Bricks in home décor: versatile, sturdy & beautiful

[] The humble brick is making a comeback as a staple element in modern architecture, as well as ‪HomeDécor‬. Here are some ways to incorporate it.

A bare brick wall in your main living area is a great way to make the space look more warm and inviting, especially when used with modern decor, and vibrant indoor plants.

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If you’re unsure of using brick inside the house, it fits perfectly in a home garden.

outdoor nook

There are diverse ways of using bricks in the bathroom. You could either retain its natural colour to give the space a rustic feel, or paint it calm, bright colours to fill the space with light.


There is something very calming about walking on a cool, brick floor!

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Start small and use brick in a small niche or reading corner.

brick niche

Brick is a low-maintenance element to use in the kitchen, and makes for a great base for an island.

kitchen island

The great thing about brick is that it’s very versatile in interior design. If you’re unsure about having bare brick walls, you can paint it to fit into the rest of your décor.

painted pricks

A few sturdy brick blocks and a plank of wood are all you need to create a pretty corner in your home garden.

outdoor seating

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Bricks can also be used for a fun DIY project, and turned into candle stands, flower pots, incense stands, and so on. The possibilities are endless!

plantersd copy

Use them in décor as well, to create a textured wall in an otherwise plain room.

wall decor hallway

If you have large windows, using bricks to create a graceful border around them can add an interesting touch to an elegant room.


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