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Telangana LRS Scheme 2022: Everything you need to know

[] LRSs or Layout Regularisation Schemes are required and executed when dealing with construction projects within a municipality.

What is LRS in Telangana?

Telangana’s government encourages the development of urban areas in the state through approved layouts and the creation of integrated townships through both public and private initiatives. LRSs or Layout Regularisation Schemes are required and executed when dealing with construction projects within a municipality. Upon receiving confirmation from the local government, it supports regulating unauthorised and illegal construction work.

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Telangana LRS Scheme: Rules

Applicants must follow all rules carefully when applying for the new scheme-

  •  Minimum road width should be nine metres.
  •  For plots smaller than 100 square metres or sections with weaker layouts, the road width may be six metres.
  •  The required width of the road will not be available if the required depth for widening both sides is not available, and water bodies will be preserved in the design.
  •  For plots or layouts impacted by land ceiling laws, land disputes or claims over the title, boundary disputes, etc., regularisation is not possible.
  •   District collectors must provide prior clearance for assigned lands.
  •    The layout pattern approved by the competent authority will be followed even if only a few plot holders seek regularisation in an unapproved layout
  •   A copy of the sale or title deed should be provided only by the applicant.
  •   Agreements of sale and general powers of attorney should not be considered as evidence.
  •   No layout or development will be permitted in the beds of water bodies or at the full tank level (FTL) of any lake, pond, ‘Kunta’ or ‘Shikam’ land.
  •  Water bodies and courses will be treated as recreational zones, and only recreational activities will be permitted within them
  •  Within 30 metres of the boundary of any river course or lake with an area of 10 hectares or more
  •  Lake / ‘kuntas’/ ‘shikam’ lands less than 10 hectares in the area are less than 9 metres away
  •  The boundary of the canal, the ‘vague’, etc., must be 9 metres away, and the boundary of the ‘Nala’ or storm drain must be 2 metres away.

Telangana LRS Scheme: Regularisation charges

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In these steps, the regularisation charges will change as follows:

  •   For sub-registrars, the value of less than Rs 3,000 per square yard will be 20 per cent
  •   30% between Rs 3,001 and Rs 5,000
  •   Between Rs 5,001 and Rs 10,000, 40%
  •   50% off of Rs 10,001 and Rs 20,000
  •    60% between Rs 20,001 and Rs 30,000
  •   80% of the amount between Rs 30,001 and Rs 50,000
  •   Sub-registrar value above Rs 50,000 per square yard will be 100%.
  •   If 10% of open space is not available in the unapproved layout, pro-rata open space would be charged at 14% of the plot value on the date of registration of the plot, instead of the prevailing rate as of August 26, 2020.
  •   Regularisation charges for LRS include the NALA fee (for converting agricultural land to non-agricultural land use).
  •   LRS applicants do not have to pay a separate NALA fee.

Telangana LRS Scheme application satus

Please follow the steps below in order to check your application status: –

  • Go to the official website of Telangana’s LRS scheme

telangana 1 compressed 1

  •   Choose the option called Know your application status from the home page
  •    You will be taken to a new page

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telangana 2 1

  •    Please enter your registered mobile number and click on generate OTP.
  •    Enter your OTP and click on Validate OTP.
  •     You will see the status on your screen.


Telangana LRS Scheme 2022: Login

  • Go to the official website.
  • Click on the Login button.
  • Enter your username and password on the next screen.

telangana 3 1

  • Click on Login.

Telangana LRS Scheme 2022: Contact Information

You can write to or call 1800 425 8838

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