Tips for renovating a bachelor’s house into a couple’s home

[] A home for a couple is distinctly different from a home where a bachelor resides. We look at some of the basic design principles that couples must keep in mind, when designing or renovating their homes

A bachelor’s home is generally designed for the comfort of one person. From the artwork to seating, everything is likely to be based on an individual’s choice. However, after marriage, this space will need to be modified, to cater to the requirements of both people and reflect the couple’s taste. While doing up the home together, it is important that the couple explore common interest in décor themes, to create a happy space.

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“In any space belonging to a couple, there are distinct personalities that will want to make the house into a home. A woman’s outlook will vary from a man’s and merging the different views will always be a challenge for any couple. For example, a man may place a wooden bowl at the entrance of the house, to toss his keys and wallet. He may also place his shoes at the entryway itself. A woman, on the other hand, may prefer to replace the wooden bowl with a glass bowl with potpourri and hang the keys on a hanger and place the wallet in a drawer. She may move the shoes into a rack, while the expensive shoes may be tucked into a wardrobe. While both these scenarios work, they both have a different aesthetic outcome,” explains Lekha Gupta, senior architect, LAB (Language Architecture Body).

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[] Simple solutions to create storage space at home

Basic considerations for home renovation

A home for a couple means creating space to accommodating two people and their varying tastes. Hence, a couple must keep a budget in mind, before starting any renovation. “One of the basic things to consider, is whether the house has enough space. An apartment must offer enough privacy, in terms of partitions and door/window treatments. The wardrobe should have enough space, to hold the clothes and belongings of two people. With proper planning, one can create an aesthetically appealing and de-cluttered and organised space that also offers maximum storage. To enjoy watching television or an intimate conversation together, get a loveseat,” suggests Abraham Santosh, head designer, Elegancia.

Renovating a couple’s bedroom

Try and create an appealing harmony of colours, or a soothing interplay of contrast, for the walls and furnishings. Shades of green, purple, baby pink, etc., have a calming effect and these colours add style to one’s bedroom. The only private space in the house, other than the bathroom, is the bedroom. “The size of the bed should always be as large as the space will allow. Ideally, opt for a king-size or queen-size bed, with a comfortable, good quality mattress and throw cushions. Bedside tables on either side of the bed, with ample space for a lamp and keeping laptops, books, etc., is a must. This will create an inviting atmosphere, where one can unwind alone, while still enjoying your partner’s company,” adds Gupta.

Family dining room

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A display of shared memories, like photographs, can also strengthen a new relationship. Sticking small notes on the refrigerator or on window panes, can also brighten up a room, suggests Gupta. A modern kitchen, with modular fittings, the latest gadgets and ample storage, can also encourage couples to cook together. One can make the kitchen visually appealing, by selecting pleasant colours for the wall, fixtures and fittings. A stylish dining table will allow the couple to enjoy dinners together. “Well-lit kitchens and bathrooms are always functional. The dining areas can have task lighting and the living and bedrooms can have a combination of ambient and accent lights,” says Santosh.

While designing the house, the couple should discuss their plans, learn to compromise a bit and let function guide the design process. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the home is comfortable, calming and cheerful and helps you to relax and enjoy being together.

Home décor dos and don’ts, for couples

  • Consider each other’s interest and needs, when designing the home.
  • Opt for sleek functional furniture and do not crowd the space. Ensure that you have storage solutions, so that you can conceal the clutter.
  • Use corner areas in the house wisely. For example, you can convert a corner into a dressing table area with a mirror and storage space for cosmetics or opt for a corner desk, to turn the area into a workstation.
  • When designing the wardrobe, designate space for every item and have multiple drawers to use space efficiently.
  • You can create a cosy seating space on a day bed, by adding some cushions. Play with prints and use soft furnishings in vibrant colours, to spruce up the home.
  • A few candles and fresh floral arrangements, can instantly convert the look of a house from one owned by a bachelor, to a couple’s abode. Similarly, one can perk up the bathroom with aromatic dispensers, fluffy bath linen and glass jars for the toiletries.

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