Baby room decor: Tips for designing a functional baby room

[] Here is a guide on creating a safe and comfortable room for your baby. We share some useful baby room decor tips.

Baby room decor is an exceptional experience for most parents. While you do have a lot of creative freedom to choose the theme you like, colour scheme, and other elements, there are certain things that a baby room decor must-have for it to be functional and baby-friendly. There are things like a good crib, a nursing area, a place to change and clean the baby, a bassinet, etc., that you need to have in a baby room decor to make sure your baby is comfortable and safe, while your job is made more accessible. Here are some baby room decor tips. 

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Top 5 tips for a functional baby room 


A good quality crib is the first and most crucial piece of furniture you have to invest in your baby room. The quality of the crib is essential as the baby room is one place where the baby will be spending a lot of time in the initial few months or even years. To make the most out of your investment, you can get a crib that can be turned into a toddler bed or even a crib with a gender-neutral colour so that you can use them again if you have another baby. 

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Bedding is as important as a good crib in a baby room. Buy a good quality mattress that is soft and comfortable. Buy a few fitted sheets for the crib. If you buy more, then you will have to do laundry constantly, and can easily change the sheets. A crib skirt is also a great idea. Ensure the material is 100 per cent cotton and does not irritate the baby’s skin.

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Changing table 

It is essential to have an easy way to change diapers in your baby’s nursery. You can add a changing table to the baby’s nursery. Here you can keep your diaper pile, powder, creams, and other such necessities. It gives you an organised and hassle-free way to change dirty diapers in the baby’s room. You can either buy a changing table separately or add a changing pad to a table you already have.

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Storage space

Babies have many items such as diapers, towels, toys, towels, etc. A cabinet can come in handy for storing these items. It makes more sense to have a storage space in the baby room decor to make it easier to change the baby’s dress even at night. 

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Rocking chair 

A rocking chair is another important addition that you can make to the baby room decor. You can use the chair for nursing the baby and put the baby to sleep. The rocking motion helps to relax the baby. Make sure to buy a chair with durable material. You can also add a throw blanket and cushion for more comfort. 

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