Circle rates in Allahabad 

[] Listed in this article are the latest circle rates in Allahabad’s key location.

If you are buying a property in Allahabad, you have to get it registered in the government records, based on its circle rate.  

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What is circle rate? 

District administrations fixe a standard rate for land and other properties throughout the city. No transaction can be registered below this rate. Since cities are large, they are often divided into different localities, the circle rates tend to vary as well. 

Important factors to consider about circle rates 

  • If you want to know about the circle rates in Allahabad, here are some of the important factors to keep in mind: 
  • The circle rate or price is solely decided by the state government or development authorities.
  • Even within the same city, circle rates might be valued based on different localities
  • The actual price of the property might be different from the circle rate
  • Circle rates can be lower than the market value of the property 

Property rates in various parts of Allahabad 

Name of the Locality  Price range per sqft in Rs  Average price per sqft in Rs 
JHUSI 1,1114,024. 3,872.6 
NAINI  2,0834,370. 3,376.
JHALWA  3,1503,770. 3,563.53 
CIVIL LINES  3,941 – 9,655  


KALINDIPURAM  4,440 – 6,071 4,847
SULEM SARAI  3,3654,135 4,134


LUCKNOW ROAD  3,3003,800. 3,533
ALLAHPUR  5,9786,000. 5,989
DANDI  2,5642,732 2,647
NEW MUMFORDGANJ 5,000 – 6,977


PREETAM NAGAR  4,000 – 4,024


AIRPORT ROAD  3,770 3,770
LUKARGANJ 5,143 5,143
KYDGANJ 2,920 2,920
ALOPIBAGH 6,878 6,878


Housing schemes in Allahabad 

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While searching for the circle rates in Allahabad, it is worth looking at the various housing schemes within the city. The Prayagraj Development Authority offers some of the most cost-effective housing schemes. Here is a list of some of the latest housing schemes developed by Prayagraj Development Authority 2021. 

Mausam Vihar Awasiya Yojana

The Mausam Vihar Awasiya Yojana is focused on an economical housing solution. This multi-level residential project has planned to offer hundreds of flats. The allotment registration started back in June 2016, with an accumulation of both 2BHK and 3 BHK Flats. 

Here is a detailed list of all the flats in different towers with their estimated valuations: 

Tower Name  Approximate Area  Estimated value 

  in Rs

3 BHK, Sharad  127.84 sqm 56,00,000
2 BHK, Shishir 100 sqm 43,12,000
2 BHK Hemant 84.14 sqm  35,95,500
2 BHK Basant  78.33 sqm 33,60,000


Note: The allocation fee is generally set to 10% of the entire flat cost.


Naini Awas Yojana 

Yamuna Vihar has its own housing scheme, the Naini Awas Yojana, launched back in 2017 by PDA. It is also aimed towards offering an economical housing solution. The Naini Awas Yojana exclusively offers 2 BHK apartments with a subsidized home loan at 4% interest. The flat details include: 

Tower Name  Approximate area  Estimated value in

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2 BHK 75.29 sq. m.  29,83,000


Jagriti Vihar

Another housing scheme launched by the PDA is Jagriti Vihar, a multi-level residential project. The scheme offers flats for the middle-income group and mini middle income group. The details of the flats available in Jagriti Vihar are as follows:  

Configuration  Approximate Area  Estimated value in

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MIG  67.80 sqm 25,18,000
MIG-Mini 54.30 sqm  18,87,000




What is circle rate?

Circle rate is government-set benchmark below which a property can’t be registered.

Can you sell a property below the circle rate?

Yes, but the registrar would demand stamp duty as per the circle rate.



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