How are celebs staying fit during the lockdown?

[] News speaks to some celebrities, to find out how they are trying to maintain their fitness, while staying at home during the lockdown

Staying at home during the lockdown is no excuse to neglect health and fitness. News spoke to a few celebrities regarding their workout regimen, while staying safe at home.

You are reading: How are celebs staying fit during the lockdown?

Sonnalli Seygall


How are celebs staying fit during the lockdown Sonnalli Seygall

Wellness of mind and body are always important and more so now, as uncertainty has taken over our lives, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Fitness means being mentally and physically fit, combined with good immunity and high levels of energy. To get into a good mood, you just need one intense workout. It is not possible to go to the gym during the lockdown. Hence, I have allotted exercise time daily, for yoga and cardio exercises, which includes dance, too. For yoga, one only needs a mat at home. My mother and I have also attended a few virtual classes, for yoga and meditation.

I like to do different types of asanas that help the entire body and basically try to strengthen my core muscles. Now, with practice, I can do a headstand well but I need more practice to balance my body on my hands. I do Pranayama as it helps the lungs. Practicing yoga relaxes the body and mind through meditation and deep breathing techniques.

The lockdown is a tempting time to eat as one is at home. I eat simple, home-cooked food most of the time. Once in a while, I have cake, popcorn, French fries and pakodas but I do not feel guilty about it. I completely avoid processed foods.

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Amaan Ali Bangash

Sarod player

How are celebs staying fit during the lockdown Amaan Ali Bangash

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Fitness is all about inner peace, happiness and positivity. One has to respect one’s body and not be dependent on anybody for anything. During the lockdown, I exercise at home regularly. Luckily, I have a cross trainer, a treadmill, a cycle and some weights at home. These days, I do more cardio exercises, along with yoga and breathing exercises and less weights. Doing riyaaz simply rejuvenates me. I am following the keto diet, which also includes a lot of vegetables. No carbs and no beans. I have lost about two to three kgs in the last one week.

I also unwind by reading, meditating and of course, listening to music and watching some interesting shows. The lockdown is teaching us to spend time with family. God has been kind, to bless me with such a loving family. We have to accept the situation around us and pray for our loved ones’ safety. Overall, it is important to have a positive mind-set and to live in the moment.

Sanjeev Kapoor

Chef, author and entrepreneur

How are celebs staying fit during the lockdown Sanjeev Kapoor

Fitness, to me, is as important as eating and cooking. Being a chef, I am always around food and so, I have to maintain a balanced diet, with regular workout sessions. My fitness mantra is to have a healthy lifestyle – a combination of exercise, healthy diet, good sleep and a positive state of mind. This is what helps me stay fit and smiling.

During this lockdown, my family and I follow a daily exercise routine. We workout for an hour together, every day. My daughters guide us through the exercises. I start my day with pranayama and meditation for about 30 minutes. I help my wife, Alyona, with the chores at home, which adds to the workout. I start my day with a shot of amla juice as it is an immunity booster. I have always enjoyed home-cooked food and I get to do this more, now. If my daughters crave for street food, I happily cook something for them. It is customary at my place to have regular chaat meals and recently, we welcomed the first showers of the season with hot vada pav.

The Coronavirus is just another hurdle in this race of life. It has brought changes that the world had never imagined of but, in no way, has it affected our spirits. This is a ‘detox programme’ designed by nature and each one of us will come out of it stronger and soon ‘this phase too shall pass’. Be positive, look out for each other and help the needy in whichever way you can – a bonus for your karma!

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Saiee M Manjrekar


How are celebs staying fit during the lockdown Saiee M Manjrekar

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Fitness is a way of life and one has to consistently focus on it, for one’s well being. Being positive helps. If one feels a bit low, it is important to talk to one’s family, listen to good music or just opt for a quick workout. It can be anything – yoga, dancing or skipping. Let the sunshine come into your room, to cheer you up.

As regular exercise helps us to look good, feel good and be healthy, I ensure that I exercise daily. I try to do freehand exercises and a one-hour dance session. I also go to my building’s parking area and jog there.

I meditate for 20 minutes, which helps me to relax and be calm. I eat healthy and simple food. I have a smoothie every day, consisting of apple, papaya and banana. I only consume carbohydrates in the first half of the day. It is important to be emotionally, mentally and spiritually fit during these times.

Aniruddh Dave


How are celebs staying fit during the lockdown Aniruddh Dave

One has to take precautions to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Physical fitness is not only important for a healthy body but also for a healthy mind and emotional well-being. I eat simple, home-cooked food. Once in a while, I indulge in aam raas and halwa. Now that gyms are shut, I exercise on my own at home. It is important to exercise daily at home.

I have started doing yoga daily and find it really beneficial. I have now learnt how to do the Surya Namaskar, by watching videos. Surya Namaskar is effective in burning calories, balancing energies, improving flexibility and boosting physical and mental strength. I do a lot of vocal exercises and breathing exercises. I also chant ‘Om’, as it helps the vocal cords and gives positive vibrations. After a workout I do shavasana, to cool down and relax.

It is important to de-stress and unwind, without having to step out of the comfort of your home. I try to keep my spirits high, by listening to music and also reading inspirational books. I also talk to my family and friends, to remain cheerful.

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