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Comics offer narrative experiences for students who are just starting to read or students learning a new language. Students can follow the story’s beginnings and ends, plot, characters, and time.

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They don’t need to have any advanced word decoding skills. Images are a visual aid that provides context clues for word meaning and supports text.

Comics can be used to help students understand. This is one of the many benefits of comic books. You want to sell your comic book but don’t know where to start? Penn Book can help you find the best places to sell your products. Let’s get started with Where To Sell Comic Books below.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Where To Sell Comic Books?
    • 1.1 1. Sell My Comic Books
    • 1.2 2. Lone Star Comics
    • 1.3 3. Sparkle City Comics
    • 1.4 4. CGC Comics
    • 1.5 5. GetCashForComics
    • 1.6 6. Always Buy Comics
    • 1.7 7. Comics by Dylan Universe
    • 1.8 8. Reece’s Rare Comics
    • 1.9 9. eBay
    • 1.10 10. Infinity Comics (
    • 1.11 11. Superworld Comics
    • 1.12 12. GoCollect
    • 1.13 13. Gary Dolgoff Comics
    • 1.14 14. I Like Comics
    • 1.15 15. Lee’s Comics
  • 2 How To Sell Comic Book?
    • 2.1 1. Organization
    • 2.2 2. If Possible, Sell In Person
    • 2.3 3. Consult Your Local Comic Book Store And Half Price Books But Don’t Commit Immediately
    • 2.4 4.Sell Somewhere Legit
  • 3 Tips to Successfully Selling Your Comic Book Collection
    • 3.1 Know the Best Place to Sell Comic Books
    • 3.2 Ask Yourself: Are Comic Books Worth Much?
    • 3.3 Find out more about Comic Book Conditions.
    • 3.4 By Boarding and Bagging Comics, You Keep Them Safe
    • 3.5 Make Your Photos
    • 3.6 Use proper descriptions when selling online.
    • 3.7 A Collection of Valuable Comics
    • 3.8 Grab Bags are a great option
    • 3.9 Selling Complete Storylines Together
    • 3.10 Wait for the perfect opportunity to sell comics.
    • 3.11 You might consider selling a lot of comic books.
    • 3.12 Use Social Media to Share Your Comic Collection
  • 4 FAQs

Where To Sell Comic Books?

Comic Books

1. Sell My Comic Books

SMCB is an excellent resource for amateur sellers or those who are confused. You can get advice, appraisals, resources, and much more from the SMCB. It also has a lot of positive reviews.

2. Lone Star Comics

Lone Star Comics, also known as, is a useful resource despite its low-tech website. They are one of the most popular comic book retailers globally and have buyers across all 50 states. They provide similar services to Sell My Comic Books, but on a bigger scale.

3. Sparkle City Comics

Sparkle City is a specialist in vintage comics, but they also buy newer comics. Sparkle City is a good option if you need to sell a large collection at once.

4. CGC Comics

CGC Comics does not sell comics, but they can help sellers by grading and evaluating their collections. If you believe you have something of value but need someone to help you determine how to best use it, this is the place for you.

You’ll soon realize that selling your comics can be a tedious task. Although it requires organization, research, and savvy, it is possible. These tips and resources should make it a lot easier.

5. GetCashForComics

GetCashForComics purchases:

  • A vintage comic book with a cover cost of less than $.12
  • Comic books that have been CGC-graded
  • Comic book collections.
  • Although it mainly seeks comics before 1977, it will also purchase newer comic books.

Fill out the contact form at the link above. The company can be reached by email or phone. You can find contact information on the link above.

The website sells comic books as well as:

  • Cards
  • Autographs
  • Collectibles
  • Get a quote by contacting the company.

6. Always Buy Comics

Next, we have Always Buying Comics. Todd McDevitt, who has been selling and buying comic books since 1986, owns this website. According to the website, you can make your comic book investments into cash. To get in touch, visit the website.

7. Comics by Dylan Universe

Dylan Universe Comics is a good place to sell to. This father-son team buys comic books via mail.

