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Everything you need to know about property card Mumbai

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A Malmatta Patrak, also known as a property card, is a document that identifies the owner of real estate in metropolitan areas and is issued by the local government in Maharashtra. The property card contains information such as the name of the proprietor, the acreage of the land, the survey number, the plot number, the district, the taluka, the village, the liabilities, and the litigations, among other things. In addition to validating the land’s historical ownership data, it may also help to prevent unlawful encroachment on the property. To complete any sale or purchase agreement between interested parties, it must be signed by both sides.

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There will be no concerns about who owns the plot since the property card is an electronic card with 16 MB of memory that will include all of the plot’s data and eliminate any doubts about who owns the plot. The use of these cards would decrease paperwork and, thus, a reduction in transaction and processing time. Title concerns would be reduced to a minimum, encouraging more investment in real estate.

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Property card Mumbai: Importance

Until recently, the only method to get crucial property information was to travel to the land records office, identify the appropriate department, make an application, and pay the costs. The whole procedure took days, and the authorities’ responses took days. Due to the recent digital revolution and increased demand for land information, the Maharashtra government has made it simpler to get the property card or Malmatta Patrak, Mumbai. The document is now necessary for real estate transactions, judicial cases, and asserting land ownership. 

  • A property card verifies that the rightful owner indeed owns the land. 
  • A plot’s ownership title is strengthened by using property cards, which will leave minimal opportunity for forgery, tampering with records, and misuse of property.
  • It is possible to see all of the transactions that have taken place on a piece of land via the use of a digital property card.
  • Details such as the property’s history, previous owners, changing owners, previous interactions with the land, and so on will be noted in the card, among other things.
  • In the digital property card system, the history of a piece of land can be discovered in a fraction of a second and is completely transparent.
  • The digitization of land records is already serving as a catalyst in recruiting worldwide investors in real estate, who now consider the old-fashioned system of land records to be a significant barrier to entry.
  • A property card can be utilised in court proceedings if the land is located in the city and will assist the landholder in avoiding any legal complications in the future.
  • The smart card, which has a 16 MB capacity, will keep all of the plot’s information, including the survey number, village name, and leasing rent information.

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Property Card Mumbai: Details included

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The following information is included on the property card Mumbai: 

  • Name of the Landowner and changes in the ownership title, if any 
  • City-issued survey number 
  • The land’s geographical location
  • Plot identification number
  • The area of the land measured in square metres
  • Record of encumbrances and mutations
  • Information on loans obtained by the landowner from government-sponsored institutions.
  • Specifics about ongoing legal proceedings
  • Taxes imposed on the land, both paid and unpaid, are listed in detail.

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How to view details of the Mahabhulekh property card online ?

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Step 1 

Visit the Mahabhulekh website 

Step 2 

You will instantly be presented with a drop-down menu; choose the appropriate district from the menu.

Step 3 

The applicant will be forwarded to the district webpage of their choice. The option that reads “see property cards or Malmatta Patrak” should be selected.

Step 4 

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Enter the correct information on the redirected page, including the district, taluk, and village name.

Step 5

After entering the remaining essential information, the applicant will see their online Mumbai suburban property certificate.

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Property card Mumbai: How to verify?

To verify and examine a property card online in Mumbai, you have to go to the Mahabhulekh website or the Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh website and follow the instructions on the screen. As a starting point, choose a district from the town menu. You will then be presented with a map showing all of the districts in Maharashtra. You will then be routed to the website of the district that you selected. A new page will come up for you when you click on one of the property cards or Malmatta Patrak. You may choose the appropriate district, village, and taluk from the drop-down option that appears here. After you have entered all of your information, you will be able to see your property card online and validate

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