Gurgaon cooperative housing societies directed to put records online

[] The Haryana government has appealed to group housing societies in Gurgaon to submit property owners’ details online and to get the same verified from the assistant registrar’s office

In a bid to boost transparency and reduce fraud cases in property purchases and transactions in Gurgaon, the Haryana government has directed housing cooperative societies in the state to submit all their records online. The data submitted, will be then verified by the office of the assistant registrar of cooperative societies.

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The direction came from the additional chief secretary of the cooperation department, to all the registrars in the Gurgaon district and management committees of the housing cooperatives, to upload the requested data on the web portal and finish the verification process as soon as possible. The move is expected to bring transparency in the functioning of the societies and fix accountability.

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The members of the cooperative societies would have to submit their data, including names, ownership documents, photographs and conveyance deeds, to the management committee of the society, which will then be forwarded to the office of the assistant registrar. The data will be then uploaded online and a verification process will begin, thereafter.

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According to an estimate, there are 302 group housing societies in the district, out of which 220 have already submitted their data online and the same has been verified. The department had issued similar circulars in the past and this is the third one in the past two years.

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