Dylan Universe Comics will buy your comic books.

Send an email with your city and state, your name, and a list containing your comic books. Also, include any other information that you feel the site may need. You may be asked to send photos of some books.

You will be presented with an offer by the website. Accept the offer, and PayPal will send you money.

After you have received payment, you can send your collection to the USPS. The company will reimburse you for shipping. It will also send you a FedEx label with pre-addressed shipping labels so you can arrange a pick up from your office or home.

A representative from the company can travel to you for some collections within the NY Metro area and large collections.

8. Reece’s Rare Comics

Reece’s Rare Comics allows you to list your comic books free of charge. Although there is no fee for listing on the site, you will have to pay a 10% commission if your book sells.

However, it does not handle your credit card/PayPal charges.

Reece’s Rare Comics must have at least $100 market value to sell a comic.

Contact the website to get in touch. Usually, they will respond within 24 hours.

9. eBay

You can also sell your comic books on eBay. eBay allows you to set your price. You can look at similar comic books and set your price.

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It would help if you took the time to make a listing that describes the comic books you are selling. Include lots of photos with your listing.

10. Infinity Comics (

Infinity Comics will give you cash for your comic books. According to the website, Infinity Comics will pay cash for comic books with key issues or large collections. To discuss your comics, you can call the company. You can find the number on the website linked above.

11. Superworld Comics

Superworld Comics has been in business for 32 years.

The company will travel to any location in the US, UK, and Europe.

It is interested in comics from the 1930s to the 1970s.

It also buys comic book art dating back to the 1950s and 1970s. The website states that it maintains a large cash reserve and is always available for purchase.

The website linked above shows examples of the products that the company has purchased.

12. GoCollect

Collecting is another option. This website is interested in books priced at $.50 or less, focusing on pre-1975 books and superheroes. It will accept books from other periods and categories. To tell the company about your collection, you can contact them via the website.

You may need to answer follow-up questions such as what are the cover prices. You might also need to email the company some photos.

13. Gary Dolgoff Comics

Gary Dolgoff Comics will buy comics dating back to the 1930s and 1970s. It is interested in all grades, from poor to mint.

Although it states that it purchases mostly older comics, the website will buy comics from the 1980s to the present if older books accompany them. It also purchases original art, magazines, and posters as well as pulps. It pays instantly, which is fantastic.

You can also get finders feeds for telling the site about a great deal. A 5% to 15% fee is charged for the finder. If you get a site with a $5,000 deal, you can earn $250 to $750.

All you need to do is call or email the company.

14. I Like Comics

I Like Comics sells and buy comic books. This website sells comic books from the Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age (published 1979).

The website claims it is always searching for comics from this period, and it offers very competitive prices.

It prefers comic books from the above periods, but it will also purchase those from the 1980s and up.

I Like Comics’ strength is its ability to buy complete collections and individuals.

15. Lee’s Comics

Lee’s Comics was founded in 1982 and had a lot of experience in this field. It is a major buyer of vintage comics in Northern California. To sell your collection, you can either call or visit the store. There are more than 15,000 vintage comics for sale and other related items.

  • Lee’s Comics purchases:
  • Comic Books of the Golden Age
  • Silver Age Comic Books
  • Bronze Age Comic Books
  • Comic Books Certified by the CGC
  • Original Art
  • Comics Magazines
  • Big Little Books
  • Graphic Novels
  • Pulps

According to the company, it prefers to buy vintage comics as these are more popular. It can also buy modern comics from the 1980s and later, but only for a small quantity per long box.

An offer can be made for your entire collection. You can contact us via email or phone. The numbers are listed on the website.

How To Sell Comic Book?

Here are some tips to help you jumpstart this process.


1. Organization

Some sellers may want to see six moldy smelling boxes. However, most won’t. This forces you to accept a low price or move on. It is much easier to organize your collection before you start by dividing them by title and then by issue.

It might be worth considering grouping comics by an arc if they are less valuable or newer. This will ensure that the entire story is available for purchase. Sparkle City Comics and Sell My Comic Books have more great tips.

