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e-rupi digital payment scheme, benefits, app download

[] Know all about the e rupi digital payment platform provided by the government, its benefits, e rupi app download procedure, and related information.

Citizens have become more aware of digital payment alternatives, which have improved their level of living. The e-rupi digital payment allows users to send and receive digital payments. The e-rupi program was established as part of the Digital India mission. 

You are reading: e-rupi digital payment scheme, benefits, app download

What is e-rupi?

The e-rupi digital payment solution, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 2, 2021, is a QR code or SMS string-based e-voucher for making digital payments. This coupon, which is a cashless and contactless instrument, will be sent to the consumers’ phones and can be used without the need for a digital payment app, internet banking, or a credit card.

On its UPI platform, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has established this digital payment service. The National Health Authority, the Department of Financial Services, and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are among the collaborative partners. This project brings together the service sponsor, the beneficiaries, and the service providers. The link will be maintained digitally, with no physical contact.

e-rupi India objectives

The e-rupi digital payment platform’s primary goal is to establish a cashless and contactless payment system that allows citizens to make digital payments easily. Users may make safe and secure payments using this payment platform. This payment mechanism employs an e-voucher transmitted to the beneficiary’s mobile phone through a QR code or SMS string. The e-rupi digital payment platform ensures that services are paid on time and without the need for a middleman. To make payments, users do not need any cards, digital payment apps, or online banking access, making the transaction simple and safe.

e rupi digital payment solution: Highlights 

Name of the Article e-rupi Digital Payment
Launched by  Government of India
Beneficiary Citizens of India
Objective  Providing an app for the cashless and contactless rupi digital payment app
Official Website
Year 2022

e rupi digital payment app launch

The e-rupi digital platform was introduced through video conferencing on August 2, 2021. The Prime Minister of India and the chief executive chairman of the National Health Authority presented features of the platform during its debut. The first implementation of e-rupi digital payment was shown in a private Mumbai vaccination clinic.

Method for e rupi app download

  • Go to Google Play or Apple App Store on your smartphone.
  • Now type in e-rupi Digital Payment in the search box.
  • Then, you must select Search. You will be provided with a list of apps to choose from.
  • Choose the first option. After that, select Install.
  • Your smartphone will download the e-rupi digital payment mobile app.

e rupi digital payment solution: Applications 

The payment to the service provider is done after the transaction is completed through the e-rupi platform. This payment mechanism will be prepaid, which means that the service provider will not be compensated through an intermediary.

Aside from that, this platform can be used to deliver services under schemes aimed at providing drugs and nutritional assistance, such as the mother and child welfare scheme, the TB solutions program, development of drugs and diagnostic under the Ayushmann Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, fertiliser subsidies for development in the agricultural department, etc. The commercial sector can also use these digital tokens for employee welfare and corporate social responsibility projects. This program will provide leak-proof innovative delivery of social services.

The process of issuing vouchers on the app

The National Payment Corporation of India’s UPI platform has been used to construct the e-rupi digital payment system. India’s national payment organisation has boarded banks to issue the authority of the voucher. The company or government agency must contact a partner bank, including private and public sector lenders, sharing the exact person and purpose for whom the payment is needed. The bank’s mobile number voucher will be used to identify recipients. 

The e-rupi voucher limits have been enhanced

The Central Bank of India has increased the limit on government-issued e-rupi digital vouchers in order to facilitate the transfer of additional benefits to the general population. The Reserve Bank of India has raised the e-rupi voucher’s maximum limit from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Single vouchers can be used several times till the balance is depleted. This voucher is compatible with India’s national payment corporation’s unified payment interface platform. The government is promoting e-rupi India download by issuing vouchers for covid-19 immunisation. Various state and federal administrations are actively reviewing other instances. It is issued by 16 banks, with eight banks acting as e-rupi acquirers.

