WB to construct bridges, for better connectivity in the Sundarbans

[] To improve connectivity with the different islands in the Sundarbans, the West Bengal government has taken up a major programme, to construct a number of bridges to the important islands

Replying to a question in the West Bengal assembly, the state’s Sundarbans Affairs Minister, Manturam Pakhira, said that the government had undertaken a programme to construct bridges to the major islands in the Sundarbans, as such a step was necessary to improve the overall development in the Sundarbans and for the benefit of people living in those inaccessible areas.

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Construction of the proposed Gadkhali-Gosaba bridge has already received the state government’s nod and the process for acquisition of land is underway, the minister said, adding that Rs 285 crores had already been sanctioned for the construction of this 2.7-km bridge. Apart from this, the state government has also taken up a programme, to construct five more bridges at the Sundarbans, connecting different islands during the 2017-18 financial year, which would be completed within three to four years, Pakhira said.

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Meanwhile, between 2011 and 2017, the construction of seven bridges by the state government had been completed at an expense of Rs 100 crores, while 18 other bridges at an expense of Rs 400 crores were under construction in the Sundarbans, he said, replying to a supplementary question in the house. Pakhira said that the entire expenses were borne by state government. The state’s budgetary allocation for the Sundarbans Affairs Department had also increased by 12 per cent to Rs 450 crores during the fiscal year 2017-18, he added.

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