2. If Possible, Sell In Person

It’s possible to negotiate the best price by working with a dealer or assessing a collection’s condition. This is especially true if you are willing to wait. Although sites such as eBay and Sell My Comic Books are great, it’s possible to get a better deal in person.

3. Consult Your Local Comic Book Store And Half Price Books But Don’t Commit Immediately

The stores will try to make profits and may low-ball you to increase their bottom line. But, it can be a great way to find out if there is anything you are missing and what the starting price range is. This information can be given to an eBay or dealer for a bit more bang per buck.

4.Sell Somewhere Legit

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It cannot be easy to find the right place to sell your comics, especially if it’s done online.

Tips to Successfully Selling Your Comic Book Collection

Tips to Successfully Selling Your Comic Book Collection

Know the Best Place to Sell Comic Books

It’s easier to sell your comics offline. You don’t have to use the postal service, and buyers can quickly check the condition.

Ask Yourself: Are Comic Books Worth Much?

Comic books are somewhat similar to cars in terms of their price. They devalue the second you buy them. There are exceptions. Big bucks are often required for milestones, first appearances, and early adventures.

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Find out more about Comic Book Conditions.

It’s likely that you cherish your collection and keep them in great condition. This makes them more valuable. Price can be affected by small creases, yellowing pages, or marks.

By Boarding and Bagging Comics, You Keep Them Safe

Buyers want to know that you care about the condition of your property. By placing the items in special bags and backing them up with appropriate boards, you can demonstrate that the issues have been taken care of. These bags are usually inexpensive and available at all comic book retailers.

Make Your Photos

Google is the most popular way for dealers to search for photos. It’s also very appealing with so many options. It would help if you were trusted, especially when selling online. Take your photos. Potential buyers will be able to see the condition. For more information, see our guide to selling on eBay.

Use proper descriptions when selling online.

It’s not just about the condition of your comics. Properly describing your comics lets buyers know that they have found the right issue.

A Collection of Valuable Comics

Make two piles of comics based on your research: one for your $1 comics and one for your more expensive ones. Although it is always best to organize your collection, people don’t do this enough. This is your chance.

Grab Bags are a great option

Grab bags can be made by having two piles. These comics are usually cheaper if they are stuffed into one bag and then sold for a fixed amount. These can be thought of as a lucky dip or goody bag.

Selling Complete Storylines Together

You can collect all the issue numbers together if you have them. A complete run will bring in more bidders because they will feel they are getting a better deal. They also know that these are part of a treasured collection.

Wait for the perfect opportunity to sell comics.

Iron Man comics have become more popular since Tony Stark Jr. became Robert Downey Jr. Popular media increases sales. Keep an eye out for upcoming production dates and save comics related to those characters for transmissions or release dates.

You might consider selling a lot of comic books.

Although this isn’t ideal, it’s possible to find a way to make money or get more space quickly. Or keep your collection together. You could sell a complete set of all issues or just one issue. Include the comic boxes if the former.

Use Social Media to Share Your Comic Collection

Are you concerned that your comics won’t find a home? Look at Facebook. You might find a friend willing to buy at least some of the items you are selling, even if they expect a discount.


How can I sell my old comic books?

Sell in person if possible.

It’s possible to negotiate a better deal by working with a dealer or assessing a collection’s condition. This is especially true if you are willing to wait. Although sites such as eBay and Sell My Comic Books are great, there might be something you can do to get a better deal.

Will pawn shops buy comic books?

You will find that pawnshops can offer money immediately for your comic books. Remember that pawnshops can offer you money for your comic books immediately.

Is there a market for old comic books?

It’s a great way for people to find out how much they are willing to pay to buy a comic book. Many auction sites offer better prices than others, as with all collectibles. There are even a few sites that specialize in the comic book market.

How much can I sell comic books for?

Some stores will pay $25 for a long box. Cotter Cairns states that the average comic book value is about 25 cents. However, if you visit a comic shop with boxes full of thousands of low demand comics from the 1990s to the present, you might only get five cents per each.


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