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Refund status of income tax: A guide to checking income tax refund status

[] If you have claimed refund from the Income Tax Department, here is how to track the ITR refund status.

Taxpayers can claim income tax refund from the Income Tax Department in India, in case excess tax has been deducted from their salary or other income, due to delayed or non-submission of investment proof. Claiming IT refund is also allowed in case excess TDS has been deducted by those responsible for deducting this tax on your behalf. In either case, you can claim income tax refund and also track income tax refund status online. 

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Step 1: To view income tax refund status, login to e filing website, using your user ID, password, date of birth or date of incorporation and the captcha code.

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Step 2: Go to ‘My Account’. Click on ‘Refund/Demand Status’. Upon doing so, the below-mentioned details will become visible:

  1. Assessment year
  2. Status
  3. Reason (For refund failure, if any)
  4. Mode of payment

Refund status of income tax: A guide to checking income tax refund status  

Refund status income tax

Before you are able to track the income tax refund status, you have to file a request using Form 30. This formality has to be completed before the end of the financial year.

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IT refund: Who can claim tax refund?

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Section 237 to Section 245 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (I-T Act), establish that anyone who has paid more tax than what can be properly charged on his income, can claim income tax refund.


IT refund: In what cases can you raise a claim request?

  • Advance tax paid is more than actual tax liability.
  • Investment proofs help you avail of unclaimed tax deductions.
  • TDS deducted on your salary or interest income is higher than the tax payable.
  • Tax is deducted on the same income in a foreign country, with which the Indian government has an agreement to avoid double-taxation.
  • The tax paid amount is in the negative.


Income tax refund: Mode of payment

The excess income tax paid by you is directly transferred to your bank account, which is linked with your PAN. This refund is generally made through NECS/RTGS. The Income Tax Department can also issue a cheque for transferring income tax refunds.

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Delay in income tax refund payment

Section 244A of the Income Tax Act says the I-T Department is liable to pay 6% interest in case of a delay.


Form 30 sample

Claim for refund of tax

I, <name>, with address <address> do hereby state that:

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My total income, computed as per the provisions of the Income-Tax Act, 1961, during the year ending on <date and year> being the previous year for the assessment year commencing on April 1, <year>, amounted to Rs <amount>;

That the total chargeable income-tax with respect to such total income is Rs <amount> and that the total amount of income-tax paid, or treated as paid under Section 199, is Rs <amount>. 

I, therefore, request a refund of Rs <amount>. 

I hereby declare that I was resident / non-resident / resident but not ordinarily resident during the previous year relevant to the assessment year to which this claim relates to. I further declare that what is stated in this application is correct. 




Income tax refund: Important points to remember

  1. The IT refund claim should be accompanied by the ITR or return of income in the prescribed form, unless the claimant has already filed such a return with the assessing officer.
  2. If any part of the total income consists of dividends, or other income from which tax has been deducted under Sections 192 to 194, Section 194A and Section 195, then, the IT refund claim should be accompanied by the certificates prescribed under Section 203.
  3. Non-residents whose total income comprises only of income taxed at source, should file the claim for refund to the assessing officer, non-resident refund circle, Mumbai.

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