Top Trends in Office Space Designing


Office designs have been changing every now and then over the past and are influenced with various factors like economic considerations, employee welfare and productivity, construction compulsion in an area, etc. Nowadays, employee welfare and their productivity is a huge guiding factor for office designs and weighs higher than economic and other compulsions. The fact that employees will take sick leaves and their overall productivity will fall down because of faulty office design is making the human resource mangers sit up and choose the right kind of office design. Then there are societal pressures like making the office more accessible for the disable which are also making an impact in new age building design and office spaces. Here we look at some of the most noteworthy trends in office designs:

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1 Flexible And Dynamic Spaces: Offices spaces are becoming more and more dynamic. They are being designed to suit requirements of the employees which means they are being made flexible. There are temporary walls and dividers which are increasingly being used in offices to accommodate the changing needs of the employees. Now a lot of attention is on team work and team performance. Hence offices spaces can be quickly changed to a team-room kind of a set up from a private and secluded type of set up. Similarly, a conference room can be quickly turned into a party room and vice versa. This kind of flexibility is now coming in tier 2 towns as well.

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2 More Inclusivity: Offices are being more inclusive to accommodate the differently-abled. Rather than just providing wheelchair accessibility at different places like cafeteria and toilets, offices are broadening the scope of inclusivity and making arrangements for even blind employees and those with other disabilities. There are proper and wider hallways and corridors with tactile paving and many other such improvements. As the society is becoming more inclusive, so are the offices. The trend is likely to catch on much further in times to come.

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3 Bringing In Elements of Nature: Offices are adopting nature more than ever before and introducing natural elements like largish plants and creepers inside office. Offices are trying to include a branch of a tree or the entire bark of a natural tree in the office space, whenever possible. They are sometimes choosing transparent ceilings made of glass for the top floor so as to be as close to nature as possible.

4 Boosting Creative Elements Inside Office: Offices spaces are getting more and more creative and incorporating elements that aid or support creativity in the office space. This includes having entire walls made of white boards to let anyone in the office express himself or herself on the walls anytime. There are creative and relaxing cabins for the employees. There are often large spaces found nowadays that is free of any furniture and is not meant for any specific use other than for the employees to use it as they deem fit. All these measures let the employees to be more relaxed and creative.

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