Delhi government directs extension of Lal Dora areas in villages

[] In a bid to accommodate the growing rural population around Delhi, the government has directed the divisional commissioner to begin the process of the extension of Lal Dora areas

In a move aimed at giving relief to the rural population, the Delhi government has directed the divisional commissioner to commence the process of extension of the Lal Dora areas in all villages and submit a report on the timeline for the exercise, within two weeks. Informing about the city government’ move, deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, said that there are around 360 villages in Delhi and their population has increased manifold. Hence, there is a need to increase the periphery of Lal Dora, to accommodate the growing demand of rural population.

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Lal Dora refers to land that is part of the village ‘abadi’ (habitation) and is used for non-agricultural purpose only. Lal Dora was exempted from the building bye laws and construction norms and related regulations, under the Delhi Municipal Act. Revenue minister Kailash Gahlot has issued a direction to the divisional commissioner, to submit a report within two weeks pertaining to extension of Lal Dora, in all the villages. In his direction to the divisional commissioner Manisha Saxena, Ghalot said the people from rural areas have been meeting chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on the issue and the government is of the view that the interest of villagers should be dealt with sympathetically.

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“It is directed, the consolidation proceedings may be commenced in all the villages of Delhi, with a clear direction to consolidation officers that the housing requirement in villages be accommodated. Timelines, in respect of the villages of Delhi, for completion of consolidation proceedings be submitted within two weeks,” Gahlot said in his written directive.

Meanwhile, Sisodia reviewed the projects that were announced under the ‘Green Budget‘, to reduce the pollution level in the national capital. Giving details about the meeting, the deputy chief minister said that 26 projects were mentioned under the ‘Green Budget’ and out of these, 21 projects are on track while five were off-track.

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