10 Tallest Commercial Buildings Of The World


There are a number of skyscrapers that are not only landmark projects in their respective countries, they are also an example of what modern architectural technology can achieve. They mostly house offices, while some even have malls, art gallery and hotels in them. All of them have an observation deck, mostly on the top floor, that inevitably becomes a tourist attraction. Many of the ten tallest buildings in the world are in Asia. We take a detailed look at the each one of them:

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1 Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and is located in Dubai, one of the most prominent Emirates of UAE. Burj Khalifa has been constructed in downtown Dubai, which also happens to be a major financial center. Burj Khalifa has a height of 828 meters or about 2716.5 feet. It has become a landmark of all real estate construction and a symbol of growth and prosperity of the port-city that Dubai was at one point of time. It has 22 stories out which 160 are habitable. The project was unveiled in 2010. It is two-times the height of New York’s Empire State Building.

2 Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China   

Shanghai Tower is located in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. It has a height of 2074 feet and has a total of 128 stories. It is said that one can see the top of the building only on a clear day when there is no cloud. There is an observation deck placed on the 121st floor. The observation deck is at a height of 561.3 meters and is the highest in the world. Mitsubishi elevators in the building travel at a speed of about 74 kilometers per hour in Shanghai Tower, making it one of the fastest lifts in the world. There are nice cylindrical buildings that are part of the Shanghai Tower. These buildings also form nice different zones and each of these zones has a separate atrium.

3 One World Trade Centre, New York, USA

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One World Trade Centre is the reconstructed World Trade Center located in Lower Manhattan, New York. It is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. It has the same height of 1776 feet as the twin towers that were pulled down in terrorist attack. However, the design of One WTC is very different from World Trade Centre. One WTC has a hybrid structure of concrete and steel. The atrium has a height of 50 feet. Above the atrium, there are 4 levels of mechanical space. Then the office floors begin. After 71 stories, there are more mechanical floors and then comes the three-story public observation deck. The building has very high strength and is marvel of modern architecture.

4 CTF Finance Centre, Guangzhou, China

CTF Finance Centre are also known as Guangzhou Twin Towers and is located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou in China. The building has a height of 1739 feet and has been designed by famous architect Kohn Pederson Fox. It has been developed by Guangzhou Xinyu Real Estate Development Co Ltd and the owner of the building is Chow Tai Fook Enterprises. It is the tallest building of Guangzhou and the third tallest of China. It has a number of offices and hotels. It has five floors below the ground and 111 floors above the ground. It has superfast elevators.

5 Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan

This one is again in Asia. The building has a height of 1671 feet and has a number of offices and a large shopping mall. As the name suggests, it has 101 floors. The building was proposed in 1997 and the construction got over in 2004. There was also a retrofit that started in 2009 and ended in 2011. It is also the tallest green building with LEED platinum certification. It symbolizes the growing strength and prominence of Taiwan as an economy. The building has double deck elevators and travel at speeds of 60 kilometers per hour.

6 Shanghai World Financial Centre (SWFC), Shanghai, China

Shanghai World Financial Centre is located in Pudong district of Shanghai. It is a super tall building owned by Shanghai World Financial Centre Co Ltd. The construction of the building started in 1997 and completed in 2008. The building has a height of 1614 feet and has retail spaces, offices, hotels and a museum. It is landmark building and symbolizes the eminence of China in the global markets.

7 International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong

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International Commerce Centre is the tallest building in Hong Kong and the seventh tallest in the world. The building has a height of 1588 feet. The construction was started in 2002 and the completed in 2010. It has offices, hotel and the famous Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck. It has the world’s highest swimming pol and the world’s second highest hotel.

8 Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   

Petronas Towers has a height of 1483 feet, the planning for which began in 1992 and excavation began in 1993. It has 88 floors and is a landmark project. The towers were completed in 1996 and inaugurated in 1999. The base of the two towers has a retail center. It also includes an aquarium, philharmonic theatre and an art gallery.

9  Zifeng Tower, Nanjing, China

Zifeng Tower has a height of 1476 feet. The construction was stared in 2005 and completed in 2010. The top floor has swimming, pool, garden, restaurants and nightclubs. The building has a hotel and mall. The observation deck on the 72 floor is at a height of 892 feet.

10 Willis Tower, Chicago, USA

Willis Tower in Chicago is widely known as Sears Towers. With a height of 1451 feet, it has a total of 110 floors. It has an observation deck, also called the Skydeck, which is located at a height of 1353 feet. The most remarkable feature of the skydeck is ‘The Ledge’ which is a glass balcony extending 4.3 feet.

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