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How to get rid of cockroaches with home treatments?

[] Here is your guide to make your home roach-free, using home remedies.

Cockroaches in houses are one of the most frequent pests, and they can be sometimes difficult to eradicate. Along with giving you frightening vibrations, cockroaches may cause allergies, transmit diseases, and create an unsanitary living environment. Since they multiply in numbers really quickly, it is important to get rid of them as rapidly as possible.

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Fortunately, if you don’t want to use chemicals such as bombs, foggers, or sprays, or look up ways on how to kill cockroach, you’re in the clear. Home remedies for cockroaches are safe to apply if you have children and pets to care for.

6 home remedies for cockroaches 

There are multiple ways to get rid of cockroaches in the house permanently, and we’ll go through all of them in this piece. Let’s get started. 

Baking soda

One of the most effective home remedies for cockroaches is to use baking soda. A mixture of baking soda and sugar is an excellent cockroach killer that also has the added benefit of limiting the spread of these pests. Cockroaches are attracted to sugar, which works as bait, and are killed by baking soda.

All you must do is locate their hiding places and scatter this mixture in the corners of those locations. Use a small dish to hold this snack and place it somewhere you’ve witnessed roach activity. Gasses are produced in the cockroaches’ digestive systems as a result of their consumption of baking soda, causing them to collapse.

Boric acid

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Boric acid is a naturally occurring chemical. Fruits and vegetables contain boron. Although it is perfectly harmless to humans and pets, it is lethal to cockroaches. When cockroaches come into touch with boric acid, the acid adheres to their legs and wings, causing them to itch. When the cockroaches eat the powder, it has an effect on their neurological and digestive systems, causing them to die quickly. It is one of the most effective home remedies for cockroaches.


Cockroaches can easily be killed using borax, which is a standard laundry detergent. Combining equal quantities of borax and white table sugar yields the most effective outcomes. Sprinkle the mixture in any areas where you have seen roach activity. When the cockroaches swallow the borax, it dehydrates them and kills them in a short amount of time. This can be your DIY on how to kill cockroaches.

Essential oils

Cockroaches are attracted to the scent of peppermint oil. It is one of the most effective essential oils for repelling them. Prepare a solution of saltwater and peppermint oil and use it to spray the affected regions in your house. You will notice a change after using the product regularly. Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, or tea tree essential oils are all effective, so choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Neem extracts

Over the years, neem has been utilised as a natural cure for a variety of ailments, including pests. Neem oil or powder is one of the best home remedies for cockroaches. To apply it in oil form, combine a few drops of neem oil with water in a spray bottle and spray it in areas where these pests have been seen. If, on the other hand, you’re using neem powder, all you have to do is sprinkle it in cockroach-infested regions at night and repeat the procedure in the morning.


This is a simple solution; you won’t need to seek supplies elsewhere since they’re already in your kitchen. To get rid of cockroaches, just mix hot water with one part white vinegar and use it to clean the kitchen counters and around the cooktops. Then, pour the solution down the kitchen drains and let it sit overnight.

How to get rid of cockroaches with 3 simple strategies 

Interested in more traditional approaches to addressing your roach problem? Here are some of the most effective methods on how to get rid of cockroaches.

Glue strips help identify areas of concern

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Glue strips may be used to pinpoint roach hotspots. As soon as they tread on the strip of adhesive, cockroaches are snared and trapped. Store-bought adhesive strips may be used in any area where cockroaches have been seen, such as behind the fridge or beneath the sink.

Don’t provide them with a hiding spot

Cockroaches in the house are very fond of paper materials and cardboard boxes. If you have a large number of empty boxes lying about your house or garage, it’s advisable to disassemble them and recycle the contents. If this is not done, cockroaches may continue to establish a home in the area.

Because they like dark environments, cockroaches will be unable to survive if they do not have a place to hide. Also, make sure that any gaps or holes in your house are properly sealed. 

Clean your kitchen and bathrooms thoroughly

Cockroaches are drawn to food and water sources. They are often found in the kitchen, where they have easy access to food, and in bathrooms, which provide them with the wet climate they enjoy. Clean behind appliances in the kitchen, removing any crumbs, leftover food, or overflowing waste. Even a modest amount of grease may reactivate them.

When searching for cockroaches in the house, check for cast skins which are generally light brown, egg cases, droppings which are little black patches, and dead cockroaches, among other things.

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