Tips to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings

[] While commercial buildings have huge energy requirements, the scope to save on energy costs is also significant. We look at some ways to do this

Energy consumption is one aspect of commercial buildings, where the owners can take steps to reduce the same and save costs. Making changes to the building that reduce energy consumption, can make your building more attractive for tenants and also help the environment. Even the valuation of the building can go up, as a result of the measures you undertake for reducing electricity bills.

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Measuring the present usage, is the first step towards any exercise in reduction. There are several software tools available in the market for energy measurement and you can make use of it, if your building is big enough. These software tools will also let you make a fair assessment of what level of reduction you can realistically target. Once you have done this assessment, you can undertake several measures to reduce energy consumption.

1. Fixing the ventilation system

The ventilation system in the building may not be up to the mark and may require some modifications. There may be loss of energy in keeping the building warm or cool, owing to leakages. Such leakages should be promptly repaired. One can also make use of heat recovery ventilators, to save energy.

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2. The importance of a good insulation system

The insulation system should be such that the heating and cooling requirement for your building comes down. Non-traditional wall systems and high-performance insulation systems, can be used to lower energy consumption.

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3. LEED certification

The Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) is an internationally recognised certificate and has well-defined standards to lower energy consumption and to avoid other wastes. It also involves water conservation in the buildings and overall sustainability of the building. Such a certification can not only bring down the electricity and water bills but also increase the valuation of the building significantly, as well as the occupancy rate and rentals.

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4. Use energy efficient lights

Use energy efficient lights like LED bulbs and tubes. LED lights can result in significant electricity savings over conventional lights. Also, smart lighting can be used wherever possible. These lights turn on only when there is a human presence and remain off , otherwise. Such systems are slightly expensive to install but pay-off in the long run.

5. Use certified electrical equipment

Opt for power efficient systems that have star ratings, to reduce your energy requirements. A star rated air-conditioner will use 30-70% less electricity than a non-star rated one. Similarly, there can be several other appliances and equipment that can be used in your building, for energy savings.

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