Top 5 Tips For Writing Advertising Copies for Commercial Real Estate


Commercial real estate is far different from any of the other products and its advertising has to be equally different o make mark. A person is flooded with adverting in his or her daily life and the digital era has now caused a person encounter more ads than ever before, even when he or she is sitting inside has office or home. In such a scenario, the advertising of commercial real estate even more targeted and appealing.

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Here are some of the tips for writing an ad copy that will sell:

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1 Clarity: People have very low attention span these days simply because there are too many distractions and an advertisement copy has to be really clear in the message that it wants to convey so as to get the attention it requires. If an advertisement it not able to catch the attention of the prospective customer in the first two seconds, chances are that it will never catch the attention. If the ad as to catch attention in their first two seconds, it has to convey immediately the idea that it wants to convey. Making relevant points and not having a cluttered approach in an advertisement copy is crucial for its success. Having the most saleable point first and not worrying about all the details in an ad copy is often required which cuts the clutter and draws the attention of the prospective customer. Getting all the points across in one go does not work in commercial real estate advertising.

2 Language: The language chosen in the advertising copy should be colloquial and not something that is difficult to understand. Various studies have shown that people relate to colloquial language much more than archaic or other types of languages. An ad copy having colloquial language is also able to quickly catch the attention of the prospective customer. The tonality should be direct and not obscure.

3 Fonts: Advertising copy writers have a tendency to use artistic fonts. Such a thing does not work in commercial real estate world. The font should be simple and must convey professionalism. A person who invest in commercial real estate is usually a busy person and does not have the time or willingness to decipher codes and fonts that are difficult to understand are usually avoided by such people.

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4 Tagline: Use a line or a phrase that will make your ad memorable, at least for a short while, for the prospective customer. A witty line about a useful feature of something usually sticks to the mind of the reader or listener and works really well in commercial real estate advertising. What is a useful feature and what is witty really depends on the type of building, market scenario and also location of the property.  The copywriter has to be really careful and creative as to what will work with the prospective customer.

5 Conversational: Make the whole ad copy as conversational as possible. Making just closed ended statements may not get a prospective customer interested but a conversational tone is likely to arouse interest of the prospective customer much more. Through a conversation, far more points can be conveyed once a prospective customer is engaged and forced or read or listen to the whole ad. In a world where a person is flooded with ads, it will be a conversational and unique ad that will catch the attention and not the ones that blend among others and go unnoticed.

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