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GST Registration Certificate download procedure: All you need to know

[] In this article, we explain the online procedure for GST Registration Certificate download.

A GST registration certificate is a legal document that proves you are listed under India’s GST law. Any firm in India with a turnover that is over the GST registration criteria is obliged to register. Certain firms, casual taxpayers, non-resident taxable persons etc., are also required to register for GST.

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GST Certificate: Advantages

Every GST-registered business unit receives the following benefits:

  • They will be identified as a lawful supplier of goods or services, which improves business dependability and authenticity. If you sell to businesses, you must have a GST certificate. 
  • They will be legally authorised to collect tax from clients and, as a result, to reimburse the procurers or recipients for the taxes received on the delivering goods or services. 
  • Have the ability to claim an input tax credit for taxes paid on profits as well as taxes paid due to the sale of goods or services. 
  • On a national scale, the input tax credit can be transferred from sellers to receivers without interruption.

GST turnover threshold

The following are the general guidelines: 

  1. Service Earners: Over Rs 20 lakhs per annum is required to obtain GST registration. The threshold is Rs 10 lakh in a few states. 
  2. Goods Dealers: The maximum in this situation is over Rs 40 lakhs annually. 

Regardless of the limits, certain entities, such as persons who use e-commerce for supply, non-residents, or casual taxable people, must register for GST.

Validity duration 

If the registration request is filed within 30 days of the due date, the GST registration certificate is effective from the date when the individual becomes liable for GST registration. If not, the validity period commences on the date the certificate is issued, as specified in CGST Rules 9 (1), 9 (3) and 9 (5). 

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If an application comes under situations of officer delay under CGST Rule 9 (5), the official must provide the approved registration certificate within three business days of the time specified in the same subrule. 

If issued to all usual taxpayers, the certificate has no limited time for expiration. The GST registration would remain valid as long as it is not surrendered or revoked. Because a casual taxable person’s GST registration is only valid for 90 days, the certificate of registration becomes void after that. However, the taxpayer can prolong or renew its validity till the expiration of the validity period. 

GST Registration Certificate contents 

The GST registration certificate includes the main certificate as well as two annexures, Annexures A and B. 

The following is the primary GST registration certificate’s content: 

  • The taxpayer’s GSTIN 
  • The taxpayer’s GSTIN  
  • Business Constitution Type (Eg: Partnership, Company, Proprietorship, Trust, etc.) 
  • Duration of Validity
  • Date of Liability. ‘From date’ is usually mentioned. Frequent taxpayers, on the other hand, will not see a date for ‘To date.’ This might be found in circumstances of casual taxpayers or non-resident taxpayers. 
  • Registration Type.
  • Name, position, jurisdictional office, and signature of the approving authority (usually digitally signed). 
  • The date the certificate was issued. 

Annexure-A contains the following information: 

  • The GSTIN number
  • The Legal Name
  • The Trade Name (if found)
  • Additional Business Locations 

Annexure-B contains the following information: 

  • The GSTIN number
  • The Legal Name
  • The Trade Name (if applicable)
  • Information on the owner, partnerships, managing and full-time directors, the trustees, and so on, such as a photo, name, designation, or status, and where they reside

How to get a GST Registration Certificate?

Any qualified individual can file for GST registration by visiting the GST portal at To have a full GST registration application, you must have all of the GST registration paperwork filed. After the application is reviewed by an authorised individual, your registration will be granted. 

GST Registration Certificate download procedure

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Since no physical copies are supplied by the government, you must go to the GST portal to get the GST certificate. Confirm your GST registration status first before proceeding to the GST certificate download option. Your GST certificate will be generated once your application has been authorised. To obtain your GST certificate, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Visit the GST Portal and login.

Step 2: Navigate to “services” and then “user services.” 

Step 3: Select “view/download certificate” from the menu. 

Step 4: Select the “download” option. 

Step 5: View the downloaded pdf file and print or save it to your cloud drive.

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