Maharashtra makes slot booking mandatory for property registration

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[] In the wake of rising Covid-19 cases, Maharashtra has made it compulsory for property owners to book slots online for property registration.

With rising Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra, the state government has now mandated slot booking for property registration to avoid crowding at the sub-registrar offices. Now, citizens would have to book the time slots at the registration office through the e-step-in facility available on the IGR Maharashtra portal. This has been with regard to the stringent restrictions on the movement of people under the new guidelines issued by Maharashtra due to the spread of the virus.

With this new slot-booking process, each SRO office will carry out up to 30 registrations daily which would also result in a sharp decline in the government’s revenue in the first month of the new financial year. Also, due to the weekend lockdown, these registration offices will remain closed in April, and would function on weekdays only, from 10 AM to 6 PM.

How to book a slot for property registration through e-Step-in?

 Follow the below-given step to book slots:

Step 1: Visit IGR Maharashtra portal and click on e-Step in and then token booking.

Step 2: Click on the booking button and select district name and select the date for token booking.

Step 3: Select SRO office of your choice. Click on the continue button.

Step 4: Click on verify button and select time slot of your choice

Step 5: Click on the book button. After successful booking, a message containing the SRO office name, time slot token ID will be sent.

 Step 6You can also click on receipt button for printing

The notification about the booked slot has to be shown while going to the registration office. Only those who have to be present for the registration process would be allowed inside to ensure minimum footfall at the registration offices

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