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Checking TDS challan status on OLTAS (Online Tax Accounting System)

[] Here’s a comprehensive guide on OLTAS (Online Tax Accounting System) and checking TDS challan status.

OLTAS (Online Tax Accounting System) is a system for collecting, accounting and reporting receipts and payments of direct taxes from all kinds of taxpayers, through a network of bank branches. 

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Different kinds of direct taxes such as income tax, corporate tax, Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), Tax Collected at Source (TCS) can be paid with a single challan by visiting bank branches authorised by OLTAS or online. Once the taxpayers have paid the taxes, the bank that is collecting will capture the entire data of the challan and transmit it to the Income tax Department electronically. 

Banks also gather daily tax collection with the infiltration and data received by the Tax Information Network (TIN) from banks. This makes verification or status checking of tax payments online easier. Once taxes are paid by taxpayers, a portion of the counterfoil is torn and rubber-stamped and given to taxpayers by the collecting bank. In case of online payment, the challan is generated immediately. 

Details about the challan

The challan contains a challan identification number (CIN), which is a unique serial number with the following details:

  • A 7-digit BSR code that is allotted by the Reserve Bank of India to the bank branch where tax is deposited. 
  • Dte of presentation of the challan (DD/MM/YY)
  • A 5-digit serial number of challan from the day it was presented in the bank. 

CIN acts as a proof of payment from a taxpayer which should be quoted in Income Tax Returns or for communicating with the Income Tax Department whenever needed. CIN has also gotten rid of the practice of attaching a hard copy of tax receipts along with income tax returns. A taxpayer can now check the status of tax payments online. The way OLTAS challan works is the same for both payments by the income earner and the payment of TDS by the deductor. 

How to check TDS?

Here is the procedure for checking TDS:

  • Inquiring status for taxpayers
  • CIN Based View
  • TIN Based View
  • Inquiring status for banks
  • Collecting bank branches
  • Nodal bank branches

How to check the CIN-based view?

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Visit the official website of OLTAS at Click on the ‘CIN Based View’ option under the ‘For Tax Payers’ section. 

oltas1 1

Enter the CIN, which is a serial number code consisting of the BSR code of the collecting bank branch, the presentation date of the challan, the serial number of the challan on the day it was presented and amount (optional). After selecting the needed options, taxpayers can view the given details:

  • BSR Code
  • The date on which the challan was deposited
  • Serial number of challan
  • Major head code with description
  • TAN/Permanent Account Number 
  • Taxpayer’s name
  • Date of receipt by TIN
  • Confirmation that the amount entered is right (if the amount was given)

oltas 2 1

How to check the TAN-based View?

Visit the official OLTAS website. Click on ‘TAN Based View’ under the ‘For Tax Payers’ section. 

oltas 3 1

Enter TAN and Challan Tender Range Date for a required period (within 24 months). On selecting this option a text file containing the challan details for the selected TAN and period will be generated. 

  • CIN
  • Major Head Code with description 
  • Minor Head Code
  • Nature of Payment

oltas 4 1

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If the amount is entered against CIN, the system will confirm with the bank whether it matches with the amount deposited in the bank. This can be used to verify the challan details that are mentioned in the e-TDS/TCS quarterly statement. For verification of the TDS challan details, import the file containing the challan in the File validation utility (FVU) with the text file. On successfully validating the details of the Quarterly e-TDS/TCS statement, the matching statistic for the challan details in the e-TDS/TCS statement. 

Inquiring TDS challan status for taxpayers

Status of TDS challan can be checked using CIN or the deductor’s Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN). CIN can be used to check the status of all kinds of tax payments, while CIN and TAN based views can be used for the status inquiry of TDS challan. The status of the challan can be checked a week after depositing the challan with the bank. 

While checking the status on the website, in case your query shows “No records found for the above query”, or any other kind of insufficient data, the taxpayer can enquire with the bank where tax has been deposited. In case of an unsatisfactory reply, the taxpayer can write to the National Securities Depository Ltd.

Inquiring status for banks

Tax collecting and Nodal branches need to login with their username and password to track the OLTAS challan status of their deposited challans online. 

Collecting bank branch

On giving the branch scroll date and the major head code, the tax collecting branch can access the total number of challans and the total amount under each major head code. The collecting branch can also view the following details:

  • Challan Serial number
  • Challan tender date
  • Taxpayer’s name
  • Amount
  • Date of receipt by TIN

Nodal bank branch

On giving the nodal scroll date and major head code-description, the following details can be viewed by the nodal bank:

  • Nodal Branch Scroll Number 
  • Scroll Date
  • Major Head Code- Description’
  • Total Amount
  • Number of Branches
  • Number of Challans

For each Nodal bank scroll number, more information can be accessed (given below):

  • BSR Code
  • Branch Scroll Number
  • Branch Scroll Date
  • Total Amount
  • Number of Challans
  • Date of receipt by TIN

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