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Canara Bank balance enquiry number: Balance check through missed call banking number and other options

[] In this article we focus on how you can proceed with Canara Bank balance enquiry using the various options that are available.

Canara Bank with its customer care and balance enquiry services help customers access and check their bank data, such as their bank balance, mini statement, recent transactions, and other relevant information. Customers can keep an eye on their bank accounts by calling the toll-free number, using online banking or mobile banking, visiting an ATM or having their passbooks updated.

You are reading: Canara Bank balance enquiry number: Balance check through missed call banking number and other options

Services Canara Bank Balance Check Number
Mini Statement  Missed call to 09015734734
Canara Bank Balance Check No Missed call to 09015483483
Canara Bank Balance Check Number – Toll Free 
  • 1800-425-0018
  • 1800 103 0018
  • 1800 208 3333
  • 1800 3011 3333
Balance Enquiry Outside of India (User charges would apply)  +91-80-22064232

Canara Bank balance check number and multiple options

Canara Bank balance enquiry can be made by utilising the Canara Bank missed call banking service and other options.

One can check Canara Bank account balance the following methods:

  • Canara bank balance enquiry number
  • Canara bank Missed Call balance check by calling the toll-free number
  • Canara bank balance check by SMS
  • Canara bank account balance check through internet banking
  • Canara bank account balance check using mobile banking
  • Canara bank balance check using passbook
  • Account balance check through ATM
  • Canara bank balance check through UPI
  • Account balance check through USSD

Canara bank balance enquiry number

The toll-free number to call and check your balance at Canara Bank is 09015483483. You can call on the following toll-free numbers using the mobile phone that you are registered with. 

  • 1800-425-0018
  • 1800 103 0018
  • 1800 208 3333
  • 1800 3011 3333

Canara Bank provides a special number for customers outside India. These customers can call on the non-toll-free number at +91-80-22064232. User charges will be applicable. The numbers are available 24X7 except on national holidays such as August 15th, October 2nd, and January 26th.

Canara bank balance enquiry through missed call

An inquiry on one’s Canara Bank account balance can be made through a missed call. Register for Canara Bank’s missed call banking by sending a message from your most recent mobile number to take advantage of the missed call services. For this you must visit your nearest Canara Bank branch.

If a customer is not using the same mobile number for balance enquiry using the missed call, the person will get an SMS notifying that the number is not registered for Canara Bank Mobile Banking services.

You must dial 0-9015-483-483 (for English) and 0-9015-613-613 (for Hindi). The call will be disconnected automatically. An SMS will be sent from Canara Bank with details of your current account balance.

Canara bank balance check through ATM

Checking one’s Canara Bank account balance can also be done using an ATM card (either one issued by Canara Bank or any other debit card). You must go to an ATM belonging to Canara Bank or any other bank to check the balance of your Canara Bank account.

The following is a step-by-step method for checking your bank balance with Canara Bank:

  • From the ATM using your Canara Bank debit card, swipe the card as you normally would.
  • Now, enter your four-digit PIN for the ATM.
  • The next step is to finish the transaction after selecting the “Balance Enquiry / Balance Check” option.
  • Choose the ‘Mini Statement’ option on the automated teller machine to get details about the most recent ten transactions.

Canara bank balance check through netbanking

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To ensure customers have easy access to their bank account-related information, the bank has introduced different methods, which includes Canara bank mini statement, latest transactions, bank balance, etc.

Customers of Canara Bank have access to an online service for checking their account balances through net banking.

  • Log in to your Canara Bank net banking account.
  • Provide your login and password.
  • Now, after logging in, you can view your account balance on the net banking dashboard.
  • Using a net banking facility, you can also view prior transactions and get a mini-statement, among other things.

Canara bank self-registration for netbanking

Individual customers with active debit cards/ credit cards or joint accounts (1st holder with either or survivor operating condition) can self-register for the Canara bank net banking facility. For this, a customer must have the following:

  • An active debit or credit card
  • Customer ID
  • A valid, registered email-id
  • A valid, registered mobile number
  • 13-digit bank account number

Canara bank balance check through SMS service

You can inquire about your account balance and other data, such as your most recent transactions, using the Canara bank balance check SMS services. The following actions should be followed to get your Canara Bank account balance through SMS:

  • Following the completion of the registration process, you will be sent a message to confirm that your registration was successful. You are now able to utilise the SMS service provided by Canara Bank.
  • Send an SMS message to the number 9015734734 using the mobile phone number that is associated with your account to get the current balance info.

Canara bank customers can check their balance by sending an SMS “CANBAL” <space>” USERID” <space>” MPIN to 5607060 from their registered mobile number.

Canara bank balance check through Canara Bank passbook

When you create a new account with Canara Bank, you will get a passbook at no additional cost. Customers can visit the nearest branch and get their passbook updated regularly to check their account balance and know details of the latest transactions. The passbook includes information on each and every transaction.