Banks offering the rupi digital payment facility

Name of the Banks Is the Bank the Issuer? Is the Bank the Acquirer? Name of the Acquiring App
Axis bank Yes Yes Bharat Pe
Bank of Baroda Yes Yes BHIM Baroda Merchant Pay
Canara bank Yes No NA
HDFC bank Yes Yes HDFC Business App
ICICI bank Yes Yes Bharat Pe and PineLabs
Indian bank Yes No NA
Indusind bank Yes No NA
Kotak bank Yes No NA
Punjab national bank Yes Yes PNB Merchant Pay
State bank of India Yes Yes YONO SBI Merchant
Union Bank of India Yes No NA

e-rupi payments app features

Mentioned below are the significant features of the e rupi digital payment solution:

  • Users can use this method to make digital payments using e-vouchers based on QR codes or SMS strings. This will be a cashless and contactless platform.
  • This coupon will be sent to the users’ mobile phones.
  • It may be used without the need for a payment app, online banking, or a credit card.
  • The sponsor of services will be linked to the recipients and providers of services through this program. This connection will be made entirely digitally, with no physical interface required.
  • Payment to the service provider will be made through this platform when the transaction has been completed.
  • e-rupi is a prepaid payment platform that does not require any service provider to make payments.
  • This platform may also be utilised to provide services under programs that offer medications and nutritional assistance.

e-rupi uses 

Benefits to customers

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Consumers are not obliged to divulge their personal information and only need to complete a two-step redemption process. They do not need to have any type of digital payment app or bank account, ensuring protection of their privacy. The payment method is completely contactless. 

Benefits for corporates

The distribution of corporate vouchers can enhance employee happiness. Because the transactions are digital and do not involve any physical issuance, the issuer may follow the voucher redemption speedily, safely, and frictionlessly, resulting in cost savings.

Benefits for hospitals

Because the voucher is prepaid, the transaction is entirely safe. In a few simple steps, you may redeem your coupon. Because hospitals are not obligated to handle cash, payments may be made quickly and easily. A verification code authorises the voucher, making the payment procedure simple and safe.

Fundamentals of the National Payment Corporation of India

The National Payment Corporation of India oversees India’s retail payment and settlement systems. The Indian Banks’ Association and the Reserve Bank of India established this institution. To build a substantial payment and settlement infrastructure in India, this organisation operates under the provisions of the Payment and Settlement Systems Act 2017.

The National Payment Corporation of India is a non-profit corporation governed by Section 8 of the Companies Act of 2013. The National Payments Corporation of India is also in charge of managing India’s banking system’s infrastructure, including physical and electronic payment and settlement systems.

The group is using technology to bring innovation to the payment system. The various banks across the nation, such as SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, etc., are part of the group of banks that are promoters of NPCI.

Other services provided by NPCI

The National Payment Corporation of India manages India’s retail payment and settlement systems. The citizens of India can use the following services provided by the national payment corporation:

Payment interface that is all-in-one (UPI)

Using this capability, a person’s many bank accounts may be merged into a single mobile application.

Rupee and Payment (RuPay)

It is an Indian domestic card payment network that accepts payments from ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, and e-commerce websites across the nation. It’s a safe network that guards users against phishing attacks.

Money Interface for Bharat (BHIM)

BHIM is an app that allows using your unified payment interface to make simple, straightforward, and rapid payments and transactions. BHIM enables users to make instant bank-to-bank payments and receive money using only a cell phone number or a virtual payment address.

BHIM Aadhaar

The BHIM Aadhaar enables retailers to accept digital payments from clients based on Aadhaar authentication used on this platform. Merchants may accept payment from bank clients by validating their biometrics utilising this technology.

Automated Clearing House (NAC) (NACH)

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Interbank high-volume electronic transactions that are repeated and periodic are enabled using NACH. Banks, financial institutions, corporations, and governments use this platform.

