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Looking for the best of Nicholas Sparks in order? Not sure which model to pick? Then you NEED to see this list.

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Nicholas Sparks is one of the largest names in literature now. A guru from the romance genre, Sparks has published 20 novels, 11 of which were adapted to films. All of the books by Nicholas Sparks have become New York Times bestsellers, which can be a phenomenal accomplishment.

His novels have sold nearly 100 million copies worldwide, with over 65 million copies in the United States alone. Sparks’ renown has increased through time, garnering his novels much more fame than most other romance genre writers.

Top Rated Best Nicholas Sparks Books To Read

Table of Contents

  • 1 Top Rated Best Nicholas Sparks Books To Read
    • 1.1 The Notebook
    • 1.2 A Walk to Remember
    • 1.3 Dear John
    • 1.4 Message in a Bottle
    • 1.5 The Longest Ride
    • 1.6 The Selection
    • 1.7 The Last Song
    • 1.8 Nights in Rodanthe
    • 1.9 The Rescue
    • 1.10 A Bend in the Road
    • 1.11 The Guardian
    • 1.12 A Bend in the Road
    • 1.13 True Believer
    • 1.14 Nights in Rodanthe
    • 1.15 A Walk to Remember
    • 1.16 The Wedding
    • 1.17 At First Sight
    • 1.18 Safe Haven
    • 1.19 Watch Me
    • 1.20 Every Breath
    • 1.21 Three Weeks with My Brother
    • 1.22 Wokini: A Lakota Journey to Happiness and Self Understanding
  • 2 North Carolina of Nicholas Sparks Books
  • 3 Conclusion

Top Rated Best Nicholas Sparks Books To Read

Nobody tells a romance like Nicholas Sparks. Whether he is writing about early affairs, long forgotten fans, or people who hope to get another chance at a happy end, his tales talk with us and make us cry. Located in lovely North Carolina, Sparks’ books are about people from each age and class.

His books do not shy away from loneliness, grief, or catastrophe, but expect always shines through. Nicholas Sparks’ new book, Two by Two, tells the story of a guy with an all a fantastic career, a gorgeous home, a loving family along with the power he finds in himself once he loses almost everything.

Here is a list of the best Nicholas Sparks novels that Pennbook recommended reading

The Notebook

Last but not least and certainly not in the minds of any Ryan Gosling fan is The Notebook. This is the first romance that Nicholas Sparks wrote and jump started his profession as it was printed in 1996.

With more than a thousand evaluations on Goodreads, it is Nicholas Sparks’ most well known and loved book, and with good reason: it is a classic.

Following a tumultuous teenage love in North Carolina town (obviously), young fans Allie and Noah are divided by their well to do parents. Following the Second World War, heartbroken Noah returns home and starts to build his dream home.

Allie, now participating, sees Noah’s image from the newspaper and decides to see him find it closed but winds up falling back in love with her ardent ex.

Noah is played by Ryan Gosling from the 2004 movie, and he and co-star Rachel McAdams had a notorious love life in real life. They are not together, but the notoriety of TheNotebook adheres. Read the novel now to determine where the legend started.

A Walk to Remember

Nicholas Sparks brings the tears and the catastrophe into earlier in the 20th century along with his third party penned love story, A Walk to Remember.

Set in 1958, former bad boy Landon narrates the story of his senior year in high school when he dropped to the most improbable woman: Jamie, a minister’s kid that has a great heart, a kind smile, and a tragic secret. Sparks’ sister that passed away was the inspiration for Jamie’s personality.

The touching tale has been brought to life on screen in a 2002 adaptation starring Shane West and Mandy Moore. You might have watched it after a split or two while laying on your sofa and eating a lot of carbohydrates.

Dear John

Love is seldom as dreadful as in 2006’s Dear John, in which a troublemaking guy enlists in the army, then drops for Savannah, a woman who is his opposite in many ways. After John leaves to serve his nation, both compose letters and plan their potential.

However, when 9/11 occurs, John makes the tough choice to re-enlist, and Savannah moves without him. In the event you’re wondering, the Dear John film starred Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, also is your third highest grossing Nicholas Sparks movie thus far.

Message in a Bottle

In, Message in a Bottle divorced and disillusioned about connections, Theresa Osborne is running when she finds a bottle on the shore. Inside is a letter of love and yearning to Catherine, signed only Garrett.

Challenged by the mystery points and pulled by feelings she does not fully comprehend, Theresa starts a hunt for this particular guy that’ll change her entire life.

What happens to her is an incredible, possibly miraculous an experience that embraces our hopes for finding someone special, with a love that’s classic and everlasting.

