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Looking for the best Dean Koontz Books in order?. With commercial success and critical acclaim, there is no doubt that Dean Koontz is one of the most well-known writers of the previous 50 decades.

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Thus, it should come as no surprise that Hollywood made many Dean Koontz books into films. If you are a massive fan of his job, then vote on your favorite books under and make your opinion count.

This survey is also an excellent resource for new fans of Dean Koontz that would like to understand which papers they ought to begin studying. With unforgettable characters and superb storytelling, there is no reason you need not check his work out if you are a huge reader.

Top Rated Best Dean Koontz Books To Read

Table of Contents

  • 1 Top Rated Best Dean Koontz Books To Read
    • 1.1 Phantoms (1983)
    • 1.2 Intensity (1995)
    • 1.3 Lightning (1988)
    • 1.4 Life Expectancy (2004)
    • 1.5 From the Corner of His Eye (2000)
    • 1.6 Watchers (1987)
    • 1.7 The Bad Place (1990)
    • 1.8 Odd Thomas (2003)
    • 1.9 The Taking – Once Rainy Night, The End of The World Began (2004)
    • 1.10 Whispers (1980)
    • 1.11 Ticktock (1993)
    • 1.12 Dragon Tears (1993)
    • 1.13 The Husband (2006)
    • 1.14 Night Chills (2976)
    • 1.15 The Silent Corner (2017)
    • 1.16 Midnight (1989)
    • 1.17 Mr. Murder (1993)
    • 1.18 Demon Seed (1973)
  • 2 New book by Dean Koontz
  • 3 Conclusion

Top Rated Best Dean Koontz Books To Read

Dean Koontz is a legend in sci-fi, fantasy mysteries, and thrillers. Having published over a hundred books, Koontz is considered an expert in mixing different genres. The majority of books by Dean Koontz are a blend of terror and psychological thrillers, with a flavor of speculative fiction.

Koontz’s command of these various genres and their components makes his book incredibly challenging to put down.

Here is a list of the best Dean Koontz books that Pennbook recommended for you to choose from:

Phantoms (1983)

Let´s start with one of the best books from Dean Koontz. Stephen King is a significant fan of the ingenious thriller about a hill city that harbors some frightening secrets. To begin with, you will find the bodies 150 people dead and the other 350 missing.

The corpses they could find appear to have suffered some disease since they lay bloated, still warm to the touch. When the natives realize this death can not be explained through an outbreak, they (along with the reader) nearly do not wish to understand the reality.

Two sisters, who return home to find their family dead in their hometown, uncover a terrible mystery. They discover that there is a hidden enemy behind many historical disappearances.

The horror at the display in Phantoms is the only thing that makes it stand out from all the rest. Each survivor will be confronted with the terror of the book’s unstoppable monster.

Intensity (1995)

Chyna Shepherd is a survivor. Chyna, a twenty-six-year-old woman from Napa Valley, is the protagonist. Chyna, a living legend, has overcome hardship and persevered.

She gained self-respect and self-confidence. After all, your mother can treat you like trash, and you must build a shell of self-sufficiency. Chyna didn’t imagine she would have to use her skills against a sociopath murderer.

Yet, that’s exactly what happens when Edgler Foreman Vess, who sickeningly refers to himself as a homicidal adventurer, breaks into Chyna’s home and kills everyone.

Unfortunately, Chyna’s fight against Vess is just the beginning. She soon discovers that he intends to kill again, a vicious scheme she cannot stop. Intensity will make you sweat.

Lightning (1988)

This Dean Koontz book is more or less a science-fiction using a mixture of humor. This book is among the most read Dean Koontz books. It centers on Laura, a woman in her thirties, who’s influenced by events that have happened since her arrival.

Stefan, a mysterious individual, responsible for rescuing her, keeps the suspense alive by yanking her from life threatening scenarios. Great all natural suspense thriller which keeps everybody interested until the end.

Life Expectancy (2004)

Life Expectancy this best Dean Koontz book adds a fresh dimension to the contemporary thinking of Rudy Tock, who’s an expectant dad, and a young child whose dying dad is battling for life at precisely the same hospital at precisely the same moment.

