Drywall technology: Can it reduce construction timelines in Indian realty?

[] We examine the advantages of drywall construction techniques, over traditional brick and mortar walls and how its adoption can speed up construction timelines and contribute to sustainable buildings

In a technology-driven lifestyle and rapid urbanisation, builders are largely exploring new construction and interior design options. The construction sector has seen major changes, with an increase in the usage of gypsum-based products. The Indian gypsum market is expected to reach about 333.64 million sq metres by 2021 from 221.75 million sq metres in 2016, registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.51% during this period. The international ratio of drywalls to brick walls is 80:20, which is reversed in India.

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Impact of technological evolutions on the construction industry

Modern construction methods have made it possible to obtain a classy finish, even by using drywalls. The advantage that drywalls have over brick walls, is that it is lightweight and results in huge savings in structural cost. Moreover, drywalls are easy to install and reduce the long man hours that are needed to construct brick walls. In line with the Smart City Mission and other government regulations such as RERA, timely completion of projects is of great importance. Hence, developers are increasingly choosing products that offer speedy completion, easy-to-use materials and eco-friendly components. In this scenario, drywall technology has become crucial for builders for their high-rise structures.

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Advantages of drywall construction over brick walls

Industry leaders are looking for different ways to minimise environmental impact and ever-increasing utility costs, and drywalls are a go-to option, as a multi-factor solution. Drywall solutions are creating new benchmarks in the construction space, by offering load-fixing strength, robustness and fire safety for interior spaces. It has emerged as a revolutionary product which has disrupted the construction space across the globe. There has been an overall rise in its usage and application and this augurs well for the concept of green buildings and smart cities.

Drywalls also have strong acoustic properties, which make it ideal for new-age construction projects, as compared to the traditional walls. This multi-faceted technology has created a category in itself, which is explored by several players in the industry. Gypsum walls are proving to be the preferred choice, for a range of construction applications, in homes, hotels, hospitals and educational institutions.

Applications and future of drywall technology in India

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Drywalls and gypsum-based products have been applied and installed in places like the Delhi International Airport’s T3 terminal, the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Gurugram, Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai, Samsung Mobile Factory in Noida, Bennett University in Greater Noida, DAICEC Mumbai, Statue of Unity in Gujarat and the Crown Plaza in Kochi, among others. Such examples pave the way and create awareness about the usage of drywalls and its benefits and focus on increasing the market presence of a product that promotes a sustainable future in the infrastructure space.

(The writer is VP sales and marketing, Saint Gobain India Pvt Ltd – Gyproc Business)

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