74 lakhs


Rs 2.46 lakhs


Rs 1.60 lakhs


Rs 1.28 lakhs


Rs 70,080


Rs 56,640


Rs 46,200

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Rs 23,280

List of colonies according to categories

Circle rates in Delhi for flats


Private builder flats

DDA, society flats

Multi-storey flats

Rs 1.10 lakhs

Rs 87.840

Above 100 sq metre

Rs 95,250

Rs 76,200

50 sq metre to 100 sq metre

Rs 79,488

Rs 66,240

30 sq metre to 50 sq metre

Rs 62,652

Rs 54,480

Up to 30 sq metre

Rs 55,440

Rs 50,400

Latest news: Delhi property registration

Update on March 3, 2022

Unique ID code a must in east Delhi for property registration

Those planning to go for registration of property in east Delhi with the revenue department are now required to obtain a unique property identification code (UPIC) number from the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC). The civic authority approached Delhi government to incorporate UPIC among other documents for registration, to bring all property details online. The government issued an order for implementing the proposal on a pilot basis.

Update on February 26, 2021:

Home buyers to benefit from the circle rate cut

The Delhi government, on February 5, 2021, reduced the circle rates, the minimum price at which a property can be bought, for all categories of properties for the next six months, in a move that will benefit property buyers in the national capital. Experts are hoping that this will boost the real estate market and increase revenue for the government, as well.

Delhi broadly has eight categories of localities – from A to H. Category A being the most affluent one and H being the most economically weaker one. The circle rates are proportionate to the category. The cut in circle rates will allow buyers to get their property registered at 20% below the government-prescribed rates and save money on stamp duty payment.

Update on December 28, 2020:

Delhi’s illegal colonies given cover from punitive action till December 2023

The union cabinet has approved an ordinance extending protection from punitive action to unauthorised colonies, JJ clusters and constructions in Delhi’s rural areas built on agricultural land for another three years. The move will extend the legal protection for all illegal constructions and unauthorised colonies in Delhi, from demolition or sealing, till December 2023. At present, there are around 1,700 unauthorised colonies in Delhi. The NCT of Delhi (Special Provisions) Amendment Ordinance, 2020 is an extension of a similar law first passed in 2011. The law was re-enacted in 2014 and then in 2017. Since the timeline was ending soon, the ordinance was approved, which will be valid till December 2023.


How to do property registration online in Delhi?

Most of the property registration formalities can be done online. Check step-by-step procedure in this article to know more.

Can I pay stamp duty online for registering property in Delhi?

Yes, stamp duty can be paid online in Delhi.

Can I pay registration charges online for property transaction in Delhi?

Yes, you can pay registry charges online as well.

Do I have to visit SRO office for property registration?

Yes, even after online process you need to visit registrar’s office.

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