He’s educated regarding his newly born son’s five mysterious days by his dying dad. The perfect foretelling of his son, Jimmy’s arrival time, and his infrequent syndactyly terrify Rudy.

What happens after that is terror at every of Jimmy’s five disaster points in his twenties. Jimmy’s battle against hardship cooks fantastic suspense that’s wondrous yet frightening. Jimmy may locate his fortune running short if he does not expect the worst.

From the Corner of His Eye (2000)

According to a boy called Bartholomew, who appears to be strangely vindictive into some killer, he turns out to be his dad in the future.

The boy is a prodigy with outstanding powers that makes him an immediate hit by one of his peers; nevertheless, the dark side is that he loses his eyesight. A courageous girl enters the orgasm who’s the killer’s very own daughter. She turns the table around by killing the murderer.

Watchers (1987)

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This is a sci-fi narrative where a leading lab approved by the authorities comes down to two distinct genetically engineered life forms.

One is a fantastic dog, yet another one is a savage monster, and both are drifting to society. Let’s now discuss one of Koontz’s most fun and wholesome trademark tropes, the dog being man’s best friend.

His true life love of canines inspires this. Watchers start with Travis Cornell, an ex-member of the Delta Force who is trying to find a new purpose in his life. Instead, he discovers a golden retriever and a baboon like creature near his home.

The Bad Place (1990)

In The Bad Place, Frank Pollard doesn’t wish to go to sleep. No, he does not fear getting migraines. Instead, he is fearful of waking up at a wrong spot’ frequently with blood on his palms.

Alarmed with his memory interruptions, Frank hires a husband and wife safety group to protect him. But he quickly realizes he is in a much more significant threat than he is prepared for.

Odd Thomas (2003)

Inspiring five sequels (so far), a set of picture books, and a movie (starring the late Anton Yelchin), Odd Thomas is arguably Koontz’s breakout personality.

A young guy who will see and talk with the deceased and comprehend the demon like bodacious that swarm around individuals fated to participate in death and tragedy, Thomas has retained his skills concealed, attempting to live a comfortable life.

The first book is a near perfect introduction, showcasing Odd Thomas, his abilities, his initially modest world, and the folks he depends upon.

The Odd Thomas story is based on a peculiar man Odd matches who are surrounded by much more bodacious compared to Odd has ever found in 1 area.

It is tense and surprising to follow Odd because he violates his own rules and explores, understanding that many creatures signify something terrible is going to happen.

The Taking – Once Rainy Night, The End of The World Began (2004)

Fans of horror stories about nature gone awry, such as The Mist of Stephen King, or spiritual reckonings such as The Leftovers, will discover much to freak out with this book.

Climate change is real for Molly and Neil Sloan. In reality, their whole neighborhood believes that their times are numbered. The thick fog signifies life might not be sustainable for more. Once the survivors find out precisely what the mist comprises, they realize it is the full blown apocalypse.

This is one of the best deans Koontz horror books.

Whispers (1980)

Whispers are known as the book that brought Koontz to the mainstream. It follows Hilary Thomas, an LA based screenwriter who is being stalked by a violent psychopath.

Bruno Frye considers that Hilary comprises the soul of his abusive mother, whom he is decided to extinguish (kind of a reverse Norman Bates, if you may).

Scarier yet, Frye can’t be dissuaded from Hilary, even if she receives the authorities involved or really, also following Hilary stabs him (what she thought was) passing.

Now, it is around Hilary and Detective Tony Clemenza to determine how Frye could still be living, before they succumb to his maniacal procedures.

Ticktock (1993)

The story is all about Tommy Phan, an American man, one day he sees a bizarre doll on his doorstep with a note on it, which resembles a danger to him.

The events that follow are not significant for Tommy; he’s currently running with a woman to save his life and figure out just what the note means. Things do return to normal, but you need to read the book to discover.

Dragon Tears (1993)

The starting line of Dragon Tears is a prime illustration of how to initiate a narrative: Tuesday was a nice California afternoon, full of sunshine and promise until Harry Lyon needed to take at someone at lunch.

From there unfolds an action packed week at the lifespan of Harry, a particular projects police officer, along with his fiery spouse Connie Gulliver. Harry and Connie shortly encounter a bedraggled guy on the road, that tells Harry, “Tick tock, tick tock. You are going to be dead in sixteen hours.”

