10 kitchen wall paint colour ideas for a modern cooking space

[] This guide will help you with kitchen painting ideas that will make your cooking space stand out and give it the attention it deserves.

The perfect kitchen wall paint can change the entire experience of cooking and, in turn, make your living space feel more like home. This guide will help you with kitchen painting ideas that will make your cooking space stand out and give it the attention it deserves.

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Kitchen wall paint: Purple

If you’re looking to go bold and add a dash of royalty to your kitchen, purple would be the right fit for you. A warm and welcoming colour, a purple kitchen wall paint would be a great choice for minimalistic kitchens. A well-lit room would bring the colour out, adding depth to the space and making it more lively. 

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Kitchen wall paint: Duck-egg blue

A shade of blue that has stood the test of time, duck-egg blue is a colour that goes well with both modern and traditional interiors. The colour works wonders when paired with hardwood floors and dark interiors. White cabinets and contrasting yellow accents with this kitchen wall paint would help bring out a more modern feeling to the space.

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Kitchen wall paint: Green

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Green is a colour that is synonymous with nature. A crisp and fresh colour, green kitchen painting can help bring a chic look to your cooking space. Specific shades of green can be used to create a certain feeling, or a range of green hues can be incorporated, juxtaposing light and dark hues for a more vibrant feel. 

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Kitchen wall paint: Pale brown

Brown is an earthy colour that creates a very calm atmosphere. If you’re looking at building a traditional-style kitchen or if you want to bring out a rustic feeling, this is the kitchen wall paint you must go for. When used properly, brown creates a relaxing and comfortable experience in arguably the most hectic space in the house. 

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Kitchen wall paint: Yellow

A yellow kitchen is a looker. A vivid colour, yellow kitchen wall paint brings out the warmth and creates a very calm and productive atmosphere in the space. It is a sunny tone that makes the kitchen look bigger and brighter, along with the added benefit of giving the room a rustic feel. A yellow kitchen would work pretty well with white cabinets.

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Kitchen wall paint: Deep Blue

There are two ways you could go with blue – either a muted tone or big and bold. Deep Blue kitchen painting gives your cooking spaces a fresh feel. It would work well, particularly in kitchens where natural light is aplenty. For a really interesting kitchen, contrast the blue with either white or light wood cabinets. 

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Kitchen wall paint: Cream with wood accents

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While white makes your spaces look bigger and brighter, cream tones would help build a warmer and more inviting atmosphere. Kitchen painting can completely change how a kitchen feels, but only when cabinets complement the walls. Wood accents will completely change the look, creating attention seeking cabinets that add more depth to the space without looking obnoxious. 

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Kitchen wall paint: Warm grey

If you’re looking to change how your kitchen looks, but want it to stand the test of time, go for a shade of grey kitchen wall paint. A muted colour that is not very overpowering, warm grey creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that never goes out of style.

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Kitchen wall paint: Blush pink

A happy and upbeat colour, blush pink, will add a playful element to your kitchen space. One of the unique kitchen wall paints, blush pink, is an attention-seeking colour that creates a vibrant and creative atmosphere in a space where you need a lot of creativity. 

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Kitchen wall paint:  Red

If you want to go bold, go red. An adventurous colour, red, can be a great choice if done right. Be careful during the process of using red for kitchen painting, though, as it is a colour that’s rarely used well. Darker shades of red create a rich, inviting feel to a space and, when paired with white accents, create a high-class chic atmosphere in your kitchen. 

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