Nicholas Sparks exquisitely chronicles the individual heart. In Nicholas Sparks best selling books, The Notebook, he produced a testament to amorous love that touched subscribers worldwide.

In this New York Times bestseller, he renews our faith in fate, at the capability of fans to find each other no matter where regardless of when.

The Longest Ride

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Two couples’ lives intertwine within this complicated Nicholas Sparks narrative that got him a 2013 Goodreads Choice Award Nomination for Romance.

Since 91-year-old Ira is trapped in the wake of a car crash, he is seen by a vision of his deceased wife, remembers the love story of how they fell in love.

At precisely the same time, we see Dean Luke falls into a connection with faculty girl Sophia. How their lives and likes connect makes for a psychological, tear jerking conclusion.

The Selection

Perennial bachelor Travis Parker is very content. He has excellent waterfront property in a small town, good friends, a fantastic barbecue, and tons of time around the water.

He figures a continuous connection would complicate matters. However, if Gabby Holland moves in next door, what changes.

Regardless of Gabby’s unfriendly fashion and constant boyfriend, Travis finds himself doing what he could to win her approval. Finally, he faces a decision he wouldn’t have envisioned that leads them down a path that’s as surprising as it’s satisfying.

The Last Song

In The Last Song, Her parents’ divorce ravaged Veronica Miller’s life. Today seventeen year old Ronnie is estranged from her dad, who’s moved from New York City mad with her mum, who decides who the best way to heal old wounds would be for Ronnie to spend the summer at her dad’s new home at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina town. There Ronnie’s dad, a musician, is enjoying the slow pace of life in the town.

Still, it is a significant adjustment for rebellious Ronnie, who’s in for a summer of new wants, heartbreak, and a deeper comprehension of what it means to become a part of a household. The Last Song.

Nights in Rodanthe

Adrienne Willis was adrift ever since her husband left her for a younger girl. Devoting herself to her teenage kids and ailing daddy has worn her down, and she attempts respite in a short trip to the coastal village of Rodanthe about the outer banks of North Carolina town, where she’s promised to care for a little inn for a weekend.

There she meets with an unexpected guest: Paul, a recently divorced surgeon, estranged from his only child and in the throes of a crisis of his own.

Each adrift at the wreckage of their own lives, Adrienne and Paul find they still possess the ability to enjoy, help, and treat each other.

The Rescue

When dashing volunteer firefighter Taylor McAden saves Denise Holton out of a car crash, the chemistry between them is real.

A single mum who has dedicated herself to her four year old kid with specific needs, Denise has every reason to be careful of Taylor. With a proven history of fall in love for girls who want to rescue and to leave them when things start getting too extreme.

However, as the two grow closer, Denise finds himself piecing together the mystery of Taylor’s past to see why he can not commit. And Taylor finds himself wondering whether he could be the guy he understands Denise deserves.

A Bend in the Road

After his wife, Missy is murdered by a hit and run motorist, Miles Ryan, the deputy sheriff of New Bern, a small town, feels like his life is finished. Luckily, caring for his son, Jonah, helps him.

It’s by way of Jonah, who meets Sarah Andrews, his son’s teacher, who’s recently divorced and moved into New Bern on the lookout for a fresh beginning. She and Miles understand something in one another’s sad sadness and find comfort in one another’s business.

Before long, they find themselves falling from love joyfully for the first time in ages. However, a dark secret joins them equally one so dreadful that, if shown, it might prove to be their undoing.

The Guardian

While grieving because of his departure, Julie is astonished to get two gifts from her husband: a fantastic Dane puppy named Singer and the promise to watch over her.

Years after, she becomes infatuated with just two guys, a handsome stranger, Richard, and her husband’s best friend, Mike. In developing nearer to a, she pulls the anger of another.

The Guardian features a great deal of action, making for a sudden intense yet tender romance story.

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A Bend in the Road

After the passing of his spouse, Miles struggles to remain strong because of his son Jonah. It’s just after he matches Jonah’s teacher, Sarah, he’s finally able to proceed from his spouse’s passing and feel alive.

This is a roller coaster of feelings, exploring Miles’ wife’s death and the nefarious forces that threw his life into chaos. A Bend in the Road

True Believer

This book varies quite radically from many of Nicholas Sparks books. The narrative follows Jeremy Marsh, a reporter who took a visit to North Carolina to debunk a peculiar rumor.

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Marsh’s travel throws him into the arms of a neighborhood woman named Lexie. It uses elements of paranormal and magic that seldom appear in Nicholas Sparks books.

