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CMDA Approved Layout 2021: All you need to know

[] Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority or the CMDA is a legal organization under the Government of Tamil Nadu. Its responsibilities include assigning permission for every piece of land in the Chennai metropolitan area and regulating physical developments.

The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) prepares a report for each locality in the Chennai metropolitan area and carries out surveys. It covers three administrative districts – Kancheepuram, Chennai and Thiruvallur with the total area being around 1189 sq. kilometers. 

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It is the only statutory authority to create and prepare maps for the planning and development of the city. These development plans also include the master plan for the overall betterment of the Chennai metropolitan area. 

Any area that falls under Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority’s jurisdiction can be designated as a new town. It can also delegate its function to any other body or authority it wishes to. 

What is Planning Permission?

Any real estate builder or developer has to seek Planning Permission (PP) from CMDA before making any development on their site or plot. Planning permission is mandatory as per the Town and Country Planning Act and is valid for three years from the issue date. In case you are buying CMDA approved layout plans from real estate builders, then you do not have to apply for planning permission. 

CMDA approved layouts 2021: How to check?

To check the complete list of CMDA approved layouts- 2021, click here. Here, you will find approval no. PPD, respective local bodies and villages and an official copy of the CMDA approved layouts. There are a total of 126 entries, and instead of going through all, you can just search yours at the end of the page.  

CMDA approved layout: How to get CMDA approval?

  • To get an application form for planning permission, you need to visit the office of CMDA, Town Panchayats, Panchayat Union Office, or Chennai Corporation Municipality. There are two kinds of applications available. Form ‘A’ is for laying out lands for building purposes and Form ‘B’ and Form ‘C’ are for undertaking from the land owners. 
  • There are various drawings you have to submit to get the CMDA approval. These drawings should be made according to the guidelines set by CMDA and include a detailed site plan, elevation, floor plan and key plan.
  • You also need to submit signed sale or lease documents and clearance from a competent authority. 
  • Within 45 days, you will get the CMDA approval and it’s valid for three years. After that, you will have to repeat the same process again. 
  • If any changes are made in the approved plan, you will have to seek CMDA approval again. 
  • After your application is approved, you will receive a demand from CMDA for the payment.

Documents required for CMDA approval 

  • A detailed site plan, where the site should be clearly distinguished. 
  • Elevation, plan and sectional details of the constructing or developing structure.
  • Key plan with the location of the site. 
  • Clearance from the authority (if needed). 
  • Sale deed or lease deed documents. 

CMDA approved layout plots: Benefits

An approved layout plot means you can use the plot for any real estate transaction and make whatever changes or development you want. Listed below are the benefits of CMDA approved layout plots: 

  • The first and foremost benefit of a CMDA approved layout plot is the feeling of assurance and financial security you get that your building cannot be demolished or damaged in any way without any proper and legal process. 
  • Another advantage of owning a CMDA approved layout plot is that it can be used for a certain purpose as the planning authority decides. 
  • Without any solid and legal justification, your CMDA approved layout plot cannot be demolished. 
  • CMDA approved layout plots have a higher resale value. 
  • Being an investor, it’s best for you to buy a CMDA approved layout plot in a developing area. Purchasing a property or land within the city limits will be an asset in a sound infrastructure with top-class schools, hospitals, global companies and shopping complexes. 
  • There is a great extent of transparency in the transactions of CMDA approved layout plots and this also simplifies the process of resale.
  • You will only be able to borrow loans from banks if your land is approved.

Importance of CMDA for plots and lands

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For a city’s proper planning and rapid development, it’s essential to have a legal, accomplished authority to supervise all the structures building in the area and set a strict list of guidelines and norms. This paves the way to a better future for the people living in that respective area. The CMDA approval is a little bit more strict than the Directorate of Town and Country Planning and because of good reasons. 

The value of CMDA approved layout plots is higher as they come under the city limits. This means if you purchase a CMDA approved layout plot in the Chennai metropolitan area, it will yield high returns in the future. 


State of Unapproved Plots

Ever since the Tamil Nadu Government banned the conversion of agricultural lands into residential lands, there has been a spike in the number of unapproved plots in the area. These unapproved plots are taken by the CMDA and are auctioned. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a plot in the Chennai metropolitan area, ensure it’s  CMDA approved. 

The longer you own an unapproved plot, the heavier penalty you will have to pay. This also includes the time before the sale deed is executed. Supplying water, electricity, and sewage connections to buildings built on unapproved lands are also illegal. 

Constructing a building on unapproved land puts it at risk of being demolished without any prior notice. 

Points to be considered before buying a piece of land or constructing a building in a residential area 

  • The seller should have a right over the property. 
  • Ensure the land has a CMDA approved layout and the same is sanctioned by the local body. 
  • Verify the patta and encumbrance certificate. 
  • The park areas and roads should have been handed over to the respective local body through a gift deed. 
  • The adjoining road of the plot should be maintained by the local body. 
  • Check the completion certificate of the building. 
  • Ensure the plan is made in accordance with the development control rules. 
  • Seek planning permission from CMDA and building approval from the local body. 
  • All the certificates and documents should be verified before submitting for approval to the CMDA. 

If any of the guidelines mentioned above aren’t followed, strict action will be taken. 

How to get CMDA approval for Patta Land?

To seek CMDA approval for your patta land, you need the following documents- 

  • Self-attested copies of sale deed or lease deed documents
  • Encumbrance certificate for 13 years
  • Patta copies in the owner’s name
  • Certificate of the legal process
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the rescue service department

CMDA: Contact Information

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Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority

Thalamuthu Natarajan Maaligai

No. 1, Gandhi Irwin Road


Chennai – 600 008

Phone no.: 28414855

Fax: 28548416 


What is planning permission?

Before making any development on your plot, it’s mandatory to obtain planning permission from the CMDA. This permission is valid for three years from the date of issue and then needs to be renewed.

What documents need to be attached to the planning permission application?

The documents required for the permission planning application include a detailed site plan, key plan, elevation, plan, and sectional details, clearance and lease deed or sale deed documents.

Will the plot be inspected?

The plot will be inspected by a Building Plan Surveyor or Town Planning Officer.

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