Everything about GVMC water tax

[] Mentioned below are the steps to follow while paying your GVMC water tax, for both, water charges metered and water charges

Visakhapatnam’s governing body, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) is responsible for supplying water to 540 sq kms of area that is under its jurisdiction. As part of its 2021-22 plans, the GVMC is working on expanding water connections to the suburban areas of the city. The GVMC is also working on the restoration of water tanks in Visakhapatnam and improving water sources, in line with making Visakhapatnam the state’s executive capital. With the state government having many plans to improvise the city’s water supply, the collection of GVMC water tax, hence, becomes important from the perspective of revenue generation. In this article, we list the steps for citizens to follow to pay the GVMC water tax.

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GVMC water tax payment for Water Charge Metered Connection

Firstly, there are two types of charges – Water Charge Metered Connection and Water Charge.

To check the GVMC water tax for water charge metered connection, visit the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation’s website on and login by pressing on the ‘Login/ Register’ button at the top right side of the page. If you do not have a login ID, it is recommended to register yourself as you can use the same user ID and password to take advantage of the many services offered by the GVMC website, including paying the GVMC water tax.

To check your GVMC water tax dues that has to be paid, click on

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GVMC water tax

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Here, you will know your water charges due, which can be paid online, using GVMC water tax e-payment facility. On this page, enter the Type of Water Connection – Regular or Semi-Bulk, select the location, assessment number (water service number), enter the captcha and press submit. Remember that if the water assessment number starts with ‘ER’, ‘MA’ and ‘MH’, the type of connection is ‘Semi-Bulk’. You will now know the GVMC water tax charges that are due and have to be paid.

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GVMC water bill details

Once you have logged in to the GVMC portal, click on ‘My transactions’ which will lead you to the page Here, you can see all the transactions that you have done on the GVMC website previously.

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GVMC water bill

Click on the ‘Water Tax’ that is listed below the ‘e-Payment’ tab present on the left side of the page. You will be redirected to, the page on water charge payment. In this page, enter the details, including type of water connection – Metered connection, enter the location, assessment number, captcha and press the submit button. This will show you the details of the GVMC water tax to be paid which you can pay using the many online payment options available.

Everything about GVMC water tax

On the same page, you have the ‘Know your Receipt’ tab, which, when clicked, will take you to

GVMC water tax online payment

You can view all the GVMC water tax payment details here by entering the reference number and clicking on the submit button. Note that the type of water connection is metered connection.

Finally, the ‘My Transactions’ page that we saw above will reflect all the details including assessment number, owner name, installment paid year, amount paid and payment date.

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GVMC water tax online payment for Water Charges

To pay the GVMC water tax of the other category, i.e., Water Charges, please login to the GVMC website and click on the citizen services on the home page. Under the e-Payment option, click on the ‘Water charge’ option (which is listed as the third option).

Everything about GVMC water tax

You will be directed to where you have to enter your 10-digit HSC number, assessment number, old consumer number, assessee name, door number and then press ‘search’.

Everything about GVMC water tax

You will get the search result as mentioned in the picture below, which will include the applicant name, HSC number, assessment number, address, usage type, property tax due, status, water charge due and action. From here you can proceed to pay GVMC water tax online, as shown in what is due.

Everything about GVMC water tax

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GVMC water tax: Contact details

In case of any grievance regarding your GVMC water tax, you can contact the toll-free number: 180042500009


When can you not pay the GVMC water tax online?

The GVMC website is under maintenance every month end (30th or 31st of all months except February where it will be 28th or 29th) from 11 pm to 1 am of the next day.

Can you pay GVMC water tax online for water charges that are not metered?

Yes, you can pay it online by clicking on the water charges option in citizen services.

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