Goa Regional Plan 2021: Inquiry ordered into land conversion allegations

[] An inquiry has been instituted into allegations made by civil society groups that several politicians had illegally converted land, under the guise of the Goa government’s Regional Plan 2021, to facilitate construction activities

Goa’s town and country planning minister, Vijai Sardesai, in a note forwarded to the chief town planner, has asked a five-member committee to ‘conduct a detailed study and inquiry, on the allegations against politicians, individuals and institutions, on the issue of conversions under the Regional Plan 2021’. The note has set a deadline of June 1, 2018, for the submission of the inquiry report.

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[] Goa revives controversial Regional Plan 2021

On April 28, 2018, civil society groups backed by the church, during a protest rally, had demanded the scrapping of the RP 2021 and had alleged that several politicians were illegally converting their land under the plan, to facilitate construction. The protest rally named several politicians, from across parties and these included three serving state government ministers. The minister’s note, instituting an inquiry into these allegations, also asked the civil society groups to come forward to give details of it, as well as objections they had to the Goa RP 2021.

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The RP 2021, which was revived by the state government on March 29, 2018, allows construction activities, on a case-to-case basis, on lands notified as settlement, commercial, institutional and industrial zones. The RP 2021 was put on hold in 2012 by the Manohar Parrikar government, before being revived last month.

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