13 clever DIY Christmas tree hacks

[] As the end of the year brings with it the merry season, it’s time to make sure our homes are set for the festivities. Nothing says Christmas like a cheery, well-decorated tree, but those could be difficult to come by in this part of the world. But fret not! Here are a few unique Christmas tree decoration ideas (that aren’t actually Christmas trees!) to make certain your home looks the part, and has all the right vibes for the holidays.

Simplicity with wires

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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Use wires and a climber’s cage as the basic tree frame and dress it up with Christmas-themed fairy lights. You could have colourful blinking bulbs or a sober golden tree for the special corner in your home.

A novel idea

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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Collect all the novels and story books you can find in your house, and stack them up to get a wider base and a tapered top. Bedeck them with fairy lights, set a few Christmas ornaments about and place a star at the top to gift the book lover in you a geeky tree.

Stacked up wood

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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Spare wooden planks, stacked-up, make marvellous DIY Christmas trees when decorated properly. Embellish your tree using anything from baubles to ribbons, while being careful about the candles. You could paint the tree green too, and make it look more festive.

Climb the ladder for the stars

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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When all else fails, use the ladder in your house! It has a tapered top anyway, so drape the ladder with fairy lights, tie a few colourful laces and hang tree ornaments at places to get this delightful décor. Treat this as a fun family project with everyone at home, where each member gets to decide one thing that goes up on the tree!

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Outline on a board

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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(Source: Kristina Paukshtite, Pexels)

When you have a dark-coloured board or a wall, use string lights to depict the outline of a Christmas tree. The gifts on the floor, ‘under the tree’, will add to the pretty picture. Choose this idea to celebrate the season in a simple way.

Hanging foils

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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An enchanting scene in the corner of the living room, this tree made of slight metal foils is a simple DIY. All you need are foils, or any Christmas ornaments that you choose, a few strings and some patience. It finally makes for a magical, suspended Christmas tree.

An origami DIY

DIY Christmas tree decoration

(Source: Stéphane Gigandet, Origami Plus)

The more innovative your tree, the better your décor is going to be! Get some craft paper, call the family and start folding and creasing, to make origami Christmas trees that not only make a pretty view, but is also easy to make.

Pretty on the wall

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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All is calm, all is bright when you choose this DIY Christmas tree idea. All this needs are strings of lights and a plain wall. Make your tree an elementary, yet, magical sight that spells out the season’s vibes effortlessly.

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Trees of colourful pom-poms

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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An artsy person will go to any length to make his/her Christmas decoration the most unique. Try out this handsome miniature tree made of colourful pom-poms. You could make a few of these and place them at all those corners of the house that need cheering up.

Branch out your festive vibes

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DIY Christmas tree decoration

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When you do not have the heart to cut a tree and when you just do not like the feel of an artificial one, make do with what nature gave you. The autumn before the winter sure left a few dried branches lying about. Adorn a branched bough, or even a big enough indoor plant, with serial lights and baubles and have a natural Christmas!

A tree made of wreaths

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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Gather together around this uncomplicated tree made of a wooden stand and a long festive wreath. Drape the wreath around the stand, include any baubles and ornaments you want to and keep the area clear of distractions. With this, you have a lot of space for gifts, too!

The minimalist tree

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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An elegant arrangement with a touch of rustic elements, this lean tree has a charm about it that could transport one to the nativity scene itself. The burlap sack at the bottom, the natural ornaments made of cotton and jute and a single string of lights right down the centre, make the tree look ethereal. Santa would be proud!

A tree by the little ones

DIY Christmas tree decoration

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You could try a little DIY engagement for your little ones, with little cardboard cutouts of the Christmas tree that could be painted in Christmas colours. These cutouts can be a good addition to your rooms, especially if you wish to make sure that the entire family should enjoy the fun of DIY projects!

Christmas is all about family, and the Christmas tree features at the centre of the festivities. Get the creativity flowing this season, as you use some of the DIY Christmas tree decoration ideas and have a delightful holiday!


Which are the Christmas colours used often in decorating?

The most preferred colours are red, green, white and gold.

Which is the naturally found Christmas tree that people decorate?

Araucaria columnaris or the Cook Pine tree is popularly called the Christmas tree. It is a tree native to Cook Island, north-east of Australia in the south Pacific.

Which are the types of Christmas trees?

There are a wide variety of Christmas trees and the final look largely depends on how well you have decorated it. Spruce, including Norway spruce, pines and firs are all popularly decorated as Christmas trees.

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