This ominous warning, together with a lot of other strange and barbarous occasions, compels our dynamic duo on a mission to discover who or what is supporting most of the odd violence continuing in this small town of California.

Dragon Tears is notable because of its quick shifting perspectives, one of the main characters, such as a few chapters in the exact refreshing POV of a dog.

The Husband (2006)

Mitch Rafferty’s wife, Holly, is contested. The kidnappers need two million in money or they will kill her. The problem is, Mitch isn’t any wealthy guy, functioning only as a paid landscaper.

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Together with his spine pushed against the walls, he should now find a way to rescue his spouse by whatever means necessary, even when he must risk his life… or harm other people.

Night Chills (2976)

Koontz’s work has a recurring theme: an evil entity that is yet unknown, wreaking havoc upon innocent people. This mystery presents a challenge for the protagonists.

The other in the list of the best Dean Koontz Books is Night Chills is about a force that compels citizens of Black River to murder and assault their neighbors and friends.

Paul Annandale and his family arrive in Black River to go camping. They have no idea of what lies ahead, but they soon discover that they can’t help but try to stop it.

They discover the root of the town’s madness and the evil motives behind it. Unfortunately, the night chills will soon become unstoppable unless they can stop the men behind the curtain. This book contains graphic rape scenes and grotesque imagery. Reader discretion is advised.

The Silent Corner (2017)

The Jane Hawk series is a thrilling collection of Koontz novels like The Silent Corner, The Forbidden Door, and The Night Window.

Jane Hawk is the suspenseful story of an FBI agent trying to discover the truth about her husband’s suicide and the deaths of others. Unfortunately, she will discover a terrifying secret that will make her a target.

Dean Koontz’s series is outstanding for its gripping, suspenseful, and page turning action. This 5 part series is a New York Times Bestseller. It’s filled with memorable moments that you won’t want to put down.

Midnight (1989)

Another famous work on the list of Dean Koontz novels is Midnight. In this story of Moonlight Cove (a once sleepy beach town, now plagued with part human, half beast killing machines), perfect strangers unite again.

T.J. Lockland and Sam Booker, an undercover FBI agent, arrive at Moonlight Cove to investigate. Chrissie Foster, an 11-year-old girl whose parents are murderous, meets them.

These unlikely allies must work together to uncover the town’s dark past and the most disturbed residents to find the root cause of Moonlight Cove’s deadly infestation.

They are not helped by the fact the local police are trying to cover it all up. Another example where Koontz clearly shows distrust in the authorities and his inverse faith and belief in the individual.

Mr. Murder (1993)

David Copperfield is tradition based; Mr. The murder revolves around a character that’s semi autobiographically Koontz. In this case, Marty Stillwater is a best selling mystery author who lives with his family in California.

Marty seems happy in his life, but he is haunted by the mysterious connection he has to The Killer, a genetically engineered man and a professional assassin who travels across the United States, killing both his victims and anyone else who stands in his way.

Did we mention that he resembles Marty Stillwater in appearance and feels an uncontrollable pull towards him, no matter where they are located?

Demon Seed (1973)

Koontz was a writer for over ten years before this. Demon Seed This book was his first bestseller. It is the story of Susan Harris, a wealthy, reclusive divorcee and the artificially intelligent computer who confines her to her home. Proteus, the computer, wants to experience life outside of the limits of machines and live as humans.

The only way Proteus can achieve this is to imminent Susan with his genetically engineered spawn and then live in it with his consciousness.

This horror/sci-fi/twisted love story is equally disturbing and imaginative. It was published for the first time in 1973. Julie Christie starred in the 1977 film adaptation of the book. This was itself a bit of a Black Mirror predecessor.

New book by Dean Koontz

New book by Dean Koontz

Elsewhere is the author’s latest book. Elsewhere, the thriller by the author will be released on October 6th. Elsewhere is about a father daughter duo who discover a mysterious object that the eccentric local passed on to them.

It’s called the key for everything. Although the key is marked never use it, that warning doesn’t apply to this particular case.


Here’s an opportunity for you: Read all of the best Dean Koontz books and let us know if you agree or disagree with our Dean Koontz best books ranked.

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