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

It is a highly efficient and affordable service for the people of India. It ensures interbank electronic financial transfers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using different channels such as mobile, internet, ATM, SMS, etc. It is a reliable and real-time financial transfer technology that transfers funds between banks throughout the country in real-time. 

Nationwide Electronic Toll Collection (NETC)

The National Payment Corporation of India has designed a national electronic toll collection to satisfy the electronic tolling requirements of the Indian market. This platform provides a countrywide toll payment system with a clearing house service for settlement and dispute resolution.

Switching to a National Financial System (NFS)

It is a 37-member network that links 50,000 ATMs. This platform creates in-house operational models that are powerful and long-lasting. National financial switch’s operating functions and services are comparable to those of other worldwide ATMs.

Payment System with Aadhaar (AePS)

Aadhaar authentication is used to conduct an online interoperable financial inclusion transaction at the point of sale through the bank’s business correspondent. This platform supports six different types of transactions. Customers need to enter their bank name, Aadhaar number, and fingerprint collected during enrollment to make a payment.

System for Truncating Cheques (CTS)

It is a method of clearing checks electronically rather than physically processing them. It takes place by presenting a bank on route to the paying bank branch. The National Payment Corporation of India manages this platform. This technique will also save a significant amount of time.

How to access the complete list of Live Hospitals on e-rupi?

One needs to follow the following steps to access the live hospital menus:

  • To begin, go to the official website of India’s National Payment Corporation. Before you, the home page will appear.
  • Click on the “What We Do” option on the homepage.
  • You must now select UPI.

e rupi 1

  • Following that, you must choose e-rupi live partners
  • After that, go to e-rupi and click on Live Hospitals on e-rupi.
  • This contains a PDF file that will provide you with the list of active e-rupi hospitals.

How to redeem the e-rupi voucher?

  • The beneficiary must show the e-rupi QR code or SMS at the service provider’s outlet.
  • This QR code or SMS must be scanned, or the salesperson must send an SMS.
  • The recipient will get an OTP that must be shared with the service provider by the recipient.
  • Now the service provider must input this OTP into the OTP box.
  • The service provider will receive the payment.

How to contact the department?

Visit the official website of the National Payments Corporation of India and follow the steps specified in the following steps.

  • On the homepage, click on the get in touch option on the homepage. You will be directed to a new page.
  • You must complete the following fields on this new page, including name, contact, email, subject, and captcha code.
  • Press the submit button.
  • You can contact the department service provider.

How to get the contact details of offices of NPCI

  • Please visit the National Payment Corporation of India’s official website for further information.
  • From the homepage, you must choose the option to get in touch.
  • You’ll be directed to a new page.
  • Scroll down to find it.
  • You may find information about NPCI offices at the bottom of the page.

Major highlights of e rupi digital payment solution

This payment platform is crucial to BHIM UPI and is an individual and purpose-specific instrument built on the UPI architecture. Presently, the government and other organisations are not obligated to provide funds for various forms of benefits. They can provide this voucher instead of money, and the beneficiary can only use it for a reason it was granted.

  • The e-rupi platform is both paperless and real-time and will be useful for health, nutrition, and education departments. It can also be utilised to support the national Digital Swasthya mission. The Reserve Bank of India recognizes this voucher.
  • Direct financial transfers to the service provider can be conducted using this platform. 
  • Digital transactions can be made effortlessly through this platform, thus making digital payments effective.
  • This voucher can be used by the government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to help someone with an education, health, or other needs. 
  • This program will ensure that money given to recipients is spent on the same thing.
  • Only health-related benefits will be covered in the first phase of the plan.
  • The prime minister gave several examples of how this voucher may be used, including immunisation drives, old age homes, and hospitals.
  • This voucher is for a specific person and purpose. The coupon may only be used by the person who received it.
  • Many private hospitals, corporations, enterprises, non-governmental organisations, and others have expressed interest in the e-rupi platform.

e-rupi digital payment: Helpline number

You can contact the department regarding on this hotline number for assistance: 18001201740

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