Nights in Rodanthe

After her husband leaves her for a younger girl, 45-year-old Adrienne Willis yells her power into parenting her teenage children and helping her ailing father. Handling her friend’s inn along Rodanthe across the North Carolina shore for a weekend ought to be the ideal chance to recharge.

With rocky weather stripping, Adrienne finds a sudden connection with 54-year-old Paul Flanner, a physician, and guest who is also imposing home.

After the storm ends, Adrienne and Paul should determine if their relationship will, too. Clients can view Adrienne and Paul’s love come vividly to life in the motion picture version of this novel.

A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember is a haunting psychological romance between two high schoolers, Landon and Jamie. This story explores the character of intimate adventures and raises concerns about unending love while inspiring visitors to seek their soul mates. A Walk to Remember is a lovely and heartwarming tale of young love, which will undoubtedly give you soggy Kleenex in the end.

The Wedding

Returning to the younger bunch’s narrative from Your Notebook, this sequel to Nicholas Sparks best books follows Wilson Lewis and his wife, Jane, since they rekindle their love. Following the love that fades out of his thirty year union with Jane, Wilson knows that he must win her back again.

Wilson takes inspiration from Noah and Allie Calhoun, his in-laws, and hatches a plan to create Jane and fall in love with him just as their kid will wed. Can it be too late for love? Wilson stakes everything he has, it is not.

At First Sight

Having escaped a failed union, Jeremy Marsh is pleased with New York City life without any room for love and much less for a household. But destiny traces his compass south to Boone Creek, North Carolina, in which Jeremy thankfully starts over with his new wife, Lexie Darnell, along with their daughter.

Jeremy’s pleased to exchange his never for constantly using Lexie until data comes to light, threatening the romantic relationship between the young couple. Would Jeremy and Lexie trust their love? First, Sight continues the story of Lexie and Jeremy from True Believer.

Safe Haven

Katie seems in the coastal small town of Southport as strangely as her unknown beyond. Shortly, she lets down her guard and starts to trust the friendly city people, such as Jo, her neighbor, and widower Alex, a shop owner, and father of 2 young children.

However, as Katie starts to rebuild her life and also finds a spark of fascination with Alex the demons she grabbed the nation to overlook could come crashing back, threatening her potential and the love it promises. Do not ignore the feature film version of Safe Haven.

Watch Me

Maria Sanchez is a first generation American girl of Mexican immigrants keen to use her influential law career to surpass traumatic memories.

Having escaped errors that plagued his younger years, Colin Hancock also believes that he has something to prove, projecting his power and fire tomato study as an instructor.

The final thing Maria or Colin is trying to find is a relationship if they meet by chance. Still, since their blossoming connection develops into something longer, each might need to trust love since the past threatens to come crashing down again.

Every Breath

Fleeing a six-year relationship going nowhere along with her daddy’s recent ALS investigation, Hope Anderson comes to her family’s shoreside cabin in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, looking for a getaway.

Leaving behind crazy Zimbabwe, he calls the house, safari guide Tru Walls arrives at Sunset Beach in the petition of a guy claiming to be his long lost dad. When Hope and Tru fulfill, the strength of their bond inquires just how far they would go to be together.

Three Weeks with My Brother

The deal was too great for Nicholas Sparks to pass up: bicycle tours worldwide to a number of the planet’s most exotic areas. Recruiting his older brother Micah for your excursion, Sparks hoped that the experience would fetch the brothers nearer. At thirty eight and thirty seven, respectfully, they had been their family’s only surviving members.

Collectively, the brothers embark on a memorable trip with each other, drawing power from their previous and strengthening their bond to the future. In Three Weeks with My Brother, Sparks invites readers on the trip.

Wokini: A Lakota Journey to Happiness and Self Understanding

by Billy Mills, Nicholas Sparks

Wokini, translated from Lakota, means seeing a new beginning or seeking a new vision. This Nicholas Sparks book will teach you about yourself, show you what it means to be happy, and lead you on a journey to feel more satisfied in your life.

North Carolina of Nicholas Sparks Books

Sparks has lived in New Bern, North Carolina (approximately a 60 minute drive from Atlantic Beach) for numerous years, and several of his novels are set there. Visit New to view the Alfred Cunningham Bridge, which plays a vital role in the story of The Notebook’s reunion.


With so many famous novels written so far, it’s a challenging job to narrow it down to only the greatest Nicholas Sparks novels. This isn’t just due to the high number of Nicholas Sparks books ever written, but also due to the varying tastes, the majority of people have. If you are a fan of the writer, you have probably enjoyed most (if not all) of those names mentioned previously.

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