Creative Diwali lighting options for your home

[] Diwali is synonymous with lights. We look at ways in which home owners can easily add a festive touch to their homes, with some unique and simple lighting options

Diwali is a festival, where home owners endeavour to illuminate their homes in various ways. Nowadays, there are various lighting options available in the local market and online stores, from humble earthen diyas and candles, to LED and battery-operated lights and exclusive creations from designers.

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Enhance your home decor with these lighting ideas:

Diwali lights combination: Tips to light up your home for Diwali

  • In coloured bottles and chai glasses, place candles and arrange them in any room.
  • To keep your house smelling fresh, use lemon grass or citrus-scented aromatherapy candles.
  • Arrange a bunch of candles of various heights, in a secured glass container, surrounded by flower petals and keep them in any room.
  • In a transparent glass vase, add some coloured water and add glass pebbles, flower petals, rocks and marbles, as well as some floating candles.
  • Stick at least six multi-coloured metal bangles together, place them on a coaster and place diyas inside it.
  • Battery-operated LED mirchi lights can be strung all around dining table or the center table.
  • Avoid too much of red and blue lights indoor. The lighting for Diwali should create a serene and festive effect.
  • When incorporating these light decoration ideas for your home, make sure you ensure safety. Never place any diya close to the curtains. It is also important to keep the diyas and candles away from the reach of young children and pets.
  • Brighten up the puja room with LED shimmering lights in Kalash, Swastik and Om shapes.

Creative Diwali lights for the main door

The front door has to be bright and welcoming on the day of Diwali. Use battery-operated rice lights all around the frame of the front door. Select a colour theme and use only two or three colours of diyas which blend with the colours of the rangoli design. Candles and traditional diyas look lovely when placed in a row. If space is limited when lighting for Diwali, then, opt for level lighting ideas or tall diya stands. Cage pendant lamps are perfect for the main door. Lighten up the entrance ceiling with battery-operated strip lights.

Diyas for Diwali

“Creative and artistic earthen diyas are not only reusable and colourful, but are also pocket friendly. There is a huge range of such diyas, available in shape of various flowers like rose, lotus and sunflowers for the main door. Diyas shaped like oranges, apple, melons, etc., are ideal for the dining table. Diyas with Om, Lakshmi and Ganesha designs, are ideal for the temple. For the passage and foyer, you can opt for funky, emoji-shaped diyas. Ornate gold and silver metal diyas, embellished with semi-precious gems, can be used to light up the living room,” suggests Khushboo Jain, founder, Urban Haveli, a home décor studio in Mumbai.

Creative ways to arrange floating diyas

Floating diyas are great decorative lighting ideas for the festive season. You can arrange diyas in small colourful glasses, huge glass bowl, or brass urlis filled with water. Think of creative patterns to arrange them – for example, in a swastika shape, or place one diya in each glass, or arrange 11 glasses on both sides of the main entrance. One can arrange diyas on a mirror tray with floating T-light diyas for a scintillating reflection . Decorate the water bowl with red rose or marigold petals.

[] This Diwali, light up your home in style

Use accent pieces for home lighting

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During Diwali it is better to select lighting options, according to one’s home décor – for example, modern, Bohemian, ethnic, vintage and so on. “Wrought iron tea light stands are indigenous and made by local blacksmiths. These days, a variety of tea light holders are available, which are crafted in shapes of elephants, kettles, pots, human and animal figurines, which can be used in the living room. Besides illuminating the home during Diwali, these holders also serve as showpiece items,” adds Jain.

Creative Diwali lighting options for your home

Creative Diwali lighting ideas for balcony

Fairy lights are the best when it comes to balcony or garden illumination. Tie these Diwali lights around plants or branches of trees. Battery-operated fairy lights come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours. Falling LED lights can be fixed to the balcony railing edges, to depict some falling colours that make it look mesmerising. Bulb strings lights are trending, especially for outdoor areas.

Quick and inexpensive ways to light up the home

Diwali is also a time, when you can involve children in the decorations, as they usually have vacations or holidays. “You can get them involved by letting them paint earthen diyas, which can then be arranged on a rangoli. Opt for mirchi lights around the doorways and for the temple, hang tiny lights along with colourful duppattas. Instead of using fairy lights as is, you can weave flowers with it and then hang it up. Another inexpensive trick, is to put some colored paper cones or sheer cloth on lamps, to create mood lighting,” says Lekha Gupta, senior architect, L.A.B. (Language Architecture Body).

Diwali lanterns

Lanterns are one of the easiest ways to brighten up the house. These are ideal hanging lights for living rooms and likely to capture the attention of your guests. They are available in plethora of designs and are perfect for this festival. “If you believe in eco-friendly celebrations, opt for paper lanterns, to light up balconies and windows and even indoors. To add some colour with these lights for Diwali, you can buy kites in bright colours or translucent papers and stick them on the windowpanes and then light up the window,” adds Gupta.

Creative Diwali lighting options for your home

Quirky lighting options

These days, there are various options to illuminate the home, including neon sign art for walls with various messages, LED-lights for paintings, wall plaques, illuminated name plates and torans with lights. You can improve your home decor with these lighting ideas and illuminate every corner. These can be used in any home for dramatic effect. Multiple lighting options such as chandeliers, accent lights and lamps, combined with candles and diyas, can be sued, to create a festive ambience at home. The important thing about Diwali lights for home, is that the design of lamps and fixtures, should match the style of the room.

Vastu Shastra for Diwali lights

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No corner of the house must be in darkness. By lighting diyas, you dispel negativity from the house and welcome positive, auspicious energy.

According to Vastu Shastra, the first diya must be lit in the pooja room. Then, after the Lakshmi puja, light diyas in the entire house. Also, the ‘akhand diya’ holds special significance on Diwali. One diya has to remain lit throughout the night to keep evil forces away from the home and welcome in Lakshmi and Ganesha. Keep the diya covered at all times with a glass cover.

Vastu Shastra links the tulsi plant with Goddess Lakshmi. Always keep one diya near it.

Here is a simple idea for Diwali door lights. Place two oil lamps on both sides of the main door. Opt for brass or earthen diyas to attract positive vibes into your home and dispel negativity.

As per Vastu, use blue-coloured earthen lamps in the north and green-coloured lamps in the east side of the house. South-facing houses should have more red lights. Earthen lamps painted with orange colour are recommended for the south-east zone.

Pink or gray colour lamps are ideal for the south-west. In the west, keep blue-coloured diyas, whereas blue or gray are apt for the north-west.


To light Diwali diyas can one use oil?

Use cows ghee to light up diyas. One can also use mustard oil but avoid using sunflower oil.

How do I brighten up a corner for Diwali?

Place clusters of rice lights in any transparent jar bottle on tables and corner consoles. Place a vintage jalli lantern with a candle in the corner, for an ethereal combination of light and shadows.

Are LED lights eco-friendly?

LED lights are reusable and one can reuse them for the next Diwali too. They consume less energy as compared to other lights. Use LED string lights or LED bulbs in pendants and lanterns for Diwali.

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