Top 5 Reasons For Doing Up Your Business Exterior


The exterior of a commercial building tells about the kind of business that is carried out inside. It also tells about the financial health of the business, and if it is a company, it gives an impression about the revenues that the company might be earning.

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The outside of a commercial building is the first impression that the customers get and maintaining the exterior is very important from that perspective. Customers must feel like walking inside and availing the services offered by the business.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should keep the exterior of your business shiny and bright:

1 Walk-in Customers (Foot Traffic)

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For a business that mostly relies on walk-in customers, or foot traffic, then it is very important to maintain the exterior and keep it up to date. The customers must get a feeling that they will be cared for inside the building. If the exterior is shabby and has not been updated for years, they will feel they will be neglected by the business establishment. Businesses like restaurants, retail stores, salons and workshops should especially take care of their exterior since they get a lot of walk-in customers. All the other businesses rely to some extent on such customers and should take appropriate care of the outside.

2 Competition

This is another important reason to update your exterior. If there is a new shop or a restaurant in your area or locality which is in direct competition with you then it is all the more important to keep the outside as maintained as possible. The new shop or restaurant may be more appealing and may take away some of your customers just by the its outside looks, apart from other things. While all the business dynamics of the new shop or restaurant may not be matched by you, doing up the exterior is the least you can do to retain your customers to the extent possible.

3   Growing Your Own Business

You may be trying to get a deeper hold on the market and making an attempt to grow your business.  You may be trying to make fresh inroads in the locality and acquire new set of customers. Doing up the exterior of your business is one good way of doing that.

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4 Customers Complaints

The feedback and complaints of the customers may also require you to bring changes to your business. Sometimes the customers may complaint that the entrance to your shop or office should be covered. Or they may want disable friendly entry and access to your office. It is important for you to listen to your customers and bring in the changes that they may be asking for.

5 Your Logo and Signs are Worn Out Now 

The new sign and logo that you put up while commencing the business year ago may be requiring some doing up. A worn out look of the logo or the business sign is a complete no-no for a prospective customers who may be passing by your establishment. In today’s world, a bright exterior makes more difference to the business prospects than ever before.

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