How to list a property to get maximum leads?

[] We explain how sellers and owners can list their properties on, to get maximum leads and visibility

There are several benefits to listing a property online and most owners and sellers would be well aware of it. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that one should pay attention to, when listing the property, either on your own or through a broker. We will show you how to list your property for free on and how to make the most of the visibility.

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Step 1: Log on to On the right hand side, you will see the ‘List property for free’ option. Click on it to proceed.

How to list a property for maximum leads?

Step 2: You will need to enter some details as you proceed. Indicate whether you are a broker, owner or builder.

How to list a property for maximum leads?

Step 3: Suppose you are a broker, the next step is to fill-in details about yourself. Mention your city, name, email address and your company’s name, how long you have been in business for and submit the details.

How to list a property for maximum leads?

Step 4: When you submit the details, you will be asked whether you wish to receive updates over WhatsApp. This is recommended, because as brokers or sellers, it is important to understand what is going on in the real estate sector from time to time and how you can leverage your business accordingly.

How to list a property for maximum leads?

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How to list your property for maximum visibility

This is a crucial step. You need to put yourselves in the shoes of a customer, to understand the relevance of the details of the property being put up. Indicate whether you want to Rent, Sell or list it as a PG/Co-living. Do not leave this space blank, because your property will be categorised on the basis of this listing.

How to list a property for maximum leads?

Next, mention whether your property is an apartment, independent house, independent floor, villa or a plot. Remember that these are not loose categories. Buyers and tenants have a preference and they filter the property type right at the beginning. So be careful and provide clarity.

In the next few steps, you will have to indicate the transaction type – whether it is a new or resale property, as well as the construction status, number of rooms, number of bathrooms and balconies and details of furnishing and of open or closed parking available.

Besides the above, mention the cost of the property and the maintenance charges. You will also be asked whether you charge brokerage fees. If you do, you will need to give details and also clarify whether it is negotiable.

You will also need to provide the super built-up area of the property. Providing the carpet area is not mandatory.

The next step is to provide the address of the property. You will be asked about the city, building, locality, flat, floor number and the total number of floors in the building.

How to list a property for maximum leads?

To provide clarity, you can also indicate the exact location of your property on the map. This will help prospective clients to get a complete understanding of the location. This will also prevent any unwanted calls, asking you about the location and details.

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How to list a property for maximum leads?

Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed. The final step is to add high quality photos of each room. We recommend uploading at least eight photos. You stand to increase the quality of your listing by adding more high-quality photos. You can improve your quality score by as much as 15% by doing this.

Select tags for all your photos. For example, mark the kitchen with the appropriate tag to avoid confusion. Similarly, do so for all the photos before you submit these.

How to list a property for maximum leads?

After this, you will also receive notifications on your registered email ID and contact number.

How to list a property for maximum leads?

How to estimate the effectiveness of your listing?

Unsure about how effective your listing is? Refer to the listing completeness score on the right-hand side. The more photos and details you add, the better will be the visibility of your property. Most clients like to see what they are getting into. So this is the best time to pitch the property. Make sure that the listing is 100% accurate and complete.

How to list a property for maximum leads?

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Are listings on the Housing Assist App free?

Yes, listing your first property is free on, as well as the Housing Assist app.

How can I connect with customer care at

You can call on 1800-313-4777 or write to

Why should I list my property on is the best property listing website in India with over 75 lakh prospective buyers and tenants as users. Your listed property on garners maximum visibility, making it easier for you to reach out to potential buyers.

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