Attractive swing design ideas for your home garden

[] Install a swing in your garden to create a comfortable seating corner. Check these modern swing design ideas for your home.

Whether in a garden of your home or a modest hotspot of comfort in your living rooms, an eye-catching swing design will inevitably elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. In this article, we share some popular swing design ideas for indoors and outdoors. 

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But are swings meant for only enjoyment? Let us first check some benefits of a swing offers Vastu Shastra point of view. 

Vastu significance and benefits of home swing

When it comes to the practice of installing swings in homes, the tradition is quite ancient, and the history of swings dates back to more than 2,000 years ago. Although swings or ‘Jhoolas’ are traditionally considered decor items, they have many unique benefits. 

Vastu Shastra has placed a lot of significance on introducing a swing in your home. According to Vastu principles, it should be placed in the patio or garden or the north or east direction within the home. Placing a swing helps attract positive energies within a household and impart happiness. Wood has a special significance in Vastu, and incorporating wooden swings is considered auspicious. 

Also, a medical correlation has been found between the spinning motion due to swings and the neurological activity in the brain. According to scientific studies, neurological focus affects sleeping patterns. The back-and-forth and the spinning motion of swings help settle immature brains and instil a sense of calmness. As a result, swinging helps children sleep better and acts as a sort of restful meditation for their brains. 

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Enriching swing design ideas 

Regular rope hammock

A regular rope hammock is one of the bohemian choices. You can go for a simple white hammock or even a cotton striped foldable hammock. Just pop a pillow, and it will be your comfort web to catch up on the latest novel or even bask in the glorious winter sun. It is also cost-economical and does not require much effort.

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Round mesh garden swing

Want to transform your garden or balcony into a major highlight of your home which defines luxury? Go for a round mesh garden swing that would be the ideal style statement. It is a compact yet effortlessly classy swing design that would elevate the mood of anyone to rest upon it.

Predominantly being a single-seater, it could even be a private piece of solitary comfort away from the hustle and bustle of a busy Indian household. It can be of any colour. However, black and white are the most popular choices, as those colours go well with any cushion. It is costlier than the hammock, but the sheer sense of comfort provided more than makes up for the slight price hike.

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Children’s garden swing

Go for a regular children’s garden swing, which would inevitably become a makeshift time machine to transport you back to a distant yet golden past. Children in the household would find themselves unable to contain their glee as the hours fly by. This swing design is ideal for those who want a simple yet meaningful time from their garden swings. You can opt for a small swing for toddlers and even a regular 6 feet by 8 feet for adults and children alike. The seats can be plastic or wooden, and the frame can be plastic or metal.

However, setting up a garden swing can be expensive and time-consuming, but the cost is justified by the degree of engagement it provides. Many people can gather around and have a good time. 

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A tyre swing design

Those who are overwhelmed by the cost of a regular metal swing or are looking for a more rooted, rustic, barebones feel might opt for a tyre swing. Easily the most economical and quick option of them all, a tyre swing is that unique yet simple idea that has not been that much tried and tested.

If quirky is your goal, this swing design will fulfil it. All you would need is a tree, a strong string or rope, and a tyre. The lack of a secure seating place might daunt some, but at the end of the day, all you require is a secure enough rope.

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Bench swing

A bench swing is quintessentially Indian and ideal for sharing moments of calm between friends, family, or neighbours. We know that an Indian family likes to assemble for a lovely time over some chai. What better venue to initiate hearty conversations than a bench swing design.

Moreover, a bench swing can be made up of metal or wood. It can come in many colours, with white, wooden brown and black being the most common ones. It is significantly more expensive than a regular metal swing, but the congregation it invites and the degree of assimilability it connotes is an irreplaceable asset to a joint family.

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Sofa swing

By far the most comfortable swing design of them all, those who are not satisfied easily may turn their eyes to a luxurious sofa swing design which might even double as an outdoor or, given enough space, indoor bed.

 Like the bench swing, the sofa swing can easily accommodate two or three people at a time. However, unlike the bench swing, the comfort is inevitably heightened by cushions and pillows.

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Best of all, this hike in comfort comes with only a slight hike in price. You can even convert your bench swing into a sofa swing, providing enough space after the pillows. The particular swing design is optimised for space and is created with the best style standards.

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DIY swing

If you do not have enough space for a tyre swing design or do not want to spend on a full-blown swing set or hammock, you can easily make up your own set of swings with the things readily available in your house. A sturdy swing can even be created from something as ordinary as a piece of cloth. You only have to make it strong and stable.

A DIY swing is the only swing design that does not have a fixed form, i.e., you can make it any way you want it to be. The end product is also the most satisfying as it emerges not from any preconceived instruction manual but from your imagination.

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Can swings be hung via the ceiling?

When you are installing a swing on the balcony, patio, or within the rooms, they can be hung from the ceiling. However, you should use a specific swing design for the same.

Can swings be customised?

Yes, you can choose from a range of design ideas and preferences to customise a swing’s look.

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