  • You can also check your Canara Bank account balance by using your passbook, provided that it has been updated. 
  • This passbook details all of the debit and credit transactions that have been made on the relevant account.
  • You can bring your passbooks to any branch of the bank to get them updated. 
  • Customers of Canara Bank can also access their account statements using the Canara e-Passbook app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

Canara bank balance check through mobile banking application

Users of the Canara Bank Mobile Banking Application have access to banking services whenever and wherever they want. The Canara Bank mobile banking application called Candi is available on Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Customers of Canara Bank need to register for mobile banking services to get access to mobile banking apps. This may be done by sending an SMS message to 9015734734 from the customer’s registered mobile phone. You may also activate services for mobile banking by visiting an ATM or a bank branch belonging to Canara Bank.

Customers can login to the Canara Bank mobile banking application to check their account balance from anywhere. The app provides various features, including Canara Bank balance enquiry, mini statement, cheque book request, and fund transfer.

Canara Bank provides the following mobile applications for its customers:

CANDI mobile banking app

It is the Canara Bank digital application for mobile banking purposes, including funds transfer through NEFT, RTGS and IMPS.

Canara e-Passbook

This facility is available for customers of Canara bank who can check their account balance and access online bank account statements.

Canara OTP

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This facility helps generate OTPs for banking authentication online in case of low mobile network connectivity.

To avail these mobile banking facilities, make sure you have a smartphone, an internet connection, adequate balance for sending SMS (carrier charges by network operator), adequate storage in the phone for the application, and a valid and active debit card for activation.

Canara bank balance check through UPI

  • Access the UPI app of your choice. 
  • Log in with your biometric information.
  • Navigate to Check Bank Balance. 
  • Simply check your balance by clicking on the Canara bank logo.
  • Enter the UPI PIN that was generated.
  • The bank balance amount will be shown on the screen as soon as the UPI PIN has been entered successfully. 

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Canara bank balance check through USSD Banking

Customers who do not have smartphones or internet access can know their account balance through USSD, which refers to Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

They are required to follow the steps mentioned below for balance check:

  • Use your mobile number registered with the bank
  • Use a phone dialer pad and dial *99*46#
  • Select your preferred language
  • Submit the IFSC or the two-digit bank code
  • Complete the step to make a request
  • Follow the instructions for Canara bank balance check or get a mini account statement

Canara bank balance check: Useful tips

When performing financial transactions or access any service online through internet banking, it is a must that you have the right information. Moreover, it is important to be prudent when it comes to your spending and manage liquidity. Canara bank cardholders must perform banking activities regularly to avail of the benefits, including spend check, interest received, and eliminating discrepancies.

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How to register mobile number with Canara bank?

  • Visit the nearest Canara Bank branch and get the mobile number registration form.
  • Provide the relevant information, including your account number and account holder’s name.
  • Choose ‘change mobile number and update my cellphone number’ from the dropdown list.

By connecting to the Canara Bank Net Banking site or the CANDI mobile application with your Customer ID and Password, you will have access to information about your current account balance. After you have logged in, go to account dashboard to check your balance.

How to check my Canara bank passbook online?

Canara bank customers have access to the Canara e-Infobook, an online version of the passbook that allows them to see their transaction details online. The details one can access through the Canara e-Infobook include recent transactions, account balance, account summary, Cheque Status ATM/branch locator, information on the latest new products, etc.

One can install the mobile application of the Canara Bank passbook from the Google Play Store.

  • Install the Canara e-Infobook application on your smartphone
  • Click on ‘Accept’ to provide the necessary permissions
  • Open the application and register yourself
  • Fill in the 13-digit bank account number
  • You will receive an SMS for verification of the mobile number. Once verified, you will get an OTP.
  • Submit the OTP
  • On the next page, set up a 5-digit PIN (M-PIN) to complete the registration and access your Canara e-Infobook.


The balance on my account is incorrect. What action should I take?

At any of the toll-free lines, you will be able to speak with a Canara Bank specialist who will evaluate your problem and work with you to find a solution as soon as possible.

If I don’t have a cell phone number, how can I check the amount on my account?

By connecting to the Canara Bank Net Banking site or the CANDI mobile application with your Customer ID and Password, you will have access to information about your current account balance. After you have logged in, go to account dashboard to check your balance.

In how many days will the app or net banking reflect the most recent changes to the account balance?

Canara Bank’s database is immediately brought up to date with the completion of each transaction, regardless of whether it took place online or offline.

If I haven’t signed up for net banking, is there still a way I can still check my Canara Bank account balance?

Even if you have not signed up for Canara Bank’s net banking services, you can check your account balance using the missed call, SMS, ATM, or passbook methods as described in this article.

How to check Canara Bank’s last five transactions?

To view the recent five transactions in your Canara Bank account, you can use different methods like missed call on toll-free numbers, use the ATM facility, check balance through SMS or USSD code.

How can I check my Canara bank mini statement?

Visit the Canara Bank net banking portal and log in using your customer id and password. On the main page, click on account details to view the recent transactions.

What is the minimum balance in Canara Bank?

The minimum monthly balance in savings account is 1,000 for semi-urban, urban and metro branches and Rs. 500 for rural branches.

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